Ask yourself these three questions:

1. What are my goals as a Beachbody coach?
Are your goals to make an extra $100 a week? A million dollars a year? Both are very legitimate, real and attainable goals but obviously each requires a very different amount of time and effort. Either is possible. Where do you see your business in 1 year, 5 years?

2. How big is your business now?
Did you sign up as a coach three or four years ago and have been working and building your downline or is today your first day? In this business you do a lot of work for a little $$ in the beginning and then after time you a little work for a lot of $$.

3. How much time do I have available?
Do you have three kids at home? Are you already coaching for your kids sports? Do you have a full time or part time job and you want to earn extra income on the side? Or, are you a single person who just got laid off and are now collecting unemployment? These are clearly two totally different situations.

Beachbody is about building passive income.
Before I get into really describing how these three things interact with each other and the actual amount of hours you have to work, it is necessary to understand one important thing: Beachbody is about building passive income.

Passive income is income you make whether or not you go to work for that day. So, if you have a job, and I am not here to knock jobs, you most likely either have a salary whereby you might receive a bonus, or you have an hourly rate. In each case you are trading YOUR TIME for money. You may have to sit through traffic on your way to work, perhaps even punch in, and you have to be physically in an office in order to get paid.

What is passive income and how is it different?
The easiest way to understand passive income is to think of an author. An author doesn’t get paid a flat fee for writing a book; they get paid every single time someone purchases that book! They get paid over and over and over again! What you are doing as a Beachbody coach is exactly the same. YOU are building passive income. YOU are building a team of customers and coaches underneath you and your income goes up month after month after month as long as you keep building your business. This is what is really important to understand.

The biggest mistake people make when they begin their Beachbody business is they are looking for a quick paycheck. They are looking at this as an opportunity to make an extra hundred or two hundred dollars per week. And that is GREAT! This is how EVERYBODY starts, but at some point you have to take time to understand the enormity of the opportunity that Beachbody really has to offer.

OK, so you get the Passive Income thing but…  How many HOURS do you need to work?
It really depends. In the beginning, what you will be doing is similar to starting any new business. You do a lot of work for a little bit of money. Only, this is different than a job. I remember when I first got started and received my first paycheck, I was talking to my mentor and I looked him right in the eye, “I know exactly where I am at right now, I am doing a lot of work for a little bit of money!” But what happens is that each week your income increases just like if you owned your own business. Each week your income gets bigger and bigger and bigger! Eventually you will get to a point where the two things cross and you start seeing that your income keeps going up and up and up and the hours needed to work go down and down and down.

The more time you put in, the faster your business will grow.

So, while I can’t give you a clear cut answer, I can tell you this: The more TIME that you put in to the business in the beginning the faster your business is able to grow and the higher your income is going to get. The less time that you put in, the slower your business is going to grow. However, with that said, as long as you dedicate at least FIVE hours per week, the absolute minimum you should invest in this business, and you are extremely focused for those five hours, you can build a six figure business within 3-4 YEARS!

Let me repeat that! As long as you have 5 hour per week, YOU can build a six figure business within 3-4 years!

I wish that I could give a more clear answer on that but it really is the simple truth. The more hours you put in, the more disciplined you are, the more focused you are, the more income you are going to make and the faster your business is going to grow! The fewer hours that you work, the slower your business will grow.

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