The rules of Facebook are constantly changing and as Beachbody Coaches, we must be on top of what is working right now with Facebook as well as always learning and paying attention to the changes. So, what are the things that are the most likely to get your message in front of more people?

2 Facebook Engagement Tips for Beachbody Coaches

2 Facebook Engagement Tips

There are 2 actionable tips that I’m going to share today that you can implement immediately and start seeing results. These tips are going to increase your engagement and your exposure on Facebook.

Sandwich Your Posts

I want you to think about sandwiching your posts. What does that mean? Five to ten minutes before you are about to post, I want you to get active within your Facebook community. Start liking, commenting, and watching videos, and take a legitimate interest engaging with others on your timeline. The reason for this is that Facebook will show your posts to those who you interact with the most. Therefore, the more recent and more relevant the content you are engaging with before posting is, the more likely the people you are engaging with will see your content. The biggest thing will be actually engaging with people (i.e. talking back and forth with people, not just liking posts).

Early Engagement

After you post, you want early engagement on the post. What this means is basically Facebook is going to push your post out to like 1% of your friends as a test audience, and based off the engagement of your friends within that 1%, the more Facebook will show your post to others. If someone shares something you posted, that is the holy grail of engagement and will really boost your post’s exposure. Someone sharing your post is basically saying what you are putting out there is of high value.

Commenting is great – second best to Shares. The more comments, the better! Likes, I’m sorry to say, are just Likes; they don’t do much for your exposure.

So there you have it. Two tips you can easily implement today on Facebook. When you are just getting started, you probably won’t see a lot of people sharing your content. Focus on comments as they are a little easier to solicit. Live in the comments and try to engage people who comment in a meaningful way, not just with Likes or one-word responses.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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