EP99 Eliminate Decision Fatigue by Eliminating Life Exits

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In this episode, I talk about how exit strategies for life actually complicate our decision making process & drain our energy.


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BOL 99


Episode 99


KC: Welcome to The Business of Life Podcast. Keith Callahan here, your host, and today I want to talk about eliminating decision fatigue by shutting the door behind you. Say what?

All right. So let me explain. One of the things that is – it’s just hugely draining to us especially in today’s day and age is decision fatigue. Decision fatigue. So we have so many things that are thrown at us with the different aspects of our lives and there are so many opportunities and so many different things that we can do that oftentimes, we’re losing our energy. We’re losing our life force to the numerous decisions that we can make and one of the things that I learned in my life, learned it the hard way of course, is that if we go into certain situations and we don’t leave ourselves a way out, that’s what I mean by shutting the door behind you.

So just like if we – if we go and we get married, right? Like my wife and I are married. There’s a divorce rate of over 50 percent, not knocking anybody that got divorced at all. I think there are many situations that it really warranted it and it’s a good decision.

One of the decisions that my wife and I made though is we were in this for life. Like, we were getting married. We were – we looked at it as two becoming one, like two people becoming one unit, starting a family, starting a way of life that we wanted to live and bringing children into that way of life.

So we looked at it that way and when we talk about it and we look at it, we don’t look at it like if this doesn’t work out, then we’re just going to get a divorce. Because I think that if you go into marriage like that, then when things get rough, when things get really difficult, just get a divorce, right?

But that’s not the way that we look at it. We look at it that the door is shut. Like, we’re in this. We’re married. There’s no backdoor. There’s no way out. There’s no, “If this isn’t working out, we will go for plan B.” There is no plan B. So I guess I wanted to start by sharing that.

I just had to pause the recording and now I’m back. I had this crazy sneezing attack that just came on. So if I sound a little nasally now, that’s why. But I’m back, right? So back to the point, yeah, so that – the example of marriage, leaving no way out. I think that if we look at – I just want to give a few other examples of my life. So for me, with the spiritual path that I’m on, I’ve been on this spiritual path for 12 years now, a Lakota spiritual path, Lakota way of life, Lakota Indians and it’s not easy.

So it’s not an easy spiritual path. I kind of got adopted into this way of life and got accepted into this way of life. So not only is it – like this isn’t something that I was born into. I wasn’t born in Lakota, Indiana. I’m a white dude who found this way of prayer and love it. But it’s also difficult. It’s a very difficult way of life and a difficult way of prayer. Beautiful but difficult.

One of the things I learned through the teachings and my 12 years of being around is the concept of leaving – like there is no, “Oh, if I start to not like this, I will go try something else.” It was really like I had looked at a couple of other spiritual paths. I had dabbled in a few things. But I was told if you’re going to do it, do it for life. Do it all the way. Commit 100 percent and not leave a way out, not leave a backdoor.

So it’s really what I did and what my wife and I have been walking with for the last 12 years. That’s the type of commitment that we made. I also became a Beachbody coach and I’ve had – really just unbelievable success with that business and I really think the reason for that is when I decided to do it, it wasn’t – I didn’t make the decision. So it just – just so you know, Beachbody is a network marketing company and a lot of people try working in that industry. A lot of people poke a stick at it and see if it’s for them. It doesn’t work that way.

So when I decided that it was something that I was going to do, I left no backdoor. I left no way out. It wasn’t like I’m going to try this for a little while and if it doesn’t work, then I will do this. I was in a tough situation. We had – I just filed a personal bankruptcy. I was newly married and I just had my first daughter.

Like, I had to make stuff happen. So there was no backdoor. There was no way out and just another quick example. This is something that my wife and I just recently realized. So we have our kids or our oldest two kids right now who are oldest. They’re six and four. So we have them in private school, Waldorf Education and we absolutely love it.

They’ve been there for four years now. But with private school, there is private money, right? So you have to pay for it. It’s not – so we’re paying our local taxes but then that doesn’t pay for private school. You have to pay for that in addition.

There were certain things that my wife and I were questioning about it and then we were also questioning like, “What’s this going to look like when we have four kids in there?” We can afford it. Like, we can afford to do it but we were looking at it like – we always made the promise to each other that we were never going to be in debt with our cars and our house. Like, we were going to live way below our means and the kids’ school is by far our biggest expense.

So we’ve kind of been going back and forth. Like, well, let’s give it another year. Let’s try another year. We can always switch them over to public schools and this morning, literally this morning when I was writing this out and preparing for this episode, I realized. I was like, “Oh my gosh! We’re leaving ourselves a backdoor with it,” and it’s causing all this decision fatigue. It’s draining this energy from the family and we just talked this morning and it’s like done. Like, OK, let’s close that door. That’s not something we’re going to entertain anymore.

It just felt really good. It feels clear and it feels simple. Like there’s no more of the energy that’s going to be wasted going back and forth. So I just wanted to share those examples as things that I have in my life. The people that I have watched and admired in life in all different walks of life, different mentors in different areas, they’ve simplified their life and they’ve committed to the things that they’re involved in.

So I’m just sharing that and think about your own life. Are there things that you need to simplify? Are there things that you need to become more committed to? Is there anything in your life where you have to say, “You know what? We need to shut the emergency exit. We need to shut the backdoor”?

The second that you do that, two things happen. The first thing is that you eliminate that decision fatigue. But the second thing is you get energy in that area and it – like the things that you may have been avoiding, that you need to walk through, those things will surface and when you leave no way out, the next step is you have to actually walk through some difficult things.

So wanted to share that with you. I hope you’re going to have a beautiful, beautiful day and we will catch you on the next episode.


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