EP30 Mindset Monday – Enjoying the Moment

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Welcome to today’s episode of Mindset Monday. Keith here, your host and today we’re talking about enjoying the moment. Quick story, when I was 24 – 23-24 years old, a business partner and myself, we were trying to do one of two things; we were trying to either open a gym or buy an existing gym. And we were looking at smaller gyms, so not like these big massive gyms. A smaller gym cause that’s where we were comfortable, that’s where we wanted to start out. But during the process we were just so busy in trying to make it happen, excited about whats gonna happen when the gym opens, when this happens, when that happens.

 And we had a mentor who was guiding us along the way, he was somebody who, like a tough mentor right? He would look at the business plan and literally he would read it, take it back – just throw it back at us and would be like, “Don’t come back to me until it’s done right.” Like that type of mentoring. That’s what I like in a mentor, that’s what I wanna see in a mentor, that’s what’s going to get me excited or that’s what’s gonna drive me. I don’t want the candy coated stuff.

Halfway through the process of going to open up these gyms, we were so engulfed in what it’s going to be like when it happens, so engulfed in making it happen. He sat me and my business partner down and he said, “Guys, I wanna tell you one of the most important lessons in life, enjoy the moment. Enjoy the process. And don’t think that the end goal is getting the gym, opening the gym, whatever it may be – buying a new gym. The goal in life is to enjoy the moments that lead up to the thing that you’re trying to accomplish.”

So friends, as you’re going through your life, as you’re going through your day, as you’re going through things that you want to get to, enjoy the process, enjoy the moment. Another quick story along the exact same lines, I had a friend who on Wednesday nights it’s his night with one of his daughters and this is what they usually read on that Wednesday night. And this particular Wednesday night his daughter was just stalling, like they usually go into a room, they have their own time together, they read and his daughter was stalling. And he was trying to force her along, trying to get her to the room because that’s what you’re supposed to do on Wednesday nights. “I read with my daughter,” he’s a good father, a good husband, he’s committed the time to do that.

And then it occurred to him that he was rushing to get somewhere but the moment, the purpose was enjoying the time with his daughter, little two or three year old daughter. The moment of walking up the stairs with her, of laughing, of tickling each other and that’s what the daughter wanted. Cause she knew how to enjoy the moment. The moments of your life, don’t get too caught up in the destination. Enjoy the moments.

Have a beautiful, beautiful week.

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