EP50 Mindset Monday – FUNK-FUNK-FUNK –How to quickly get out of that funk

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Today’s episode is a quick little piece of advice on how to quickly move your energy and getting rolling for the week.


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[00:00:13] KC: Welcome friends to Monday morning, another edition of Mindset Monday here on The Business of Life Podcast. Keith Callahan, your host here and today we’re talking about what I call “Funk, funk, funk. Get rid of that funk.” So it’s Monday, it’s the beginning of a new week, we’re starting to get into the right mindset and know that as you’re getting ready, as you’re preparing for your week, the mindset, the way you approach this up coming week is a choice.


And sometimes we go through the weekend and we get a little, like we get slower, we get lazier, we allow our bodies to slow down, we allow our minds to slow down, we allow our systems to slow down. And now it’s Monday morning and it’s funny like I’m sitting here, I’m bopping back and forth and I used to, or still do. I do this thing like if I don’t wanna work out or something like that, or if I don’t wanna record a podcast episode, I have this thing where I’ll bounce up and down and it’s like I sing this little song. And it’s like, “Funk, funk, funk. Get rid of that funk.”


And I’m just bopping up and down, and even doing that right now it makes me start to smile, it makes me start to laugh and that’s what we want to do in our lives. So the piece that I wanna touch on real quick here, it’s not about, “Do you get in a little rut? Do you get in a little funk?” Like that’s going to happen. What I want to always focus on in my life is, how quickly do I get myself out of that? How quickly do I get my mind focused on my vision, on my dreams, on what I’m doing, on where I’m going, on the people that I can help, on what I want in my life?


So on this Monday morning, we’re getting in that zone, we’re focusing in and we’re choosing are we in that like light, happy, moving, banging and dunking, getting things done and going through our day with an open heart, an open mind, and production, and productivity? Or are we caught in our funk? My little thing, “Funk, funk, funk. Get out of that funk.” And you know I just start bopping back and forth and doing it.


So keep yourself aligned all week. Keep yourself aligned with your vision, keep yourself aligned with your goals, keep your energy high, keep pushing forward and then as your work gets done, then allow the energy to come down, then allow yourself to settle down.


Alright, have a beautiful, amazing, productive, loving, caring, all those awesome words week. See you guys soon.


[00:02:56] ANNOUNCER: Thank you for listening to the Business of Life Podcast. Apply what you learn today and you’ll be one step closer to creating the life you love to live.



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