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Part 1 of a 2 part series.   In today’s episode I share with you a process of stabilization that I’m going through right now and have used in the past. This stabilization process organizes and stabilizes everything you are currently doing to make room for you to bring more into your life!

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[0:00:13.1] KC: Welcome to the Business of Life Podcast. My name is Keith Callahan, your host and pumped up today, ready to share with you what I’ve titled, The Seven Must Knows When Starting a Part Time Business. Really this came about, and just as a quick side note, we’re going to do this in a two part series and really playing around with all types of things and the feedback I’ve gotten from you, from our listeners is you like it when they’re a little bit shorter, you don’t like me doing the hour long podcasts.

Yeah, there’s going to be a two part series and again, The Seven Must Knows When Starting Out a Part Time Business. This topic really came about because I am in the process of taking on an existing business that I have, our Beachbody coaching business. I’m in the process of setting that up so I only have to do it five hours a week and also with this podcast, I am at the point now that I can focus five hours a week on the recording and on the content that I’m putting out.

So yeah, I’m doing all of this because I’m feeling the desire to get in to and to build something new. Absolutely loving this podcast, absolutely loving the work and the rewards that we get with Beachbody but with my heart, there’s a few things. I know that I want to do something new, I don’t know what yet and I’ve really been sitting with this for a little bit of time. There is the desire, there’s like I know that I want to move in to something new, right?

Then there’s also the awareness that in order to move in to new territory, in order to move in to a new place that I want to go with something, I have to set up the existing things that we’re doing in order to allow the space to open to move into the new territory. Does that make sense? Just to say it like a different way, I want to start doing some other stuff and my existing life doesn’t have space for me to take on something new. So this podcast is really going to be about creating the space in your life to be able to start a business, to be able to start a business part time.

So you could be a — you could be working full time and you’re looking to start a part time business, you can be a full time stay at home mom. Whatever it is that you have going on in your life right now, what this podcast is about is creating room with that so you have space to

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start a part time business. Makes sense? Really, for me, what it was is creating in my life and what Amy and I are focused on right now and what I’m doing, I have our Beachbody business going, I have this podcast going, we recently bought a house a year ago and we also bought a lot of land.

We’ve just had tons of changes with our finances and then in buying the new home, two things with buying the new home and all the change, there’s that piece but then there’s also, we bought an old Victorian home that it’s a big house, big yard, needs a good amount of work. Like with all of these things — and then we had a fourth child, so I’ve got the podcast going, I’ve got the Beachbody business going, I’ve got the new house going and all the work that goes into that and then also a father of four, a husband and father of four kids six and under.

So we’ve got a lot of things going on in our life. The focus for us for this year is stabilizing and simplifying. Stabilize, simplify, systemize is another word we’re using. Those are really good words to write down, stabilize, systemize and simplifying and we’re going to talk about those in today’s podcast. But the reason that I wanted to share this with you is when I first started my business or different businesses, I didn’t understand this and I didn’t understand the value of this.

I want to share what I’m doing in my life and think about your life if — and again, this is particular to, it’s going to be particular if you want to start a part time business but even deeper than that, it could be there for you if you want to just add something else into your life. If you want to take something else on. We’re going to go through and I’m going to talk about a seven step process that I’ve just recently gone through and really not even that I’ve just gone through that I’m going through. This seven step process is going to be for identifying so the first step and it is identifying where you’re at right now.

So I’m going to go through when I’m going to explain how I went about identifying where I’m at right now. Once I identified where I’m at, I made a plan to simplify. So to simplify all the things that were going on in my life. Once it was simplified and identified, I removed some things from my life. Once I had that done, the fourth step was I systemized. So I systemized everything that was going on and this is sort of the part that I’m in right now, I’m in that systemizing part and moving into a stabilizing part.

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And stabilizing is like, “All right, all the existing stuff in my life is now stabilized.” And the six step is notification. Notifying all the people that are a part of your life about the changes that you’re going to be making. The seven step is what I call the check list. So again, the seven steps that we’re going to go through are identification, simplifying, removing, systemizing, stabilizing, notifying and check list.

It’s funny, as I’m going through and reading this, it’s like, “Oh Keith, this is like all these big boring technical words,” but I’m going to incorporate a few stories with each of these and just make it so you can really understand it and you can take the value from it. I recommend after listening to this episode, maybe go back again or if you’re not driving or something right now, write this stuff down because once it’s written down in front of you, it’s really going to give you a much clearer picture.

For today I’m going to go through the first two steps, the identifying and the simplifying and then in next Friday’s episode, we’ll go through steps three through seven. So let’s dive right in to it and start by talking about identifying and what identifying really means is it’s your starting place. It’s your starting place with where you’re at right now with the different roles in your life. For me, again, that was my Beachbody business, it was the podcast, it was a father of four, it was head of the household for the finances.

It is the buying of the new house, so just the management, the upkeep, the taking care of the house. All of that stuff and then also a husband and a father and a community member and then I have other things in my life like my spiritual path and those things but really identifying the roles that I have and the time that gets put into those. So one more time for identification, it’s identifying the roles that you have and the time that gets put in to those roles.

So I want you to really — and what I did with this is, I went through and I was like, “Okay, right now, working as a Beachbody coach,” and really in the identifying process it was a combination of three things, it was making a massive list of all the things that I do for right now. Making a list of my long term goals. For me, I was looking at it for 10 years down the road. Then making a list of some of the stuff that really maybe doesn’t have to get done. The big massive list, long term goals and some of the things that I’m doing that don’t necessarily have to get done. I went

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through and I did that for each of the roles in my life. I did it for the work I’m doing on the podcast, I did it for the Beachbody business, I did it for the financial picture, I did it for the house, I did it for the right relationship with the kids.

The number one thing that I was looking for and this identification process, I’m looking for those big levers. For example, with Beachbody, one of the most important things, one of the things that’s going to make the most difference that’s going to give me the most impact is the number of new coaches that I’m signing up.

The second thing that makes a big impact in my business is the time that I’m spending with the existing coaches who were building a business. I really looked at it and I was like, “Wow, if I can have something setup where I’m continually getting new people signing up and then I can dedicate specific time for the individuals on my team that are doing the work that I want to help them build a business. If I can identify those important things,” and I really did, that was the important piece. That was the identification.

And then I made a list of all the different things that I do that don’t have that big of an impact on all this stuff, all the different roles in my life right? I identified the big levers and I identified the pieces where I’m wasting little bit of time. The way that I identified those is I was looking at the 10 year goals. So for me, again I’m really focusing in on the Beachbody piece here, the 10 year goal was to make X amount of dollars a year and I only want to work five hours a week now. And I want it to be the way it is for 10 years.

When I was looking at that, it’s a very simple, very straight forward goal and it allowed me to identify, “What’s the most important things? What are the time wasters?” For you, looking at your life, say you’re looking to add something else into your life, you’re looking to start a new business, whatever it may be, first identifying your goals in your life. Maybe you have a job, maybe you’re a stay at home mother or stay at home father and maybe you’re the little league coach, whatever it is. Looking at all the important roles in your life, identifying what the most important things are in each of those roles and then also identifying some of the things that aren’t that important that you could sort of drop.

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So once you’ve gone through and you’ve identified all of those things and the different roles in your life, then we need to simplify and again, simplifying is just, it’s — we’re moving this process along now, the process, it’s really going to be sort of sown together. So identifying goes right into simplifying, we already started talking a little bit about simplifying, but simplifying is really, really getting clear on what the important things are.

Here’s something to just note and just keep in mind. Usually in any of your roles, there should never be more than six important things. Usually it’s like six things that are going to make all the difference and all the other stuff, six things are going to give you 80, 90% of your results and everything else is wasted time. Not that it’s wasted time, it’s massive time spent for less reward and you can cut it out.

So what are the top priorities and what are the things that you want to keep around? I’ll kind of go through each one, I’ll go through with a podcast, a top priority for me right now is I want to have it setup and I want it to do two things; I want it to be building relationships with a certain type of person. So both for my audience and for the people that I’m interviewing, I want it to be loose in the sense that I can be focused in on whatever I’m passionate about, I want it to only be five hours of work, five hours of focusing on content, outlining content and recording five hours on my part.

So I’m going through and if those are the things I want, what are the activities that I’m going to be doing? And what really happened is it helped me to identify, it helped me to simplify like these six things and these six things are like the most important things and they get calendared out. It was reaching out and establishing relationships with people who I want to have as podcast guests. It was asking other people who I admire and respect if they had anyone they think would make a great podcast guest.

It was outlining content for the show and it was actually conducting the podcast interviews and conducting when I’m just here recording by myself and then also follow up. Following up with those who I interviewed, following up with those who are listening to the show like yourself and they’re commenting and they’re coming with questions. So once I really did all that, all the work for — in my life, right? So we’re talking about your life, getting your life stabilized, simplified, getting it to a point that you can add something else in without it feeling like a ton more work.

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The big picture piece here is, is that if we set up our life properly, we really look at all the different areas of our life and we put it in to a plan, we put it in to a working procedures and I don’t want to take your life and put it down into checklists and stuff like that but when we’re not all over the place and like frazzled and just spinning all the time when we’re in, we’re out, we got that job done. It frees up time in our mind, it frees up space in our mind and our heart. It frees up physical time, it frees up the physical space for us to be able to create and move on to something else with space, with room to breathe.

So yeah, that’s what I did with the podcast, what I did with Beachbody, it was like, simplifying it down to the most important things. Again, it was simplifying it down to okay, I have these two podcast, I have All About Beachbody Coaching Podcast and I have The Business of Life Podcast. Tons of people are listening to the All About Beachbody Coaching Podcast, like they’re finding it through either searching on the podcast app, they’re hearing about it from me on this podcast, they’re seeing me post about it and I’m actually getting people now that are coming to me saying, “Hey, I listen to your podcast, I’d like to continue working with you, I’d like to learn a little bit more, I’d like to sign up as a coach.”

So it was really like, “Okay that’s working, now I can make it a little bit tighter, I can make it a little bit better,” and then it was also looking at how much time am I spending with the existing coaches? What are the things with the existing coaches that make the biggest difference in the world that make the biggest difference to pushing that envelope forward and what I identified is, working with everybody in a group like getting everybody together for a weekly chat and then on a monthly basis, doing one on one calls with the people who are really doing the work, what I call the runners.

So I simplified it right? With our finances, I simplified it down and I was like, okay, what are the things that we need to do with our finances to make this simple? Because we’ve had so much change, we bought a new car, we paid off a car, we bought land, we got to pay off the land, we bought a house, we’ve got — my wife pays some of the bills, I pay some of the bills. And we don’t have — it’s kind of all over the place. Looking at it and being, “Okay, we need to set a budget for the business, we need to set a budget for our personal finances and now we need to

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put a plan together and something that we can spend a couple hours a month going through and then totally forgetting it,” right?

So really simplifying things down and the same with the kids, you have to be adaptive, that’s the one thing that you can’t put in black and white but what I could do is say, “I want to make sure I’m spending one on one time with each of the kids every week and I want to make sure that I’m spending quality present time. So it was really identified some simple things. “Okay, I can take Dakota to horse riding and it’s just me and her, I can take Daphne to Ballet and it’s just me and her.” Identifying those things.

And then another big change that I made is, I started cooking dinner for the household, I love cooking personally and it also gives me something to do when I’m with the kids because sometimes, if I don’t have a job for me, I’m just not that good with the kids but if we can — if I can cook with all of them or some of them and they can help me out and we make a mess together and it allows me to be very present and spend an hour or two with them during the day.

I hope that piece makes sense because really, going through the roles in your life and I want you to think about your life, I want you to think about all the different roles that you play in life, all the different things that you do in life. Really identifying everything but then simplifying it down. What are those big things that are going to make all the difference in the world, what are those big things that really push the needle that really push the envelope, those big levers, that’s a great word, right?

So what are those things in your particular roles? And on the next episode, what we’re going to talk about, we’re going to talk about removing those things that are not the big levers and we’re going to talk about systemizing everything and then finally stabilizing. I just had to pause the recording, I just had a sneezing fit there. So I forget where I left off but we’re going to talk about removing, all those other things. We’re going to talk about systemizing the important pieces, stabilizing, notifying and in your check list.

And I really, as we end today’s topic, I really want you to be thinking about your life and the importance this plays. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have your life simplified,

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stabilized, and systemized in a way that it’s sort of running like a little machine before you go out and try to add something else on.

Because I hope that the thing you’re going in, going out and looking to add on is something of value to you. It’s something that you’re really passionate about doing, it’s something that you want to be able to dedicate yourself fully to. What I want you to really hear, this is the big, big point, the big piece of this. If you don’t have all of these other stuff solid, you’re not going to be able to be fully present when you’re moving in to something new. If you don’t have your existing life now, simplified, stabilized, systemized when you add something else on, it’s just going to add on more stress, more chaos and lots of things are going to fall.

All right, I’m going to wrap up there and I will catch you next Friday as we continue on with this. Have a beautiful day.


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actually the way that I work with people and mentor people. I don’t do anything outside of Beachbody coaching because I know that it’s such a powerful life changing tool.

So if you’re curious about working with me, interested in working one-on-one, interested in creating the type of life that you wanna live, I suggest swinging over there. The other reason is, even if somebody’s just curious, like you’ve heard about Beachbody, you know there’s a lot of Beachbody coaches out there. Maybe some of them you get a little annoyed with.

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Alright, much love guys. Again, that is the All About Beachbody Coaching Podcast, our sister podcast.


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So I put this together for you, and made it super each for you to get this list. All you have to do is send a text to the number 33444 and then in the body of that text, type in “12books” with no space. So that’s the number “12books”. Again, send the text message to the number, address it to 33444 and then type in “12books” as the message and just send that. And that’ll get you setup to receive those top 12 most influential books that have had the biggest impact on my life.

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