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In today’s episode I talk about the Seasons of Life that we all go through and how to move through them with Grace and being cognizant that we don’t get caught in any specific season.


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Episode 93



[0:00:12.9] KC: Welcome to today’s episode of the Business of Life. My name is Keith Callahan, your host and today we’re talking about seasons of change and I have to share this with you. So I’m recording this episode and when you record, you’re talking into a microphone. There’s not really too much else going on.

So you get to look at your microphone and my microphone is dusty. It’s pollen season up here in Massachusetts and there is pollen. We probably had this dust that I have someone that comes in weekly and cleans the office and it’s probably dusted less than a week ago but there is pollen all over the place.

So seasons of change, kind of funny, right? Seasons of change and pollen, part of one of the seasons. So yes, let’s dive right into it. Today I want to talk about the four seasons and then how they pertain to your life. We all know the winter, spring, summer, fall. We all know those and understand those from a part of our environment, right?

But there’s also seasons of life and I really want to dive into this a little bit because understanding and knowing about the seasons of life, it gives you the opportunity and the freedom to not cling onto certain seasons. I guess that’s the best way to describe it, the best way to say it.

So I want to dive into the seasons a little bit and give you the way that I view them, the way that I work with them in my life and yeah, hopefully this is helpful for you as you move through the seasons of change and just the seasons of your life. So we’ll start with the summer. Actually, I want to take one step back. Let’s start with the spring.

So the way that I look at it, the way that I view it, the ways that I’ve been taught through various different mentors is the spring is the time of new beginnings. The spring is symbolic of the babies, it’s the symbolic of giving birth to a child and if you look at what happens during the spring time, you have all of the trees come back into bloom, all of the flowers come back into bloom. So everything comes back to life and always looked at the spring as the new beginnings. It’s the time for new beginnings, it’s the time for nurturing new plants, it’s the time for creation, it’s the time that we can start things up.

And then we move into the summer time. The summer time is more of the time of adolescence. So we’re moving from that being a baby and moving into the adolescence and I was also taught, and I’m going to throw out a few little spiritual things in here, that the summer time is the time that we can feel that connection with the creator the deepest.

The sun is shining the highest, the sun is brightest, it’s really upon us the most and so the summer time is the time of the adolescence. The time that we’re out there and we’re learning things, we’re trying to figure them out, we’re falling, we’re stumbling, we’re learning, we’re figuring out who we are.

We’re figuring out what path we’re going to go down, etcetera and then eventually we get into the fall. The fall is the time of wisdom, the time where we really come into our own power. We know who we are, we know what we’re put on this planet to do. We know that we have a vision and clarity for what our mission is and we’re not really rattled by outside forces anymore because we have a clear understanding of who we are and also who we’re not.

The fall is also the time that we really come into our own power and this is that time in life when we’re in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and this is our productive time of life. This is the time of life that we’re raising children. This is the time of life that we’re really doing our best work in our endeavors like actual work-work like what we get paid to do. This is the time of adulthood, of just really living out that life.

And then when we come into the winter. The winter is the time for introspection and introspection also goes along with the elders. This is the time of the elderly, this is the time of the path that we’ve walked on and we now have wisdom and we have wisdom to share and we’re able to teach the next generation. So it’s really a time of teaching. It’s a time of going within and reflecting on ourselves.

So I wanted to start off by giving just a little bit of that brief explanation of how I look at, how I’ve been taught with the different seasons and so I will stop there with that. There’s a lot more I could go into. Well I’m going to add one more piece. So I also attribute the seasons to directions and some people do this a little differently.

Some cultures do this a little bit differently but the way that I was taught was the east was the new beginnings. The east was the springtime, the south was the adolescence was the summertime, the west was the time of the power, the time that we’re coming into our own power, the time of adulthood and the north was the time of the elders. So I just sort of gave you a little medicine wheel there. But yeah, that’s what was taught to me. That’s the way I’ve always understood it and I wanted to give you a little bit of that.

Another great book to read is if you grab Jim Rohn’s book, Seasons of Life, really good book. It’s a super simple, you can read it in an hour. A really good book talking about this though and talking about how I outlined those certain seasons and a couple of things that I wanted to just bring up to it. The first thing is that you can recognize and accept that you’re in certain seasons within your life.

So that’s the whole entire gamut of the seasons that I gave you and what you’re going to go through in your life but there’s also different things. If you’re taking up a new hobby, you picked up a musical instrument, you’re going to be in the springtime season when its brand new. When you’re budding, you’re blooming this new hobby and that’s where you’re going to start and you’re going to go through that season.

So just recognizing where you are. Recognizing where you are with the different pieces in your life, maybe it’s a new relationship, maybe you just had a child and you’re going through the different seasons or starting that. You are nurturing that child, start that initial season of springtime. So there’s so many different things that we go through in life and so many things that we evolve through and so many things that we grow through.

Looking at your life and looking at the different aspects of your life and looking at it through the lens of they are seasons. Seasons always change so you’re always going to have spring, summer, fall, winter some times and some places might have a longer winter than others. Some times in some places might have a longer spring or summer or fall. Some places don’t get the seasons but it’s correlates to human beings.

Some human beings are going to spend more time in one season than the other and when we’re going through a season, we’re going through a season of change where we’re moving from one season to the other. It’s essential to surrender into that. I want to repeat that one more time, it’s essential to surrender into. We live in a constant changing evolving world.

I’m up in New England and when we are in the summer, fall is going to come. Every single year without question fall is going to come and then when you’re in fall, winter is going to come. Every single year without question winter is going to come, spring. summer and it goes on and on and it circles around and we have those seasons of change.

In your life, you’re constantly going to have that. There’s constantly going to be these seasons of change. This circle of life that is going around and going around and going around. We have this in our life, we have this in our business, we have this in our relationships, we have this in our spiritual paths, we have this with our health and fitness and it’s all healthy.

When it becomes unhealthy is when we get stuck in a season and in life, part of growing up and this is a season I really want to — or this is a piece that I really want to touch on so I want to give a very clear example because you’re going to be like, “Wow, yeah I see that everywhere.” So we have these seasons and we have this growing and we have this ebb and flowing.

In life we have this big season, right? We have this spring, summer, fall, winter, our life like what I explained in the beginning with the birth, adolescence, becoming an adult, and then becoming and elder. But we also have smaller seasons that happen, right? And one of the things that as we are evolving as healthy adults, we don’t want to get stuck in seasons, and one of the things that I’ve really, really noticed is there is this evolutionary path that as human beings, we want to walk upon.

As we’re an infant, the next step is to learn to really move into walking and crawling and then we start holding onto things and playing with things. Then from infancy, we move up into adolescence. We start learning about how we operate in this world. We start learning about trees and animals and communication with other human beings and happy feelings and sad feelings and then we move into those teen years and we start to become interested in our bodies and we start to become interested in the opposite sex. We see a pretty body and a sexy body and we see all these stuff and a lot of us are stuck there.

And I apologize if right now I get a little bit choked up with this but in western society right now, we’re stuck in the teenage phase of being obsessed with how we look and how we look to other people, and exercise, and diet and that’s a very, very small season that we should be in. Figure it out and then in all honesty guys, we should be moving into exercise and diet to maintain a healthy life not for image and we’re in this society that is taking it even deeper. We’re cutting ourselves open literally with a knife.

We’re going to a doctor and, “Cut me and put this on me and make this look different and make that look different.” and it’s stuck. It’s stuck in a teenage season of life and your spirit, your evolution as a human being, the next stage there is to move into love. It’s to move into love, it’s to move into compassion. It’s to move into something deeper than the physical, something deeper than the visual.

So kind of all over the place with today’s episode but there’s seasons of life and there’s evolution as human beings and when we’re stuck as individuals and then as society as a whole, we’re stuck in that and I’ll tell you what, it’s important that our health, our fitness, our wellness is important from a health and fitness and wellness standpoint not from a vanity standpoint.

We used to look at elders and cherish elders and it was a time of wisdom. It was a time to sit down and talk with an elder and ask them to pass their wisdom onto us and it was a season of life that people grew through and now it’s a season that we try to avoid and there’s no peace and there’s no happiness in that. So allowing yourself to age gracefully, allowing yourself to move through the seasons of life, allowing yourself to love your body, to love your face, to love who you are because we move through seasons of life.

So again, kind of allover with this episode but I really wanted to drive home that point. The different seasons of change, the different things that we go through with life and just being aware and just acknowledging that they’re real, that this train has left the station the second that you were born, the second that you were conceived, there will be a birth and there will be a death.

So if it’s fall time and you’re clinging onto to summer and you’re out there wearing your shorts and your t-shirt and the fall is coming, the winter is right behind it, be in the season you’re in. Be in the season you’re in, be in the moment, love it all and cherish it all.

All right, I hope you have a beautiful day. I hope you are enjoying this podcast and if you are, definitely feel free to share. The best compliment that I can get, that we can get is seeing you share. Seeing you share this and tag us on it. All right, have a beautiful, beautiful day. See you next time.


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