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In today’s episode the tables are turned.  A few months ago I did a podcast interview for Jenny Fenig on her Get Gutsy Podcast.  We had a blast chatting, she asked tons of good questions and it was something I really enjoyed.  Hope you enjoy as well!

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[0:00:13.3] JF: Hello everybody, welcome back to Get Gutsy, what’s up? We have pretty much a historical moment right now, it is a historical moment. You are about to listen to, bear witness to our first male guest on the show, this is huge. I feel like there are bells going off, people dancing. This guy, his name is Keith Callahan, I’m going to tell you more about him in a moment.

He’s like the perfect first guy to have on the show because he’s so cool, he’s so connected to — we all have masculine and feminine energies and he’s like totally revels in both and that’s what I love about him, not only is he an entrepreneur, he’s a father, he’s a husband and he’s just — you’re going to learn so much from him, you’re going to really enjoy this. So get pumped, we are writing history right now.

Okay, let me tell you about Keith. Keith Callahan is a Sundancer, he’s a husband, a father, a mentor and an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Since becoming financially free at the age of 36, Keith now helps others identify, create and ultimately realize the life they are meant to live. Keith has an awesome podcast called The Business of Life Podcast. It is created to help you live the life you love to live.

He really talks about the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial realms of your life on that show. So you definitely want to check it out. I was a guest on that show a few months ago, it was a lot of fun and fun fact, also is the fact that Keith is my neighbor, our kids go to school together. So I get a chance to really get to know this guy.

And as I was conceiving of the guest that we wanted to have. I knew that the majority of our guest would be women and the majority of our listeners are women but we also have so much to learn from men and they have sometimes a different point of view that they bring to the table. Please join me in welcoming Keith to the show.

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[0:02:26.8] KC: Thanks Jenny, it’s great to be here and jeez, that was quite the introduction. Hopefully I can live up to it…

[0:02:31.2] JF: No pressure.

[0:02:33.8] KC: …in all my sharing’s today.

[0:02:35.2] JF: No pressure, it’s cool, we’re just making history right now. No, it’s all good. It’s all good. Someone’s got to do it. You know what I’m saying? Someone’s got to break that, it’s kind of like regardless of anyone’s politics listening, we’re recording this episode the day after the State of the Union address here in the United States and you look at president Barack Obama and he made history.

[0:03:00.1] KC: So we’re making history now on Get Gutsy, I love it.

[0:03:02.7] JF: We are, and someone’s got to do it. That’s truly what leadership is all about and you embody leadership in such a beautiful way. Let’s dive right into our conversation. I shared when I introduced you, you became financially free at the age of 36. When people hear that, they’re like, “Okay, well how did you do that? How did you do that?”

Let’s just dive into your career journey, what did you do straight away? Did you go to college, did you study a certain thing and think that you would do that for a job? Let’s go back there because I’d like to start there.

[0:03:38.8] KC: here, I’ll give the abridged version. So I graduated high school and I wasn’t ready for college right away. So I took a year and a half off before going to college then I went to college at UMass Amherst. Really was just like, it was a maturity thing. I wasn’t mature enough and now as an adult, I wasn’t much — I realize it was emotionally. I wasn’t mature enough emotionally to start college right away and I went through college and you and I are the same age Jenny, so we graduated college right in the middle of the real estate boom.

I got out of college and I did really well with real estate. I bought and sold homes and we got to the point that we were, and when I say we, it was myself and a business partner. We would

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have anywhere between 10 to 15 homes that we owned at a time and we had crews that were working on them and we were really buying houses, fixing them up and selling them. So I did that, we did great with that and I thought I was the smartest person in the world and then the economy changed and it really crushed us.

We got stuck with a lot of homes, all the profits that we had made, we had lost. That was one phase but during that, I really learned from that one piece, the little take away that I have always had with me is don’t have your eggs in one basket because, and deeper than that, in a basket that you have no control over. So I didn’t have control if the economy shifted like it did.

So I really learned a deep lesson there and then I got into financial consulting and that was a great career but it wasn’t fulfilling. It was ending right when I had gotten married and had our first daughter Dakota, so this was six years ago, and I was working 14 hour days, 15 hour days, I would leave first thing in the morning.

And I remember coming home and crying at night one night because it’s so important, like the one thing in my life that is above everything else is I want to leave a legacy for my family, I want my kids to be proud of who their father was, I want my wife to be proud of who her husband is. That’s the most important thing to me and I want to leave that imprint on my children so it goes down for generations.

And I remember I came home from that job and I didn’t want to spend time with my daughter because I was too tired. That just, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew that I needed to find another way. The financial consulting was great, it was paying the deals, it was a six figure income, but it wasn’t helping with my ultimate purpose in life and being there as a husband, as a father as a mentor, as a leader. So I went on, it’s kind of like you’re getting the whole story here but…

[0:06:58.4] JF: This is awesome, yeah.

[0:06:59.9] KC: So I follow a native American spiritual path and one of the ceremonies that we do is called the Vision Quest and vision quest is also called Haŋblečeya and what it is, Haŋblečeya actually translates to “crying for a vision”. You’re going out there and you’re crying

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for a vision, you’re making a prayer for your life and at this time I — it’s a four day prayer, you literally go out in the woods by yourself and it’s a fast, it’s four days with no food and no water.

It sounds a little harsh but it’s actually the most beautiful time. But I had two prayers, I was a brand new father and a brand new husband. My first prayer was like, “How do I do this? I don’t know how to do this,” and just like, “Guide me on this.” My second prayer was like, I needed to make a change in my career path.

On the second day — so the way a vision quest goes, the first day is hard because you’re still caught up in the material world and the stuff that’s going on in your life. But what happens in that first day is you shift into that full spiritual realm. Day two, three four, they’re a lot easier than day one. So on day two, I shifted in, I was really in that spiritual realm and I was praying about my family, and I got the clear message.

For me it’s not like god comes and sits in front of me, it’s just this, I get to this point that it’s not me speaking, it’s like this deeper intuitive truth, that’s the only way I can explain it. It was just… for being a parent, for being a husband, it was super simple, it was just, “Do your best and then when you don’t know what to do or you can’t do it anymore or whatever, just surrender it all over to god,” and I was like, “All right, that’s cool, I can do that.”

It’s real simple and then the second piece was about my career and at this time, I was working out and doing a lot — I was in love with P90X, so the workout program P90X and it’s the company Beachbody owns or Beachbody’s the parent company, P90X was one of the workouts and I was in love with it because it had such an impact on my life. I lost 15 pounds, I got in the best shape of my life and felt great.

So anyways, on the fourth day, I kept praying about it and on the fourth day, I got like a clear as day answer and it was to shut down the existing company, literally shut it down. We had 20 employees at this time. Profitable company like nothing’s wrong with it. But it was to shut down that company and become a full time Beachbody coach.

I had known a little bit about Beachbody coaching, I had known about the opportunity, I knew that I loved everything about it, but in all honesty, I knew it was a network marketing company

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and I had negative thoughts in my mind about it, and it scared the crap out of me. It came so clear as day but it wasn’t what I thought was going to come.

[0:10:35.8] JF: Right.

[0:10:38.0] KC: It really scared me but I sat with that prayer and I committed to that prayer and the reason that I see now why it was so invaluable and why — so to answer your original question, it was through Beachbody and it happened within three years, we got to the point that we were literally financial free, could do what we want, when we want, with whoever we want for the rest of our lives. It came in that fast.

But I know a lot of what you talk about and a lot of what you teach, that faith and I’ll be honest, most people don’t have the success that we had within Beachbody but I just had so much faith and there wasn’t — there were times where like when I was building the business and doing it, there were times where it would get hard and I would know it’s not going as fast as I wanted it to.

But there was never a moment that I doubted that it was going to happen and that it was what I was supposed to be doing. I think that if you don’t have that, I don’t know how it can happen besides like some crazy chance of luck, whatever endeavor we went to, you don’t have that full all in faith and a knowing that it’s going to happen, it can’t.

[0:12:01.5] JF: Exactly. That’s very insightful. Thank you for sharing that. When you were at that point, when you got that down though, it was like the vision came and it’s so funny because we often, the thing that comes we’re like, “What? Did you give that to the wrong person? I think that other one’s supposed to have that one, I need this other one. The one that’s easier I don’t have to make this drastic change.” When you got that download that said, “You’ve got to shut this company down,” 20 employees are going to change 20 people’s lives, you got to go through all that, have the conversation, deal with the details that come with the decision like that, how quickly did you heed that?

[0:12:38.2] KC: Within a month.

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BOL 60 Transcript [0:12:39.5] JF: Within a month.

[0:12:40.1] KC: Within a month the company was completely shut down and I remember, but again Jenny, because it was in a prayer, like a lot of people would be like, “That’s not fair to those 20 people in their families,” right? There’s a reality to that. But now, it’s turned into ‘I’ve helped thousands of people become financially free from following that prayer”. We started off talking about the president, a lot of people get upset with decisions but there’s a reality. Sometimes there’s a “sacrifice the few to save the many”, is that the saying? That’s a reality.

[0:13:21.5] JF: Yeah and you did those people a favor because who really wants to work for a leader who doesn’t want to be there. And so you got that flash of insight, you had that flash of clarity, went on a four day Vision Quest, which the vast majority of the world would not be willing to do. They’d be like, “I’m not doing that. I’m going to go sit in front of the TV and eat some chips and watch TV.”

You were like, “No, I’m going to go do this thing.” I mean that says a lot about you right there and then you got the flash of insight and you did. And I’m sure the way you let these people go and you told them about it, you did it with as much grace and gratitude as someone like you has inside of you. Even if some of them were frustrated and upset and, “Oh my gosh,” I would bet that their lives are better off now because they’ve had to go find that next level for themselves.

[0:14:15.0] KC: Yeah, a lot of them actually went with me to Beachbody and that was one of the things that I loved about Beachbody was — the other job was, it was financial consulting and it was 20 sales representative. There was a ceiling for all of them and ultimately what I do with Beachbody is I create leaders. I was able to help them grow so much more. So yeah, a lot of them came with me and the ones that didn’t were definitely still close friends and we all stay in touch and it was so relieving but again, so hard.

[0:14:58.5] JF: Yeah, right, right. Cause you’re leaving this — you said you were a new father at that point, relatively new husband. You and your wife seem to have this real connection like you get the grander vision here. Was she on that Vision Quest with you too? That was a solo thing, did you come back here and like, “Guess what Amy?” How did you relay this decision to her?

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[0:15:23.2] KC: Yeah, I’m going to leave a little teaser, I know your big question in the end was, “What was your gutsiest move?” It actually has to do with Amy but it’s going to come prior to this.

[0:15:35.0] JF: Okay cool, we’ll wait, stay till the end guys.

[0:15:39.0] KC: I can answer that question. When we got married, we got married in — we did a traditional Lakota wedding and with a traditional Lakota wedding, you get married on the čhaŋnúŋpa. The čhaŋnúŋpa, most people listening, you would know it as the peace pipe. The pipe and what the pipe represents, there’s a stone and that represents the feminine and then the stem represents the masculine.

When it connects, that represents like the divinity, the divine connection with god and what čhaŋnúŋpa — so čhaŋnúŋpa wakȟáŋ, that’s the full name and what it really stands for is “to become one”. It’s that connection but when we got married, the commitment that Amy and I made to each other was that we’re now forming a separate entity, we’re forming something that’s bigger than the two of us and we believe that we take everything with us from the previous seven generations and then the work that we do in the lifetime, that gets passed down to the next seven generations.

With all of the decisions that we make, like big life decisions, it’s like I’m looking at it from a standpoint like, “how is this going to affect seven generations down the line?” That’s kind of a crazy way to look at things right?

[0:17:09.6] JF: yeah it is but it does keep things in perspective.

[0:17:12.5] KC: Yeah, because now you look at what are the real levers? What are the real things that are going to make a change? With that — so I came back and I remember, I was out on vision quest, Amy was, we had a brand new baby. So she was down at the house and she was supporting the people that were out on vision quest.

She was down at the house with the baby and I came down and I shared that with her and right away, she was like, “Okay.” It kind of gets me choked up right now because we just have that

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connection that’s deeper than the ego, that’s deeper than the eye, this is truth and we got it. So that’s where we’re moving forward with it and we work at that.

We spend an hour to two hours every single week praying together, I spend 45 minutes every single morning praying at the altar. Amy spends time every single morning praying at the altar. So I believe that that spiritual connection, it’s the same as a muscle and if it’s not exercised daily, you’re not going to get anything out of it.

What happens with most of us and this takes a long time, a lot of spiritual practice but we come to, and I know that you have a daily practice but when we first usually start coming to it out of desperation. We come and we need help and that’s the only time we go to it. That’s the only benefits we get from it. Yeah, so answering your question like the connection with Amy and I is all based off that spiritual deeper connection.

[0:19:02.0] JF: That’s so cool. Now were you both — the Lakota Indian tradition, that’s what it’s called right?

[0:19:08.2] KC: Yeah.
[0:19:08.8] JF: Were you both — did you both grow up with that? Did you come into that

together? How did you find that? How did it find you and… [0:19:18.2] KC: Oh gee, you’re digging into the nitty gritty stuff.

[0:19:21.5] JF: Well this is some good stuff because this has never come up on an episode so far. So I’m like, “Let’s go in here.” Yeah.

[0:19:27.3] KC: Yeah. You know Shiva and Bob Lucido right? Jenny and I live in the same town and Shiva and Bob Lucido lived in this town. When I was 25 years old. I’m 25, I might have been older like 27, but I think Amy was 25. Regardless, I went to Nantucket which is an island off of Massachusetts, for those who aren’t familiar.

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So I went to Nantucket with Amy and her family and this was the first time, like Amy and I were newly dating, maybe a few months. It was the first time that I had gone away with them and prior to that, I was like the guy who was managing projects and building all these houses and doing all this stuff.

I had to sit on a beach for a week by myself and just be. And I started having crazy panic attacks, crazy anxiety, I didn’t know how to deal with it and I remember — so I hid it, that whole entire time, I hid it while we were out there, I was embarrassed by it. Then we got home and I remember going to Amy and just being desperate and I was afraid that, I didn’t want to bring it up because I was afraid she was going to not want to be with me. I was afraid she was going to leave me.

So I told her about everything and she totally stood behind me, totally backed me and we’re like, “All right, let’s go find a therapist.” I knew that I needed help and we went to three different people within a month. Or I shouldn’t say we, like I did. All three people wanted to just give me medication and I was frustrated, I was like really frustrated and somehow, call it the grace of god or whatever, I knew that that wasn’t the path for me and I don’t want to get into — that’s a big thing.

[0:21:29.7] JF: Yeah, I get it.
[0:21:32.7] KC: Eventually we went and talked to a friend of mine, Taylor Wells, she owns

Prana Yoga and…
[0:21:39.2] JF: Like the clothing company Prana or is this the yoga studio?

[0:21:42.4] KC: Yeah, they own Prana — it’s not the clothing company, they own a bunch of studios throughout the country.

[0:21:46.6] JF: Okay, got it. I’m wearing a Prana sweater right now. I’m like, “Oh my god, I love these clothes.” But that’s okay. Just, it’s great word, Prana is breath. It’s a great word. Very yogic word. Okay, so you go to your friend yeah?

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[0:21:57.5] KC: So I went to her and she referred me over to Shiva Lucido. Shiva Lucido does therapy and I did a bunch of work with Shiva for two years, totally, literally changed my life and it wasn’t like “sit on the couch and tell me your problems” therapy. It was like, “you’re going to own all of this, we’re going to work through it”. That type of therapy. Family of origin, healing stuff.

I remember, we did all of this work for two years and we got to a point and she fired me and she was just basically like, “I’m not going to be your therapist anymore, you’ve learned this whole part, now you have to find a spiritual path.” And to me, that was like just — I didn’t understand it, I didn’t understand even spiritual path wasn’t on the radar for me. God wasn’t on the radar for me and I started — I listened a lot and I started, I tried a few other things.

And then I knew just from going to her for two years, I knew that her, and I didn’t know Bob at the time, but I knew that her and her husband had a spiritual community. So Amy and I both went out there and we went to what’s called a sweat lodge and that was 11 or 12 years ago. It turned into such a big part of our family that that’s why we moved out to great Barrington, that’s why, that and the Steiner school where our kids go.

[0:23:32.6] JF: Right.

[0:23:34.2] KC: But it was all about that energy that we wanted our family in. It wasn’t any background or anything like that. But I believe that — and it was also out of desperation. It wasn’t like I was so inspired to do this, it was just like, “I need to do something because what I’m doing right now isn’t working.”

[0:23:55.3] JF: Isn’t working. Now is that sweat lodge, does that still exist today?

[0:23:59.8] KC: Yeah.

[0:24:00.6] JF: I want to go with you sometime. I want to go with you guys. Yeah, I don’t know, this is so cool, I love — this is why I created Get Gutsy for conversations just like this because this is the stuff that really matters because we can have all this external success, you had it right? With the houses and you did with the financial company and all these things.

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Then we got something burning inside of us, you couldn’t go sit on a beach for a week with your girlfriend who was eventually going to become your wife because you were having panic attacks, you were having anxiety, you had this thing inside of you, you didn’t know how to flow with that energy, you didn’t have a spiritual connection.

So I’m so passionate about spreading this message. Many years ago right before — Steven and I were married, but we had not yet had our first child. But I knew the babies were coming, I could feel it. “It’s coming, it’s on the horizon,” and I wanted to put my body and mind through a physical challenging physical experience and we were in Mexico for a wedding and they had a Mexican sweat lodge basically on the grounds and in Mexico it’s called a temazcal.

It was literally like on the spa menu. It was like, “Here are your options.” I’m like, “What is that one?” Of course I’m not like, “I want the massage. I’ll take that one, that one that sounds really crazy, yeah I want that one.” We told people what we were doing, other wedding guests. We were like, “Do you guys want to come? We’re going to do this thing.” They’re like, “You’re nuts, why would you pay for that?” I’m like, “Because it sounds really extraordinary,” and I knew I just wanted to see what I was made of.

You strip all that stuff away, that was — I will never forget that experience. It was led by these husband and wife team, they bring hot lava rocks in, they pretty much take you on this vision quest where they’re asking what you see in the rocks and what you’re, I mean it was amazing, you come out, they honor the four elements, we came out the sun had set, we were right there in the ocean.

I’m not a big ocean swimmer, I like to look at it, after that, I literally like, sprinted to the ocean. I dove in. We had put like honey all over our skin, it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I am totally into all that, I’ve walked over fire before, I brought fire walking to my retreats. I’m into all of that. Now I know about this little gem. I’m like, “Oh, I’m coming into this world.”

[0:26:18.9] KC: Right here in the Berkshires.
[0:26:20.1] JF: Right here! I’m like, “Tell me about it, I want to learn more,” it’s like the Secret

Garden. Okay so that is so awesome, thank you for telling me about your spiritual practice and © 2016 The Business of Life 11

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how you found your way in. The interesting piece about that, not only is the practice itself fascinating, but how you got into it.

Isn’t like you were born into it, you weren’t born a Lakota Indian but yet you worked with this therapist, you worked with a healer who brought you in and look at what has occurred. You had to make the decision, you had to make the commitment, you and your wife talked about this. How the impact on your family and now you’re walking this journey and look what you’ve created as a result. Let’s talk about what your work looks like.

Now, you’ve been on this journey, become financially free, you launched a podcast, not even a year ago and you’re really going through continuing to kind of walk your talk, continuing to evolve, continuing to put yourself out there, try new things. Tel us now what you do with your time. What is your business look like, what are those revenue streams look like, where are you growing into next?

[0:27:29.7] KC: Yeah, it again comes back to the spiritual path and just to be — I’m an open book with everything. If you go on my website it’s Keithcallahan.com, I have my income reports and everything like that. When I say “financially free”, it’s not a term, a lot of people throw that around we make between 15 to $20,000 a week and it’s not like I don’t have to do anything. I have to work five hours a week for that now from Beachbody.

Just a legal disclaimer, you’re not — nobody that gets involved with beach body’s guaranteed that or anything. It’s based off of how you build it. One of the things that I know about myself is I’m very good at building and developing. I am a true leader, I’m really bad at management, I’m really bad at organization and kind of like once it’s built, I get bored.

With Beachbody, I still do a lot of work with it and the piece that I love though, in the beginning, it was just hustle, it was just pure out hustle. Now I have people that come to me that want to change their life, they want financial freedom, they want to be able to live a life of personal development. If I could explain, what is the — what do you really do with beach body? It’s the brighter and shinier, you become the sexier, not even in the physical sense, but like people want to watch you.

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BOL 60 Transcript [0:29:09.3] JF: Right.

[0:29:09.9] KC: That’s the more money you make. It’s that simple. [0:29:13.2] JF: That’s so cool. Break it down, boom, that’s it.

[0:29:17.2] KC: That’s going on now but I’ve had this itch for the last two years and it goes back to — so we’ve’ talked about sweat lodge, we’ve talked about vision quest, another one of our ceremonies is called Sundance and Sundance is out in South Dakota, we go every year and Sundance is like the new year for our spiritual path, it’s the highest, holiest ceremony. There’s sweat lodges the whole time and if you put you’re an arbor with a, so there’s a tree in the middle and everybody has all this prayer ties on the tree.

Then the Sundancers dance around the tree and it’s again a four day, four night ceremony and the first time I went to Sundance, that’s when I really understood what a real man was because I saw these warriors, like warrior men who would go out and fast during this ceremony and then once the ceremony was back, they would be sitting with their children on their labs and they would be telling stories about their elders and they would start crying and they would cry without shame.

They were men. “That’s a real man and I saw that.” Anyways, getting back to the story about what we’re doing now, when I was, like I had another one of those visions and it’s only been — you’ve kind of brought them all out. Sign of a good interviewer Jen.

[0:30:52.8] JF: Thank you.

[0:30:56.3] KC: It sounds like, “Oh this guy just has visions all the time,” this was it. This was all of them. I got this one that said, “Follow the Lakota path and do the work of the likes of Marian Williamson.” So for the last 10 years I’ve been fully involved with the Lakota path and the Marianne Williamson piece has been kind of sitting there but for the last two years, it’s really started to resurface and that is — so that’s how the podcast got started.

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And I really, like I don’t haven’t identified where I’m going with the podcast, what I’m doing with it from a financial standpoint, it doesn’t make money right now. But it’s allowed me to really get in to connecting and you do this every single week now too. I get to connect with amazing people that Marianne Williamson type people. Right?

On that spiritual level, the types of people that I want to be associated with. So I’ll be honest, I don’t have a plan for it but I do have a plan. There’s a bigger plan and I’m just in that faith piece right now and building relationships and loving it. I know that something’s going to happen with it where it will shift in to a business or maybe it won’t, I don’t know?

[0:32:30.0] JF: Or it would a piece. Piece of the next level for you. That piece.

[0:32:35.0] KC: Yeah. Yeah, so to answer the question directly. All of our income still comes from beach body and I still work with each month I work with either in between like five to 10 new people and helping them get their business started. Then, the rest of my time is really — the most important things to me right now are doing the work with the podcast because it’s getting me — it’s that vision from 10 years ago that it’s there and it’s coming to light, then my daily practice of meditation and my daily workout. Because if I’m doing those three things, everything else works.

[0:33:20.2] JF: Yeah, that’s so cool. That’s it. You’re preparing for baby number four. Hooray! So cool. That’s so cool. I know that this next phase is going, I mean look what you did already. The cool thing about that is that it’s giving you, because of your financial success with that and really stepped in and you hustle and it wasn’t just like, “Yeah, I just coasted at five hours a week and everything just came in.”

You’ve gotten to that point now but you hustled, you believed and I love what you said that there was never a moment where you doubted that it was going to happen. Even when things were slow, even when you were dealt a setback, someone flaked out, whatever. You never doubted that it was going to happen and so, you really are a faithful man and that is why I wanted to have you here because those are the people that I am passionate about spreading the message of.

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So I’m pumped to see what comes through you next. I’m always like, “Oh it’s going to be good. It’s going to be good.” I’m very fortunate that we are all neighbors here and our kids are growing up together and that’s such a blessing when no matter our listeners, if you’re a parent or you’re not, but to be very intentional about community.

The community that you build, who you’re hanging out with, the words that are in your ears and the messages that you are consuming because that’s basically your fuel. Yeah. Keith and I and our families, we’ve consciously chosen to be here for a number of reasons. If right now you listener, you are not happy with where you’re living, either change your attitude or change your location.

[0:35:00.5] KC: Come to Great Barrington.

[0:35:01.4] JF: Exactly. It’s the number one small town in America and that’s why Keith, I’ve hosted a number of events for the last few years just in the Berkshires in general, I have one coming up later this month in January with my mastermind clients because there’s something really powerful here.

Just like you go out for the Sundance experience, you’re on sacred ground, we have sacred ground here. I feel it, there’s a spiritual energy here, I was drawn to it, we moved from New York City. It’s so here and when I have clients who come from all over the world, they feel it too, they’re like, “Thank you Jenny for showing me that this place exists.”

So Keith, final question, this has been such a cool conversation and wow, wow. You really brought the heat. You brought the heat. I knew you were the great person to be that first guy, break the seal. What is the gutsiest move you’ve ever made and how does it inspire your life and work today?

[0:36:01.8] KC: So you brought me on as the first male and I think that after I share this story, some of your listeners might be, “Oo.” Because the gutsiest move that I did was Amy, and I don’t think you know this story Jenny. So Amy and I were — this was I think 11 years ago? We were engaged to get married and I had done all the work that I shared with you and I had started on the spiritual path and this was the first time I ever listened to god in my life.

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So three weeks before the wedding, I had — this is a hard story for me to share so just bear with me. Three weeks before the wedding, I was having these feelings that I didn’t want to get — not that I didn’t want to get married, that there was something, there was a doubt in my mind or there was something in my mind. And I learned this technique called mirror work where if you look in the mirror and you do affirmations that it’s more powerful because you can look in your own eyes and you can say it out loud and you can see yourself.

So I was looking in the mirror now and like, when I was learning how to pray, I was like, “Please god, help me to let go of whatever the question is, whatever this intuition is that I’m feeling,” and it came back that I needed to not marry Amy. And it just scared me so bad because I loved her and I wanted to marry her and everything about it I wanted to do and I didn’t understand. Like I really didn’t understand why.

But I trusted that message, and I told her and we called off the wedding and we had like no intention on getting back together and then — and it was hard. The hardest part was I knew how much it hurt her. For me, two years later, we were out at Sundance again and because we were on the same spiritual path together and we had — so two years went by, neither one of us ever entertained the idea of getting back together, it was final when we broke up.

[0:38:28.8] JF: Like no communication, it was just like, “Buh-bye”?

[0:38:31.5] KC: There was communication but it wasn’t — because we were in the same spiritual path, so we would see each other all the time. But from her, that was a very harsh thing for her to receive and in all honesty for me, I loved her so much that I was like, “I’m never going to, I would never lead her on in any way again.”

So two years later we were out at Sundance and there was just like this magical connection that we couldn’t stay away from each other, we couldn’t stay apart. We weren’t like making out in the corner, but we were just drawn to each other. We got back from Sundance that year and six months later we’re pregnant with a baby and here we are today and the reason it was the gutsiest thing for me because, that was the first time I really listened to god and that’s faith.

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I knew that this was a real message and then the beauty of it is I wouldn’t have been able to be the man that I am today, the husband that I am today because I did all this work and I was with her and I had a codependency. When that message, that download came in, I didn’t know that was why but I had to — like I had to do it alone for a few years to be able to be the husband, to be the father, to be fully me. So it’s kind of evident what it’s done for my life, right?

[0:40:10.8] JF: Wow, wow, wow. Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing that, I just felt it. You’re seeing like three weeks out, every plan has been made, lots of cancelations and money lost and people disappointed and hurt and oh my gosh, you could have been made out to be this villain and, “How could he have done that?” And everything and yet boom, what was able to occur in that period of time.

It was like the message was, “You can’t marry Amy right now, as you are because you won’t be able to develop into the man you truly are meant to be.” Wow, wow. Well congratulations for listening to that. That takes a tremendous amount of courage and I just love you guys even more now. I’m like, “Woah!” You’ve been through like, you walked through that fire and just to witness you two and your family, your three kids, almost four children. I’m very grateful to have met you all.

We actually met your wife randomly, at one of our little restaurants, she was pregnant I think with Wyatt, with your son and I don’t think I wasn’t yet pregnant with Kate but we had the two kids. We just all started talking and then the paths started crossing, the paths started crossing and end up at the same school and now here we are and you interviewed me for your podcast, I’m interviewing you for Get Gutsy. You know, life is just so interesting.

So I appreciate you Keith, I want to acknowledge you and just celebrate you standing in this truly being an example of what a man is. You said, when you go out to Sundance, you see these warrior men and I feel that you bring that into kind of this everyday world. We’re not living on an Indian reservation necessarily right here, we’re in and out, going to the grocery store, doing this, doing that and you truly embody that.

Perhaps that is a piece of your next level, that just came to me, really teaching about what it is to be a man. There’s a crisis in masculinity right now in men and many men are unhappy and

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they turn to addictions and unhealthy habits, they don’t have that spiritual foundation. Maybe wasn’t quite working for them in childhood so they just forsaken it and just think they don’t need it. So you have a lot to teach around that for sure.

[0:42:36.8] KC: I appreciate that and really appreciate the, first and foremost, the friendship with you and Steven and it’s been a blessing for me to be able to watch you and your business because you’re doing a lot of the work that I foresee myself going into. So it’s just been, it’s been an honor to be able to watch you both from a distance and have close conversations with you guys and yeah, just love you guys and grateful to have you in our lives.

[0:43:10.6] JF: Thank you so much. So we know that everyone can find you at keithcallahan.com, right? So we’ll have that in our show notes page, your podcast is The Business of Life Podcast. They can find that straight up on your site, is that — and on iTunes of course?

[0:43:25.3] KC: Yeah, just search in iTunes or just going on the site, it’s right on there. [0:43:29.8] JF: Okay, cool.
[0:43:30.5] KC: If you’re not on iTunes, like come on.
[0:43:32.8] JF: Where are you? I know.

[0:43:33.4] KC: You got to get an Apple phone.

[0:43:34.8] JF: I know, “Come on guys.” We have ours up on Stitcher Radio too, so some of our listeners are there but I know the vast majority come from iTunes. What social media platforms do you like people to connect with you on?

[0:43:48.6] KC: The easiest way, I used to always send people to my personal page, but it’s kind of too much going on there. So if you just go to, on Facebook, if you just search The Business of Life with Keith Callahan and it will show up with all of that. That’s the page for the

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podcast, that’s the page where we’re putting out most of just me being me and sharing what’s on my heart and things that I think might be able to help people.

[0:44:18.4] JF: Gorgeous, well we’ll have everything linked up on the show notes page, you all can go to Jennyfenig.com go to the search bar, type in “Keith Callahan”, the show notes page will come up, you’ve got everything that you need. Keith, you’re freaking amazing, everybody please, we just made history, okay?

So go out and do something, celebratory today, go out and tell somebody how much you love them, deepen your spiritual practice, you’ve heard what has happened for Keith, you see what’s happening with me and all these guest on the show. This is the way. This is Jenny Fenig sending you So much love, light and faith, as you get Gutsy. I’ll see you next time.


[0:45:01.7] KC: Hey, Keith here, and today I have a free gift for you. Listen this free gift is a list of the 12 most influential books that I’ve ever read. These are the books that have helped me to create the mindset, learn the philosophies, learn the skills to really create this big, beautiful, life that we’re living now.

I read a crazy amount of books, I really do. I’ve probably read thousands of books and these are the top 12 books that – they’re the ones that I go to, they’re the ones that I work with over, and over, and over again. They are highlighted, outlined, dog-eared. And I put this list together for you because I want it to be a shortcut.

I don’t want you to have to – you don’t have to go out and read the thousands and thousands of books. These are the 12 that I highly recommend. I have a detailed review for each book, explaining why I recommend them, why I like them, when I worked with them in my life, what part of my life they helped me to improve.

So I put this together for you, and made it super each for you to get this list. All you have to do is send a text to the number 33444 and then in the body of that text, type in “12books” with no space. So that’s the number “12books”. Again, send the text message to the number, address it

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to 33444 and then type in “12books” as the message and just send that. And that’ll get you setup to receive those top 12 most influential books that have had the biggest impact on my life.


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Alright, much love guys. Again, that is the All About Beachbody Coaching Podcast, our sister podcast.

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