Facebook Watch is a new platform that Facebook has released in order to contend with YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and all other television providers. I’m really excited about it and I cannot wait for it to be released. I think it will be another strong avenue for network marketers to pursue. We can all use it now as viewers but only a select few are invited to actually create shows for Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch for Network Marketers

Facebook Watch for Network Marketers

Right now, there are a super limited number of shows available on Facebook Watch as Facebook continues to work out the kinks and continues to test the platform before they unleash it to everyone. Facebook is currently taking applications for anyone interested in launching a show, and over time, they expect to allow everyone to have access to launching shows.

In order to setup a Facebook Watch show, you have to setup a page specific to your show that is separate from your professional page or personal page. That means there will be a building period where you are almost starting from scratch building a following. Some of the biggest names in Facebook Watch currently have professional pages with 2 million followers but only 20,000 followers on their Facebook Watch show page. So, the platform is definitely in its beginning stages for everyone involved.

I think in the long run, Facebook Watch is going to be the video version of podcasts but with an added social aspect. What I love about podcasts is that anyone can create a podcast and build a following of people who are interested in hearing from your expertise on a consistent basis. Facebook Live and YouTube don’t necessarily offer that. Since anyone can YouTube or Facebook Live, you get a lot of people who end up talking about whatever they feel like that particular day and there is no real consistency to the content of their videos. In that way, Facebook Watch and podcasts are similar. What’s unique about Facebook Watch when compared to podcasts is the social aspect. People can comment, like, and share a show – things you can’t do with podcasts.

On Facebook Watch, you can choose which shows you follow. You will also have shows suggested to you based on interests you have. Facebook Watch also shows you what your friends are watching.

What does all that mean? Well, it means that the power for network marketers to reach people through Facebook is going to be uncanny. If I were to bet today on a single thing that will change the game of social media, it’s Facebook Watch. Take everything you’ve learned in this series and apply it to Facebook Watch when it becomes available. For now, practice using Facebook Live so when you have the opportunity to launch a show on Facebook Watch, you are ready to go!

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