All entrepreneurs are leaders. However, there are 2 main types of leaders. Those who lead followers and those who lead other leaders. Which type of leader are you and why is it important?

Team of Leaders vs Followers

Why you Want to Create Leaders on your Team

There are certain people who are naturally charismatic and can draw people in towards a common goal. These natural born leaders typically find themselves influencing large groups of people who believe in what they say and do. But if these leaders aren’t empowering their followers, they are doing a disservice to both their followers and to themselves.

Why is it so important to empower your people and create leaders out of them? The biggest reason is that, as a leader, you want to create generational leadership, meaning you want to create layers of leadership so your business can continue to grow without you. If you are building a business without focus on creating other leaders, you’re building a house of cards. It’s going to fail. If you need to take a break and step away from your business, you will have no one ready and able to step into your role. However, if you’ve empowered your followers to be true leaders, you’ve created the opportunity for exponential growth in your business.

How to Grow a Team of Leaders vs Followers

You might be wondering what sets apart leaders of leaders and leaders of followers. It’s simple. Leaders of followers have a desire to be needed, a desire to rescue and help people. Instead of finding energy from empowering people and building them up into empowered leaders, you get your energy from being a helper. As John Maxwell put so clearly, if you are attracting followers you have a need to be needed. If you are attracting leaders, you have a need to be exceeded.

What do you need to do to make the shift from being a leader of followers to a leader who empowers other leaders? You need to understand that who you are on the inside and how high your self-esteem is, and how you feel about yourself will determine what kinds of people you are attracting. If you don’t feel empowered, you can’t empower other leaders.

To find your power, try living a principle-based life versus a feeling based life. Create a set of boundaries around how you are going to act on a day to day basis. Not based on how you feel in the moment. Empower yourself to do that and you will live on principles that encourage and inspire other leaders.

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