Hear from a few others who have been mentored by Keith

Keith’s my angel. He believed in me before I knew how to believe in myself. He was patient with me, and always had my back. Before I met Keith, I was unhealthy, unhappy, and working 19 hour days. Now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and living a life I only DREAMED of. Keith taught me how to DREAM again and pushed me HARD to reach them. He’s such an amazing friend and INCREDIBLE mentor. I’m FOREVER grateful.

Haley Christian

Over the last 3 years Keith has not only served as a mentor but also a dear friend to me and I am blessed to have him and this community in my life. Keith is the utmost passionate and dedicated to his career as a coach and business mentor. His mentoring and leadership goes far beyond that of teaching people how to run a successful business. Keith preaches mindset and helping others from where they are in their lives. Developing a positive and strong mindset and faith is the foundation to the success Keith has achieved and he works harder than anyone else I know to pass the same philosophies, stories, and mindset to others. It proves difficult to summarize the impact Keith has had on my life into words so I will leave with this: I overcame a lot of fear, doubt, and self-limiting belief from watching, learning, and spending time with Keith and, I too, pass along as much as I can to others as I am proud and blessed to have Keith be a part of my life and success story.

Austin Banach

Signing up to be a Beachbody Coach was something that I was clueless about. I had no experience, nor idea how much this opportunity could truly impact my life and my family’s life, let alone give me the opportunity to impact many lives on such a greater level. Because Keith working one on one with me, I believed I could do anything. I was not scared what so ever because I knew he would be there to help guide me. I trusted in him and he believed in me and that is all I needed to succeed. He kept me focused on the important things which were my health, family and creating freedom to have more time together and financially free. He shared his wisdom and I did what he suggested and 6 years later am living proof that long term sustainability & success are possible because of his belief in me from the beginning!

Jessica Vandeberghe

Keith has a gift for breaking down something that seems complicated and helping others make it simple. He sees the best in people and sees their potential. He has a gift for helping them see in themselves what he sees in them and is able to bring that out of them. It’s rare to run into someone that operates from the heart and brings out the best in others. Keith is one of those people.

Patrick Riehlman

When someone BELIEVES in you and shows it by pushing you to believe in yourself….. that is a true leader. Keith has supported me in more ways than I can count. He has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone …… (when I was really scared)……which has led me to GROW! I feel uplifted every time we talk! Keith really cares and shows it by reminding us that we need to always work on ourselves as part of our ongoing journey!

Kristen Driscoll