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Build to Last: A Step-by-step Guide to Long-term Network Marketing success reveals why a select few individuals experience lasting success at the highest levels in network marketing while everyone else struggles.

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When you Build your Network Marketing Business to Last, it will thrive for years to come, and will do so – here’s the important part – with or without you.*

I’m Keith Callahan. I went from bankruptcy to a seven figure success, and have mentored many on my team to six-or-seven figure success, all thanks to Network Marketing. I always wanted to build a life that allowed me to do what I want, when I want, and with who I want, and am eternally grateful for discovering the opportunities Network Marketing provides.

Today, I work day in and day out, paying this gift forward, by guiding others through mentoring, speaking, and my book, on their own Network Marketing journeys, so they, too, can fulfill their dreams. My book, Build to Last, reveals why a select few experience long term success at the highest levels in Network Marketing, while everyone else struggles.

* Income disclaimer:  As in any independent business, the level of success or achievement is dependent upon the commitment, skill level, drive, and desire to succeed of the individual. Success results only from effective sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership.

About Keith

I am a husband, father, mentor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Since retiring and becoming financially free at the age of 36, I now spend my time helping others identify, create and eventually realize the life they were meant to live.

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