We will be closing on our home exactly 5 years after we began our network marketing journey! So grateful we said YES to the network marketing business opportunity and worked our butts off to build this amazing business! So grateful for Keith D. Callahan who shared this opportunity with me and mentored me! So grateful for all of TEAM PASSION who said YES and allowed me to lead them to their great success!

Nicole L. Jones

When you get the chance to celebrate someone who has impacted your life in a tremendous way, TAKE IT! All because of this guy right here, I took a chance on something that scared me. Because he paved the way, BELIEVED in me and kept me rooted in who I am along the journey, I said YES to the network marketing business opportunity that has changed my entire life!

Elizabeth Hartke

I write this with greatest PLEASURE… I’ve been so honored for the opportunity to be personally mentored by Keith. Because he BELIEVED in me when I didn’t believe in myself, helped me learn about myself & develop my leadership skills, I’ve never given up on myself and my network marketing business that has been life changing. He’s impacted all areas of my life for the BETTER!

Kelly Woodward

Keith Callahan is someone who lives his passion and in doing so helps you live your passions. He will motivate you, inspire you, believe in you, and help you KNOW what you are capable of – even if you struggle with that realization yourself. He believes in you until you believe in yourself. My network marketing journey came to life with Keith as my mentor and coach – it has changed my life.

Carrie Verrocchio

Keith’s my angel. He believed in me before I knew how to believe in myself. He was patient with me, and always had my back. Before I met Keith, I was unhealthy, unhappy, and working 19 hour days. Now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and living a life I only DREAMED of. Keith taught me how to DREAM again and pushed me HARD to reach them. He’s such an amazing friend and INCREDIBLE mentor. I’m FOREVER grateful.

Haley Christian

Keith began as a virtual mentor, I connected with him through video trainings and then deeper with his podcast series while riding in my car. I found myself in his stories of struggle and could envision myself in his triumph. So I began to search out the tools and apply the lessons in my life. Originally I thought I was seeking business advice and success tips from Keith. What did not expect was the level of personal healing and spiritual growth I would experience from his lessons in life. It is that guidance, working from the inside out, that has made the most profound shifts in my life both personally and professionally. Today, I still consider Keith a mentor but he is also a friend and spiritual brother. He continually inspires advancement and makes himself available to foster it. To be perfectly candid and honest, sometimes his responses are frustrating! He will challenge you to find your answer and grow along the way… Everything I want in a mentor, friend and brother. I am beyond grateful for the impact he’s had on my life. When you have the opportunity to thank him (and you will) he’ll tell you with, with the prideful smile of a parent… “You did all the work.”

Adam Brewster

Over the last 3 years Keith has not only served as a mentor but also a dear friend to me and I am blessed to have him and this community in my life. Keith is the utmost passionate and dedicated to his career as a coach and business mentor. His mentoring and leadership goes far beyond that of teaching people how to run a successful business. Keith preaches mindset and helping others from where they are in their lives. Developing a positive and strong mindset and faith is the foundation to the success Keith has achieved and he works harder than anyone else I know to pass the same philosophies, stories, and mindset to others. It proves difficult to summarize the impact Keith has had on my life into words so I will leave with this: I overcame a lot of fear, doubt, and self-limiting belief from watching, learning, and spending time with Keith and, I too, pass along as much as I can to others as I am proud and blessed to have Keith be a part of my life and success story.

Austin Banach

Signing up to be a network marketing distributor was something that I was clueless about. I had no experience, nor idea how much this opportunity could truly impact my life and my family’s life, let alone give me the opportunity to impact many lives on such a greater level. Because Keith working one on one with me, I believed I could do anything. I was not scared what so ever because I knew he would be there to help guide me. I trusted in him and he believed in me and that is all I needed to succeed. He kept me focused on the important things which were my health, family and creating freedom to have more time together and financially free. He shared his wisdom and I did what he suggested and 6 years later am living proof that long term sustainability & success are possible because of his belief in me from the beginning!

Jessica Vandeberghe

Keith is inspirational and a great motivator. He has shown me compassion as well as tough love… pushed me and saw the potential in me before I saw or believed it myself. He helps open doors and offers encouragement along the way. He has helped me see the possibilities of this business … of creating a life that I never thought was possible!

Melanie Donohoue

Keith has an incredible way of planting the seed of belief in you before you even believe in yourself. His ability to see beyond the logistics of the business and get to the heart of it, has helped me to not only nurture and grow that belief, but create a strong business and better life for me and my family!

Allison Pelton

I remember the first mentorship call I had with Keith Callahan! It was 5 years ago and made a huge impact on my business and ultimately my life! He believed in me and helped me believe in myself! He helped me see that a network marketing opportunity could provide a life by design for myself and my family. And guess what shortly after that call, it did! He breaks down goals and keeps it simple! I never felt overwhelmed and he gave me a strategy to meet my goals in business and life! I would not be where I am today with him! I have worked with some of the top leaders in top corporations around the world and top mentors and I will say he is one of my favorites and one who has made one of the biggest impact in my life!

Tawnya Landis

Keith has a gift for breaking down something that seems complicated and helping others make it simple. He sees the best in people and sees their potential. He has a gift for helping them see in themselves what he sees in them and is able to bring that out of them. It’s rare to run into someone that operates from the heart and brings out the best in others. Keith is one of those people.

Patrick Riehlman

The first time I met Keith, I knew that he lead with his heart. There are different types of leaders in the world, there are those who lead by controlling and demanding and there are those who really take the time to listen to what other people‘s needs and concerns are. Well Keith is definitely one of those leaders who put others first. I still remember one time Keith saying “I do not have the right not to show this opportunity to someone.” Keith is so passionate about what he does, he has a heart of gold and would do anything for anybody.

Justin Orlando

Keith has always inspired me to be a better leader because he exudes what a leader is. It is because of him and his work ethic that he continues to not only be successful himself, but that he is able to cultivate successful visionary teammates as well. That’s what he wants; he wants his TEAM to be successful above himself. A leader exemplified.

Melissa Hadley

Keith is the definition of a true leader! His guidance and mentorship has taken me far beyond to where I have ever thought I could be. Keith follows his heart to help others and leads with with compassion and belief. Not only is he able to lead others, he is one of the best at empowering others to lead as well.

Keith Bachand

You know those people that speak into your soul? Like they know what you’re feeling and how to help you before you even say anything? That’s Keith. Every single conversation I’ve had with Keith have been invaluable. He has an amazing gift of not only helping you overcome the challenge you’re facing, but help you find the source of the challenge all together. Keith’s leadership hasn’t only made me a better coach and a better leader myself. His leadership helped me to be truly proud of the person I’ve become. I can’t say I’d be where I am today without Keith Callahan.

Brad Bizjack

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you do for us network marketing distributors on your team. The information and trainings you provide mean the world to me and I would say I can speak for everyone that it means the world to them too. The time and effort you put into helping others truly is appreciated. It’s always great to be reminded that as distributors, we offer an amazing opportunity to others that is life changing. An opportunity for personal growth as well as a sustainable business all while getting healthy at the same time. Thank you for helping me with my opportunity.

Craig Daigle

When someone BELIEVES in you and shows it by pushing you to believe in yourself….. that is a true leader. Keith has supported me in more ways than I can count. He has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone …… (when I was really scared)……which has led me to GROW! I feel uplifted every time we talk! Keith really cares and shows it by reminding us that we need to always work on ourselves as part of our ongoing journey!

Kristen Driscoll

I’ve known Keith since high school. I always enjoyed him and his family and watched him become a part of this network marketing community and was so happy for him…but never thought it was for me. When I finally decided to see what it was all about, he jumped right in to guide me and I instantly trusted that he had my best interest at heart. Now 3 years later, Keith still knows how to help me get out of my own way to continue on this path of great things for myself and my family! So thankful for his guidance every day!

Taren Sbardella

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