Build to Last

A Step-by-step Guide to Long-term Network Marketing Success

Are You Ready to Start Achieving Long-term Network Marketing Success? Keith’s newest book, Build to Last, is the missing link.

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Build To Last Network Marketing Book

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Build to Last: A Step-by-step Guide to Long-term Network Marketing success reveals why a select few individuals experience lasting success at the highest levels in network marketing while everyone else struggles.

Build to Last is not an introduction to network marketing.  It’s the missing piece for many would-be top network marketeering professionals.

You Will Learn:

  • How to mentor and develop leaders
  • The mindset and philosophy of top network marketers
  • How to identify and push past your limiting beliefs
  • How to lead yourself so you can lead others
  • How to attract leaders into your business
  • How to push those you’re mentoring past their limiting beliefs
  • How to create financial and time freedom
  • How to earn a six or seven-figure income year after year

Network marketing professionals in praise of Keith Callahan’s Build to Last

“Build to Last is absolute gold! Leadership is the foundation for success as a network marketer, and Keith does an incredible job breaking down the exact process to become a leader and create leaders within your own organization. Even though I’m a network marketing millionaire who’s been involved in the industry for over ten years, I learned many things that I will start applying to my own business immediately. If you’re looking to take your network marketing business to the next level, this is a MUST READ!”

— Josh Spencer, multi-million-dollar earner

“Imagine a book that gives you the step-by-step on creating a big business you can be proud of. This is it! Keith Callahan combines leadership development and the network marketing work so well, and provides tangible steps anyone can use to build a business. I have been in network marketing for six years. Build to Last gave me the tools I was missing as a leader. I feel more confident and ready to become the best leader I can be.”

— Anita Miron, million-dollar earner, achieved highest rank in her company

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Keith Callahan in my own business for six years, and it wasn’t until I read Build to Last that I finally got inside his brain fully! On top of feeling completely on fire for my business and having a reignited belief in my own capabilities, I have been implementing Keith’s one-on-one mentoring pointers with top distributors in my downline. I’m seeing them mentor their own downline, gain confidence, and grow right in front of my eyes. Build to Last gave me simple, duplicatable steps to help them grow their businesses with a solid, build-to-last foundation. I will definitely gift this book to anyone new I bring on!”

— Candice Talbot, million-dollar earner

“Build to Last gives you not only a step-by-step guide to attracting leaders, but the skillset to help identify them, work with them, and build trust with them. Very few network marketing books delve into how to mentor leaders within your downline to create the business of your dreams. Bravo, Keith, for taking on the missing puzzle piece for so many distributors, and making it accessible so they, too, can build to last!”

— Leslie Kortes, multi-million-dollar earner, achieved highest rank in her company

“Keith Callahan really cares about people, and he sees the big picture. He understands that long-term success in network marketing comes down to two words: developing leaders. He’s a master at breaking down the mindset, heartset, and skills you have to develop to do that. Build to Last is the blueprint. I’m grateful I met Keith early on, when I was struggling with my business. He shifted my mindset completely.”

— Patrick Riehlman, million-dollar earner

“Build to Last is the go-to book for mastering sustainable success in network marketing. If you’ve been looking for the ‘secret sauce’ in our industry, you’ve found it! Keith Callahan lays out before you – in a systematic, duplicatable, and easy-to-follow manner – the foundation to achieve long-lasting financial success. And freedom of time as well…Keith is an authentic leader of leaders with a generous heart who has paved the way for thousands. I will undoubtedly gift this book to my entire team and all future newcomers.”

— Lisa Hansen, million-dollar earner

“You know a great book when you want to highlight every sentence. Build to Last is the most practical, applicable, and encouraging book I’ve read on multilevel marketing in my eight-year career. It’s forthright, sincere, and speaks to both the beginner and the veteran in our industry. This book will be an on-boarding must-read for my team.”

— Lindsay Stay, 7-figure annual earner, achieved highest rank in her company

“Build to Last is a deep dive into the heart and mind of a successful leader in network marketing. Keith Callahan shares his wisdom in small bites that can be implemented with ease and used to build your leadership confidence instantly. This profession can inspire people like no other, and with the tips and insight that Keith offers in his book, you can truly thrive in a business you love.”

— Milan Jensen, multi-million-dollar earner, speaker at “Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing” conference

“The lack of long-term systems in my first and only network marketing business – with massive early success – has cost me years of frustration and loss of potential income. Practical systems are critical in short- and long-term planning for the longevity of your business. Keith Callahan’s book gives you methods, applications, and tools for a system to grow and nourish your team, and create a thick, healthy downline. I highly recommend Build to Last for network marketers at all levels.”

— Doug “Coach” Couch, multi-million-dollar earner, strategist, celebrity spokesperson

“Build to Last offers straightforward and detailed steps that network marketing business owners can take, starting where they currently are, to build long-term sustainable income. I have not found a book out there like this one and will share Build to Last with every one of my leaders.”

— Jessica Vandeberghe, million-dollar earner

“I kept getting goose bumps reading Build to Last because I felt like Keith Callahan was writing for me! Although I’m a multi-million-dollar earner and the distributor who has achieved ‘Top 10’ the most often in my company, I realized I have become a leader of followers, not of leaders! My business’s success depends completely on my efforts and not the efforts of my team. What an aha moment for me! I plan to re-read Build to Last and start implementing Keith’s well crafted system for developing leaders. I’m excited to get the book in the hands of my team. Thank you, Keith, for sharing your steps to success. It’s definitely going to help this leader develop more leaders!”

— Melissa McAllister, multi-million-dollar earner

“One of the best books I’ve read on creating a legacy – step by step – with your network marketing business. Each chapter is rich in content that every marketing professional should know as well as specific action steps that tie knowledge to action. As someone in network marketing for eight years, I appreciate content directed to a seasoned distributor who wants to continue to grow and reach new heights. Simultaneously Build to Last will help brand new distributors launch their business…Since I’ve applied Keith Callahan’s concepts and systems for leading as a professional hands-on mentor, I’ve seen more success and growth in my organization. Read this book!”

— Dara Distel, million-dollar earner, achieved highest rank in her company

“Build to Last equates to true freedom. This book will teach you how to build a rock-solid network marketing foundation using methods that will leave you feeling deeply fulfilled and proud of your legacy…During seven years in this industry, I have tried every different way to build. I wish someone had given me this book the day I decided to build my network marketing business.”

— Andrea Crowder, multi-million-dollar earner

“Keith Callahan has a created a fantastic resource in this book that shares the ‘untold system’ of building a network marketing business through leadership. In my experience, leaders are what generate longevity, stability, and financial freedom in our industry. Build to Last is the blueprint for how to find those people and develop them into your highest earners and beyond. But as Keith reveals, the real gift is the person you become in order to have a life-changing impact on others.”

— Kristina Sullins, multi-million-dollar earner, team of 25,000+, achieved highest rank in her company

“Our past does not have to be our compass for the future. This truth is the compelling drive that has built Keith Callahan a multi-million-dollar business and the legacy of hundreds of leaders’ lives changed forever. Keith is a man of highest integrity and character, and one of the finest leaders I have worked with during my 40 years of mentoring and training multilevel marketing professionals all over the world. His book articulates the simple truths of building generational leaders, and gives you a game plan and structure to build a legacy business.”

— Craig Holiday, 8-figure earner, international mentor

“I had no clue what I was getting myself into when Keith and I first talked about multilevel marketing. I just hated working 19-hour days, and Keith said he could help. I signed up that day…I’m so happy he wrote this book and that you’ll get to learn exactly the way he runs his business. It’s simple, rewarding (in many ways), and most importantly, it’s a built-to-last business. A lot of network marketing professionals ‘live large’ but also work insane hours for it, and if they stop – game eventually over. That’s the opposite of what I wanted, and Keith showed me it’s possible. I’m currently living the dream life I told him about the first day we talked, and it’s time to dream even bigger.”

— Hayley Christian, 6-figure annual income