About Keith

If you’re looking for a mentor with all the credentials, all the degrees and all the esteemed letters after their name then you’ve come to the wrong place, that’s not who I am. On the other hand if you are looking for a mentor who has been there and done that, someone who has learned on the streets, someone who came from nothing and built his own way to financial freedom, well then, I’m that guy.

Before getting into my story I want you to know that this is NOT your typical “about” page. It really bothers me when people candy coat things and only show the good side of the story. I’m going to share with you my full story of how we became financially free and it wasn’t pretty in the beginning.


The Dream

My dream growing up was to be RICH. It wasn’t about Financial Freedom or having the ability to do what I want or any of that. I just wanted to be rich. My ego wanted everything that went along with it. The big house, the fancy cars…all of it. I loved the lure of it all and in my young, immature, egocentric, male mind I mistakenly thought that money was what this life was all about. For me, in the beginning, money was my GOD.

Right when I was finishing up college (I say “finishing” instead of graduating because I never did) we came into one of the biggest Real Estate Booms this country has ever seen. I immediately saw the opportunity and began obsessively looking to buy my first piece of real estate. It came fast, and I bought AND SOLD a house in the same day for a profit of $33,000!! How’s that for a days work?

Over the next 5 years a partner and I setup a business buying, fixing up and selling homes. We started by just doing one at a time, then we started to see all these deals that we wanted to do but didn’t have the money to complete. It was time to scale the business. We already had a few deals under our belt, and our friends and family were asking us what we were doing. We started offering “partnerships” in our deals. The partners would put up the $$ needed for the repairs and holding costs in exchange for 25% of the profits. The $$ influx along with hiring good contractors allowed us to go from doing 1 home at a time to 10 homes at a time. Overnight we made this huge jump and it worked out perfectly. We were making more $$, doing less work and our friends and family were making returns of 25%-50% on their money in 3-6 months! We raised over $5 Million in public capital and $2 Million in private capital to fund our deals, we bought and sold over 50 homes and everything was moving along as smooth as can be.


Bankrupting The Dream

So many of my early mentors told me things like “make sure you don’t rush things”, “don’t bite off more than you can chew”, “don’t over leverage yourself”, “make sure you get out early, don’t be caught when the market turns” etc…, etc… All these really smart and seasoned pros were telling me this, but the cocky 20 something year old thought he knew more than these guys did, and I got burnt BIG TIME.

Overnight the market turned. We found prices dropping and homes just not selling at all. All of the sudden we realized that we owned 11 single family homes, all with mortgages on them, all with friends and family who had $$ invested in them, ALL UPSIDE DOWN (you owe more than they are worth) AND UNSELLABLE!! It got REALLY, REALLY UGLY on a personal level for me. I had to file a Bankruptcy for the Business and also personal Bankruptcy. It was demoralizing, scary, defeating, and by far the hardest thing in business that I have ever gone through. I remember talking with my Bankruptcy attorney at the time and he told me that I’m fortunate to have gone through something like this at such a young age. He told me I was a bright guy and I needed to be humbled. He told me that I would emerge so much stronger through having gone through all of this. At the time it was really hard to see this as a good thing, but he was right. It wasn’t just good, it was awesome! The experience dropped me to my knees as a cocky young boy, and I came out as a humbled, compassionate, disciplined man.

One awesome trait my parents brought me up with was to be a man of my word and a man of integrity. The only shining light of that whole ordeal was keeping my word to all those who invested with us. I used any and all $$ that I made through all our previous deals to pay back all of the friends and family who invested with us. I went to each person, one by one and explained to them exactly what happened. Some of them got their $$ back right away and some had to wait and receive payments over time, but everyone got their money back. This was a major character building experience for me.


Rebuilding the Dream

This part is a little long because in order to rebuild, it was not just about the business. I had to build a new person, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially, and that came in a way that I least expected…..


I took the plunge along with two friends and we committed to do the 90 day p90x workout. Prior to doing this, I had the habit of not finishing things and jumping from one thing to another. After the completion of my first 90 days of p90x there was a physical transformation that was visible on the outside, but for me what happened inside blew the physical transformation away. I had stuck with the entire 90 day program, and for me this was a HUGE accomplishment because there were so many times that I just wanted to quit, or take a day off or do a different workout instead of the one scheduled for that day. But, I made a commitment to 2 other people that we were going to complete this 90 day journey together. If I did not have that commitment to those two friends, there is no way I would have been able to complete the 90 day routine. We knew that we were not alone on this journey and that made all the difference in the world. Since the completion of those first 90 days I TURNED A WEAKNESS INTO A STRENGTH. I’m now really careful in choosing things I commit to, and when I do commit, I FINISH!

The journey to truly living the dream life I wanted required so much internal work. I had an amazing connection with GOD, I was in the best shape of my life, I was happy, I was newly married and our first daughter, Dakota, already at home with us. My wife Amy used to be a teacher, and one of the biggest things we wanted when starting a new family was to have her home to raise the kids. At this time, I was working 12 hr days, leaving the house at 5:30 in the morning and coming home between 8-9 at night. Although I was making good money it was coming at huge personal expense. I did not have the time I craved with my daughter, and I had no energy left for my wife when I got home. I was way overworked, and I would come home and plop myself in front of the TV and not engage at all.

And then it happened…I heard the voice of GOD speaking in my ear and leading me to a major transformation in my life. A transformation that has enabled me to do what I want, when I want, with who I want. On the spiritual path I follow, one of the annual ceremonies is called Vision Quest. It’s a ceremony for personal prayer, to ask the creator for help and guidance and a “vision” for your life. It still gives me the chills to write this, and I’m still truly amazed at the power and clarity that God can provide when we surrender our lives to him.

During my annual Vision Quest I went in with two prayers. The first was to be the best father I could be. I was a new Dad, and I had no idea what I was doing! I prayed hard on how to do it, what to do, how to be the best dad to my new daughter and the answer came to me. It was during the second day (the ceremony is 5 days) and it was clear as day. “Just do your best and when you can’t do any more then surrender the rest to me.” The next prayer was for my work, I needed a change but I had no idea what that change would be. I got the answer that I was looking for regarding my career…. “become a Beachbody Coach”! Wow!! This message again came to me clear as day but this time it scared the hell out of me. I had no idea how the business worked or how I could make a living from it. All I knew was that they sold DVDs and shakes (which I absolutely loved and already recommended) but how many of those things would I have to sell to make a living. During this fourth day of prayer I had Visions of myself being hugely successful in the business. I had a Vision of having a team of thousands of coaches helping tens of thousands of customers.


Living the Dream

When I first got started as a Beachbody Coach, I had two mentors who knew the business inside and out. They both had REALLY DIFFERENT teaching approaches and content. But they both clearly told me that I needed to get Crystal Clear on my “why”. Why is it that you are doing this business. For me the answer was clear and direct.

I want to be able to do WHAT I WANT in life.
I want to be able to do it with WHO I WANT.
I want to be able to do it WHEN I WANT.

For me, that all boiled down to spending time with my family and friends. I wanted to be able to hold each of my children daily, to play with them, to change their diapers, to watch them grow and learn and be free. I wanted to be able to send them to whatever school we thought would be best. I wanted to be able to drive the cars I wanted, live in the house I wanted, move to the town I wanted, go snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, eat out, etc… WHEN I WANTED.

So I got to work on things while I still had my other job. I had 10 hrs a week that I could dedicate to building my Beachbody Business, and I squeezed every last minute out of those 10 hrs. I was a man on a mission. I was absolutely determined to do this full time.



In Conclusion

Life has not been the same and will never be the same from that day forward. I still remember writing on Facebook that I am now a full time Beacbhody Coach. I sat there hysterically crying because I WAS FREE, and I was RICH…what made me rich was not the money, the money still hadn’t come (the crazy $$, the $$ I call monopoly $$) it wasn’t there yet. I was rich because I truly had the ability to do what i wanted, when i wanted, with who I wanted and there is no amount of money in the world that feels better than that.

For the last 3 years I’ve been able to work from our home office. I make my own schedule. I take time during the day to spend with my kids. I drop them off and pick them up from school. I cook dinner and play with them. I have been present for each and every day of their lives. I’ve watched them grow inch by inch and haven’t missed a thing.

In the process we’ve also been able to pay off all of our debt, we moved to the town of our dreams and bought the house of our dreams. We drive the cars we want, send our kids to private schools, etc…

I’m living the life of my dreams. I went from someone who was totally down and out to someone living a dream life. And that blessing doesn’t go unoticed by me. After my personal goals were met, I then turned my attention to helping others do the same. I didn’t think my business could get more rewarding but it just keeps getting better and better. There is nothing like the feeling of helping someone completely change their lives. I mean a 180 complete life change. Its been an amazing journey so far and we’re just getting started.

My new WHY, what really drives me now, is showing others the opportunity to build passive income and then mentoring them. Those who are looking to do what they want, when they want, with who they want. Those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and are looking for a change in their lives. I’ve been focused on this for the last few years and it’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life. Month after month I get to be on the receiving end of someone thanking me for changing their life. All that I’m really doing though is passing on information from the many mentors and teachers in my life. Passing on a way of life. Passing on a way to build the life of your dreams.

Much love my friends. I hope you enjoy the site, find answers to your questions, and I look forward to helping you in any way that I can.


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