Build To Last Bonus Content

In order to be seen as a leader, you need to position yourself as a leader. The intent of the FREE BONUSES mentioned in Build to Last are to do just that.  Below are all the bonus materials mentioned in Build to Last.

Seven of the bonuses are designed in a way for you to easily copy and paste for use on your own website or email campaigns, and modify as needed to customize these resources to your needs, style, and business.

To keep everything general in nature and not specific to a particular company, a few words here and there have either been removed or changed. Feel free to swipe any ideas or wording, and use it as your own.



These two documents are the application potential distributors fill out and then a copy of the content of an email auto-responder I send after they have filled out the application. 



This is a document and accompanying audio for the interview process. This is used after someone has filled out the application, received my auto-responder, and then texted me to schedule a call together.



These two documents are the Welcome Email and the Questionnaire included in the welcome email. This is sent to someone right after they sign up. They have to go through the entire welcome email and fill out the questionnaire before we do our Getting Started Right call together.



This is a document and accompanying audio for the Getting Started Right call. This is the call we do after they have gone through the welcome email and questionnaire.



This is a document and accompanying audio for the One on One Mentorship calls I do. This is for coaches I’m mentoring who are actively building their business.