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Keith Callahan is a Sundancer, husband, father, mentor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Since retiring and becoming financially free at the age of 36, Keith now spends his time helping others identify, create and eventually realize the life they were meant to live.

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That's What They Said!

When you get the chance to celebrate someone who has impacted your life in a tremendous way, TAKE IT! All because of this guy right here, I took a chance on something that scared me. Because he paved the way, BELIEVED in me and kept me rooted in who I am along the journey, I said YES to the Coaching business opportunity that has changed my entire life!

Elizabeth Hartke


We will be closing on our home exactly 5 years after we began our Team Beachbody journey! So grateful we said YES to the BeachBody opportunity and worked our butts off to build this amazing business! So grateful for Keith D. Callahan who shared this opportunity with me and mentored me! So grateful for all of TEAM PASSION who said YES and allowed me to lead them to their great success!

Nicole L. Jones

CEO of Nicole L Jones