FAQ: What if I don’t have enough time?

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[0:00:10.5] KC: Welcome to the All About Beachbody Coaching Podcast. My name is Keith Callahan. I am a Team Beachbody Coach, my wife and I have been coaching for about five years as of the recording of this and about three and a half years in, we were inducted into the Beachbody Millionaire’s Club. I’m a three time elite coach, have over 23,000 coaches on my team, on my down line and we also have over 20 five star and above coaches.

I’m also the host of the podcast, All About the Business of Life, that’s our mothership podcast helping people to identify, create, and eventually realize the life they love to live. So that’s All About the Business of Life is our sister podcast and today before we get started, I just want to go through two quick things.

The first, at the end of today’s episode, I’m going to talk in detail about a free PDF download. You really want to make sure you download this. It’s a snapshot of 50 coaches and just talking about who they are, what they like about Beachbody, the income that they’re making and it’s really important for two reasons.

First of all, it’s going to give you the understanding of who actually becomes a coach and it’s also going to help you to really understand that yes, you can do this and you can be successful with it. So in order to get that free PDF, just send a text message to 38470 and include the word “Beachbody” in the body of that text message. Again, 38470 and include “Beachbody”.

And as a special give away, this month we’re going to choose one person. So for everybody that texted in and gets that free giveaway, we’re going to choose one person and we’re going to give away a free bag or box of Shakeology, $130 value. So go ahead, send that text message to 38470, the word “Beachbody”, you’re really going to like what we send over to you.

Also, if somebody else sent you to this podcast, make sure that you reach out to them directly. If you found this podcast through either some search through the inter web somewhere or my wife or myself sent you here and you want to learn more about working with us, go ahead and swing over to Keithcallahan.com/partner.

All right, enjoy today’s episode.


[0:03:08.3] KC: Welcome to the All About Beachbody Coaching Podcast. Keith here and today we’re answering the question, “What if I just don’t have enough time?” I totally get it, I totally get it. Right now as I’m recording this, I am a father of four kids under six years old. Six, four, two and three months. Totally get the “I don’t have enough time” piece and like always, I’m going to sort of take it and twist it a little bit. I believe that it’s not about time, it’s about priorities. Because if there was a few things you removed from your life, you would have enough time.

A lot of times when we hear that, we don’t think that there is anything that we can remove from our lives. What I would challenge you to do is, let’s say that you really want to do this, you want to do this, you want to become a beach body coach but you literally — you’re trying to figure out, “How can I find the time?” The first thing I would suggest is just being open to the fact that there is time available because just being open — like if you stay close to it and you keep saying I just don’t have time, you’re never going to find the time. But if you literally just switch that thought to, “All right, I want to do this so I’m going to see where I can find some time,” that’s step one.

The second thing is, I’d like you to for a day or two actually track where you spend every 15 minutes. When you get, when you’re at the grocery store, when you’re driving in the car, when you’re checking social media, I guarantee for over 90% of the people listening to this, you spend more than an hour a day on social media or watching TV. All you need to build this business is you need five hours a week, one hour a day, five days a week. If you have that much time available and you can intensely focus during that time, you can build a big business, you can build a very profitable business, a business that helps a lot of people, that’s all you need for time.

The more time you have, the bigger you can build the business and the faster you can build it. It’s a minimum of five hours a week. But yeah, go ahead, go through two days, three days, however many you want to go through and literally track everything. Track where you spend all your time. I had a coach, it’s sort of a common thing, whenever I talk with this coach, they can literally spend 45 minutes on the phone explaining to me how they don’t have enough time. That 45 minutes could have been spent building the business.

But yeah, so it’s really like the time piece isn’t about not having enough time, it’s about not prioritizing your time. This may not be that big of a thing, it may not be something that you want to do that you want to make a priority in your life but when I first started this business, I was strapped for time. I had another company that I was running and I wanted to build this business. I made a list of all the activities that I spent, literally tracked it for a week. That’s what I did, I tracked it for an entire week. What did I do first thing upon waking up? What did I do?

It sounds crazy but I found four hours a day that I could cut things out. I could cut out the 15 minutes of wallowing in bed when I got up, I could cut out the over two hours of social media because what I started doing is, every time I opened up Facebook, I would start a timer and I got to time it for the whole entire day close it down, open it up and it was also, it was opening it multiple times during the day. So I tracked all of those things and I looked at them and I was like, “If I really want to make this happen,” I had a vision and a dream for my life, I wanted to be able to do what I wanted, when I wanted with who I wanted.

That was my big goal for this business and we’re living it now and I’ve taught so many other people to live it but if you want that type of life, you have to make sacrifices. You have to change your priorities around, you have to be willing to do today what other people are not willing to do so your tomorrow can be different. So not having enough time isn’t always the real issue. The real issue is not prioritizing things enough. What can you drop in your life if you want to build this, if you want to build a business, if you want to help others, if you want to start earning extra income yourself?

All right, I think we’ve kind of beat that up a little bit but yeah that’s, for the coaches that I work with that don’t have the time, that’s always my answer and I’ll be honest with you, there is coaches who I’ve been working with two, three, four, years and their businesses aren’t growing because they’re not structured with their time and they keep letting little things get in the way. You know, a 45 minute phone call that could have taken five minutes is not having your priorities straight. It sounds harsh, right? It really does.

Like even listening to myself say this, it sounds harsh but we’re talking about building a business that has the ability to totally change your life. That has the ability to give you freedom of time. But you’ve got to put the effort in the beginning, anything worthwhile takes that effort in the beginning, anything worth while, you have to have those sacrifices to get there.

All right, much love, I know you can do this business, I know you have the ability to do it and I just pray that you make the choice. I pray that you make the choice to actually do it because you can do this.

All right, peace, see you on the next episode.


[0:09:53.4] KC: All right, so I hope you’re enjoying these episodes. I know that I really enjoyed putting them together for you and I just want to talk to you about a bonus that we’ve put together for you. So I know that there’s so many people from so many different walks of life that have come onto our team and have experienced success with this business. First, I just want to state to you and I want you to really hear this, you can do this. It doesn’t matter what your background is, what you’ve done in the past, what you’ve done up to this point, you can do this and we’re here to help if you want to do it.

But anyway, the bonus that we’ve put together for you, it’s a document that’s a snapshot of 50 coaches on our team, or roughly 50 coaches. So we’ve got coaches that are making $100 a week, we’ve got coaches that are making over $15,000 a week. We’ve got coaches from all different backgrounds and what this document does is it gives the name of the coach, it also gives a little bit of a testimonial or a “What has Beachbody done for you” quote. Then it shows the coach’s weekly income, what they’re making on average on a weekly basis.

Then there’s the best part, is it’s actually connected to that person’s Facebook page. So you can go through this document, you’re going to see all these different coaches and you’re able to actually click on their name and find out about them on Facebook. So really, really cool thing there and it gives you the opportunity to understand that there’s somebody out there just like you that’s doing this business. Now in order to get that document, send a text message to 38470 and then in the body of the text message just type “Beachbody”.

So again, send a text message to the number 38470 and then in the body of that, just type “Beachbody” and what we’ll do is we’ll get you connected and we’ll make sure that you get that document. The second thing I want you to do is, if you’ll go to Keithcallahan.com, you’re going to be able to get tons of information deeper than just on this podcast. We have a bunch of frequently asked questions about Beachbody, just all kinds of blogs, all kinds of information.

We also have a section called the monthly report. Within that section, for my wife and I, it tracks the very first week that we got started with Beachbody all the way up until today and it tracks what’s been going on in the business, what’s been going on in our personal life as well as focusing in on the income and how the income grew over that time and again, that’s Keithcallahan.com.

If you’re ready to get started which I pray that you are because this business has the opportunity to change your life, reach out to the coach that sent you here. If you have questions, ask them questions. If not, just let them know that you’re ready. If a specific coach didn’t send you here or if my wife or myself sent you here and you want to get in contact with us, the easiest way to do that is just send an e-mail to keith@keithcallahan.com.

I’ll just leave you with this one piece of parting advice. If what you’re doing in your life hasn’t gotten you to where you want to be and doesn’t have the potential to get you to where you want to be, it’s time for a change. We’d love to be that change for you and we’d love to be able to support you through that entire journey. Until next time.