Anyone who wants to be a Beachbody coach can be a Beachbody coach. Yes, you are fit enough to become a Beachbody coach! We have men and women who are 200, 300, 400 and 500 pounds overweight, literally, who are currently Beachbody coaches. What matters is not the level of fitness you are at but whether you have the ability to inspire, motivate and coach others.

I have a friend of mine named “Robin” who is about 300 pounds right now, but she used to be over 400 pounds. She has lost over 100 pounds. Is she a fitness model? No! She is married and a proud mother of 3 children, and she is on a journey, has a loyal following, and is inspiring and helping so many people! So it really doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are at. What matters is, do you have what it takes to inspire and motivate other people?

How does it work?
It is really very simple. Let’s face it, many people have already heard about Beachbody. They are likely familiar with products like Shakeology, P90X or T25 Focus. They have seen the infomercials but they may be skeptical. They might be asking, “Wow, that sounds great, but does it work for me?” This is when you step in! They see that you are on your journey with Beachbody doing a program, and they see you are achieving results, even if in small amounts. They begin to notice you contributing uplifting and exciting posts on Facebook, observe that little bit of twinkle in your eye, and realize you have been working out for the past few weeks and are you’re looking and feeling great! THAT is enough to inspire other people and they are going to watch you, and follow you!

You help bridge the gap between seeing or hearing about Beachbody and seeing RESULTS! YOU make it real to them and they begin to consider Beachbody for themselves. What are you actually doing? You’re answering that very crucial question, “Does this work for me?”

When you are coaching someone like “Robin,” she is going to attract similar people in her demographic; women, mothers, people with a large amount of weight they want to lose. On the contrast, if you have a Beachbody coach who is a fitness model, with only 5% body fat, he is going attract a very different demographic!

So to sum all this up, YOU are already fit enough to become a Beachbody coach. The most important thing that you want to do is focus on sharing YOUR JOURNEY with others, and focus on people like you who have similar wants, needs or desires to follow you!

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