The people who claim they don’t have enough time are the people I love working with most! Let’s face it, if you don’t think you have enough time, you are a doer, always finding something to do. The most successful people in the Beachbody business are the doers. A majority of the work you are doing as a Beachbody coach involves your everyday life. Say you are out and about talking to friends you know, new people you meet, share your experience with Beachbody naturally in your conversations. A good portion of your work isn’t adding extra hours to your day, you are building your business while you are out.

Much of your work is done on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. These are social media platforms where you are already spending your time. Why not leverage this time on making money and helping others? Perhaps you are involved in an organization, coaching your son’s soccer team, running the community car pool or just feel overwhelmed at the number of tasks on your plate. You have a hard time saying no. You may have to outline your priorities in life; your finances should be your first priority! You may have to scale back or drop a few commitments. That said, it only takes 5 hours to start your Beachbody business. You can get started, and grow a very substantial business by committing 5 focused hours per week.

So the “I don’t have the time” concern is really only an excuse. If you don’t think you have time, you are already productive, and you are the right person for this business. There really isn’t much additional time required. Take a close look at your priorities and goals in life and where you are actually spending your time now.

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