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Team Beachbody $1,907.24 12/04/2014
Team Beachbody $2,093.68 12/04/2014
Team Beachbody $9,934.72 12/04/2014
Team Beachbody $2,150.54 12/11/2014
Team Beachbody $2,872.49 12/11/2014
Team Beachbody $10168.04 12/11/2014
Team Beachbody $2,058.62 12/18/2014
Team Beachbody $2,195.84 12/18/2014
Team Beachbody $9948.27 12/18/2014
Team Beachbody $2,012.6 12/24/2014
Team Beachbody $2,046.2 12/24/2014
Team Beachbody $9,827.18 12/24/2014
Team Beachbody $1,720.4 12/30/2014
Team Beachbody $2,100.27 12/30/2014
Team Beachbody $9,926.7 12/30/2014

Total Monthly Income:$70,963

Happy 2015!! Here is the December monthly report, so many exciting things to share with you!!

What happened with the biz in December of 2014? Before getting into the numbers, I want to point out that sometimes we can get a ‘funny’ or ‘icky’ feeling around money. I view money as the vehicle that enables us to do what we want, when we want and with who we want. Money means being able to provide my family with the type of life that they deserve, being able to donate to the charities that we feel strongly about, and being able to send our children to the school that works best for them. For me money is not about the luxury items; instead it is about having the freedom to choose.

So here is what happened in the business financially in December 2014. We earned $70,962.79 in December. All of those earnings were through Beachbody, which has been our primary source of income for the past 5 years.

There is so much going on in the business that I’m excited to tell you about! We are working on our new site, and we will be launching in January.

I’m primarily focused on the Beachbody business, but I also want to start teaching and providing free information around spiritual, emotional, physical and financial health. will focus on all of these elements. We are also launching a new Facebook page including daily video. Lastly, we are working on a Beachbody Business Opportunity webinar to kick off the Beachbody portion of to help people understand the business opportunity fully and see all of the amazing potential!

What happened with my personal life in December of 2014? There is a ton of transition in my personal life right now…I moved into an amazing new office space, and my family and I are moving into a new home. We are so excited because our new home is walking distance from my office and right in the center of town. Western MA has truly become our family home, and we are thrilled to be able to raise our family here. No flash…just the life of our dreams.

We had a beautiful Christmas this year. We enjoyed Christmas Eve with Amy’s family, and we hosted Christmas at our house for 18 people, so amazing. The weekend after Christmas we spent time with my family. Christmas day is also our daughter Dakota’s birthday…she turned 5 and we celebrated a total of 6 times!

What was my internal/spiritual focus on in November of 2014? I mentioned last month that I was going to dive into P90X…and I really hurt myself. I always push really hard in my workouts, and I pinched a nerve in my neck doing pull ups, and I’ve learned my lesson to take the ego out of my workouts. This injury knocked me off of P90x for 3 weeks, and my nutrition went down hill. I just started back up with P90x this week, and I’m working really hard to let go of the ego piece and the goal for ridiculously low body fat. This time around I’m focused on fitness for function and well being and really enjoying the workouts.

In the area of resolutions, I’ve been praying about what will help me the most in 2015, and I’ve decided to focus on meditation and prayer. Twenty minutes twice a day is incredibly powerful for me. I’ve been doing this for the last week, and it has been beautiful.

What was I reading/listening to in November of 2014 that I would actually recommend? As you guys may already know I’m a personal development book freak, I can’t get enough of it, but I’ve never read any of Tony Robbins books. Right now I’m reading his book “Awaken the Giant Within” and I love it. I’m also really into podcasts for business and personal development. In December I decided to listen to a podcast for enjoyment, and I’ve been listening to “Serial”. It is so engrossing and has made the hours of packing up our house fly by!

What was my overall take on the month? Overall, I’m excited about the move, the business, but mostly I’m excited about opening the doors and sharing these elements of my life with you so that we can grow and learn together.

Have a beautiful 2015 and I’ll see you on the January monthly recap in early February!!

* Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.