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Team Beachbody $2,058.93 02/05/2015
Team Beachbody $2,355.90 02/05/2015
Team Beachbody $9,994.76 02/05/2015
Team Beachbody $2,077.20 02/12/2015
Team Beachbody $7,769.32 02/12/2015
Team Beachbody $258.99 02/12/2015
Team Beachbody $2,206.71 02/19/2015
Team Beachbody $2,340.56 02/19/2015
Team Beachbody $8,987.56 02/19/2015
Team Beachbody $2,067.33 02/26/2015
Team Beachbody $2,310.83 02/26/2015
Team Beachbody $9,962.27 02/26/2015

Total Monthly Income:$52,438

What happened with the business in February 2015?

Pretty soon this monthly report will be switched over to podcast.

It was a really really long winter up here in the Northeast, and we are really looking forward to spring. I’m recording this from my makeshift office in third floor of my home, and I’ve been really enjoying this home office space. We were down in February from January, and I’m okay with it because none of it is permanent. We are currently doing a major overhaul of the business right now because I took on way too much at the start of the year. I really learned a lesson not to take on too much.

There are two different podcasts in development currently. There will be on that is All About Beachbody Coaching. This is designed to help people learn about the power of the Beachbody Coaching opportunity. The other podcast is all about the business of life…helping people to live their best life. I have interviewed several people for this podcast, and I have to tell you…interviewing someone is much more challenging than I expected and is much harder than just having a conversation with someone. I’m still working on putting together that podcast regarding messaging and the audience.

It became really clear that we needed a place to send people to regarding the Beachbody Business Opportunity. The All About Beachbody Coaching podcast will serve this purpose.

In addition, we are running much more stuff through my wife Amy Callahan’s business. Amy runs 5 Day Clean Eating Groups through Facebook building relationships. The people in the group then go onto become Shakeology customers or Beachbody Coaches. Over the past 5 years we have built our Beachbody Business by developing amazing leader coaches, and because our 16,000 coaches are so amazing we have been blessed with this opportunity to take a step back and revamp our business in some areas.

What happened in my personal life in February 2015?

Over the month of February we did so much work on the house…that while it was not major work with the three little kids it becomes very major quickly. As I mentioned at the beginning I also realized that I was taking on way too much too quickly this month, and I have readjusted and brought some balance back into my life.

In February I also turned to prayer quite a bit. Just to give you some background I used to have crazy anxiety and depression from not taking care of myself…my life was so unhealthy. I lived this way until I hit my low point that brought me to my spiritual path and intense therapy. Through all of this I became a well-rounded solid man. Then my wife and I had incredible success with Beachbody, and for the first time in my life my back was not up against the wall and everything got much easier. I was able to truly enjoy life and slow down a bit for a year or two. In this time I got away from the daily disciplines that helped me be the man I want to be. Overtime I started to slip in all sorts of small areas that lead to a slow regression back towards a bad place. I am back to being fully focused on my spiritual path and my relationship with God. Here is the important thing for me…praying to identify my fears, sitting my fears and walking through them. I’m so happy to be back on track and follow my dream to live the life I want to live and follow my vision.

What was I reading/listening to in February 2015?

I was honored to interview Darin Olien for my Business of Life podcast, and as I was talking to him I learned about the Wim Hof (the “Iceman”). I bought his 10-week course and it has been awesome. The course is a combination of cold, breathing and your mind. I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks and one of the activities is to max out on push ups and then do some breathing techniques and then try to max out on push ups again, and I was able to do 17 more push ups after the breathing, very cool!

I’ve been listening to Tim Ferris’s podcasts…particularly the interview with Pavel Tsatsouline is a strength coach and he is focused on get strong and powerful. I’m excited to incorporate some of Pavel’s exercises into my routine as soon as I’m done with Insanity MAX30. The other podcast I’ve been listening to is John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneur on Fire.

I’m reading “The War of Art” …such an amazing book. This is about sitting down and doing the work. Such an amazing book to pick up and flip through a page our through.

The other one I’m reading is “The Master Key to Riches” which is a deeper dive into the psychological aspect of “Think and Grow Rich”. This book is really heavy and dry, but good to read a few pages a day.

I’m also reading The Bible right now, and I’m really digging it. It is absolutely amazing.

What was my overall take on February 2015?

February was an amazing month and my prediction for March is that we will be doing an audio only monthly report on the podcast!

Thank you! Have a beautiful month and go get it guys!


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