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Team Beachbody $1,875.60 01/08/2015
Team Beachbody $2,136.11 01/08/2015
Team Beachbody $9,881.98 01/08/2015
Team Beachbody $2,771.96 01/09/2015
Team Beachbody $2,083.91 01/15/2015
Team Beachbody $2197.97 01/15/2015
Team Beachbody $10,113.90 01/15/2015
Team Beachbody $2051.48 01/22/2015
Team Beachbody $2079.09 01/22/2015
Team Beachbody $9,971.64 01/22/2015
Team Beachbody $2,164.28 01/29/2015
Team Beachbody $2,301.89 01/29/2015
Team Beachbody $9,984.49 01/29/2015

Total Monthly Income:$59,614

January 2015 Monthly Report

The most important thing that happened in the month of January 2015 is that the Patriots won the Super Bowl!!

What happened with the business in January 2015?
The income was $59, 614, which is down from December 2014. In January we launched a new website, which was awesome! The website provides the resources and tools for you to build and live the life you love with financial freedom.

The business is shifting to helping people build passive income and develop it into your life, and that is what is about. The website helps you to build the bridge to financial freedom through passive income. Check out the partner page on for everything you could ever want to know about building passive income through Beachbody.

In addition to the website I also wanted to do a webinar about how to build passive income through Beachbody. The webinar was EPIC FAIL! The first time through we had 60 people click on our Facebook ad, but not one person signed up for the webinar! This helped me to realize that we need to start with a podcast in order to build trust and relationships.

The other thing that we are doing in the business is running a free 5-Day Cleaning Eating Group through my wife Amy’s business. The group is working really well, and people are having great success with the group. There is also a ton of interaction and connection with in the group. For the people who want more after the group can try Shakeology or one of the workout programs.

What happened in my personal life in January 2015?
January was CRAZY! We moved into a new house, and even though we thought we had it under control we all crashed after the move. All of us ended up sick and it was crazy.

What was my internal/spiritual focus in January 2015?
When we moved I stepped back from my spiritual routine. My spiritual routine includes meditation and praying at the alter in addition to the physical components of eating clean and exercising. All of these things dropped in January and it got crazy. I cleaned up my diet and Amy and I doing Insanity Max30 and feeling good again.

What was I reading/listening to in January 2015?
I’m all about Tony Robbins right now…he has a new book out about money, and I really love it. I’m also reading a book called “Personal Power”, which I’m listening to while I workout. Listening to audio books while I’m working out helps to motivate me to workout. I’m also really into John Lee Dumas’s podcast “Entrepreneur on Fire”. John Lee Dumas also has a course called Podcaster’s Paradise, which has been extremely helpful.

What was my overall take on January 2015?
To recap the month of January 2015…it has been a major transition month. I’m so grateful for you coming here. And from my heart to yours I want to help in any way that I can. Have a beautiful day!

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