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Team Beachbody $2,023.13 03/05/2015
Team Beachbody $2,436.44 03/05/2015
Team Beachbody $9,951.94 03/05/2015
Team Beachbody $2,150.35 03/12/2015
Team Beachbody $3,462.69 03/12/2015
Team Beachbody $10,498.75 03/12/2015
Team Beachbody $2,043.69 03/19/2015
Team Beachbody $2,851.15 03/19/2015
Team Beachbody $10,079.80 03/19/2015
Team Beachbody $2,016.80 03/26/2015
Team Beachbody $8,956.18 03/26/2015
Team Beachbody $2,579.24 03/26/2015

Total Monthly Income:$59,050

It’s now May and I’m just putting together this monthly report for March, so I think it is safe to say that one of the themes for the month of March is that I’m behind in all areas of my life. Even though it is stressful to behind, it is also one of the beautiful things about having passive income and creating a business for you.


What happened in the business in March 2015?

In the month of March we earned $59,050.16 in March, so the business has not suffered at all because I have been behind. This was up about $7,000.00 from February, so the business is moving very smoothly and is on an excellent trajectory.


I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Dallas, TX and share the stage with several amazing coaches. It was a men’s training camp for Beachbody coaches. I also shared the stage with Bo Eason who is an amazing speaker. If you have not heard of Bo Eason you can learn more about him here:


What happened in my personal life in March 2015?

The thing that did suffer from me being behind is our family life. We had so much going in January, February and March that we got to a point that we realized that we needed to hit the pause button and focus on the family. We were not fully present because we were taking too much on, and the reason that we took on this business and this lifestyle was to keep things calm. It was a really big deal for us, so we decided to pull back on the home improvements, and we decided to not go on our big vacation. We got back into spending more time with the kids and in prayer with each other.


Also in my personal life I completed Insanity Max30 with Shaun T…it was awesome. I finished this program from start to finish and it was awesome! I also set up a home gym, which is something that I’ve always wanted. We bought horse 4×6 rubber mats weighing 100 pounds each. These mats online are $150-300 per mat, but if you buy a horse mat from a farm and tractor store…they are only $40 each. We have all sorts of amazing equipment, and it’s so amazing.


What am I reading/listening to in March 2015?

Check out the podcast “The Art of Paid Traffic” with Rick Mulready. It’s really informative podcast about driving traffic to your site. What he is focusing on right now is ad words for Facebook ads and YouTube ads. Check out episode 30.


I’m also been reading Pavel Tsatsouline…he has really good philosophies on weight training. It is nothing drastic, just great philosophies on becoming strong at the core.


My overall take on March 2015?

It was a great month. It was an adjustment month. Really pulling back and enjoying life and everything we have.


Have a beautiful day!


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