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Team Beachbody $9,175.44 11/06/2014
Team Beachbody $2,197.60 11/06/2014
Team Beachbody $2,097.83 11/06/2014
Team Beachbody $8,855.56 11/13/2014
Team Beachbody $2,035.29 11/13/2014
Team Beachbody $1,971.00 11/13/2014
Team Beachbody $8,687.29 11/20/2014
Team Beachbody $2,043.69 11/20/2014
Team Beachbody $1,113.40 11/20/2014
Team Beachbody $9,914.96 11/26/2014
Team Beachbody $2,108.84 11/26/2014
Team Beachbody $2,029.24 11/26/2014

Total Monthly Income:$52,230

Excited!! This is the first month I’m putting together a monthly report.

What happened with the biz in November of 2014?
So much new stuff going on in the business right now. We hired a full time project manager (Jodi) in October and in November we got into the full swing of things. My reason for doing this is to really focus on switching from a mom and pop to a more professional business operation and feel. We’ve got a ton going on including the creation of a new website (which you’re on now) an upcoming podcast show and relaunching our facebook page and focusing back in on facebook ads. Stay tuned as we continue to roll these new projects out over 2015.

What happened with my personal life in November of 2014?
We celebrated the first Birthday of our son Wyatt. He’s our third and his first year just totally flew by!! We had a small party at our house and some of our family and friends came over. My favorite part of the entire party was making homemade pizza for everyone, SO FUN! Towards the end of the month I got this really nasty cold and realized a few things because of it. First, there is a difference between a man cold and a woman cold. The man cold is the type that totally takes a guy out, he wines and complains and is pretty much useless. The female cold is not like that at all, she sucks it up and moves on. Second, I hadn’t been eating all that healthy and it was time to both clean up my diet and get strict with working out again. So, in December I’ll be starting another strict round of the P90X home fitness program.

We also signed purchase and sale on new home (well, new to us but actually built in the 1900’s). I’m really excited about this because its in an awesome neighborhood where we have tons of friends. Its also a five minute walk right to town where my office is so I will be able to just walk to work from now on!!

What was my internal/spiritual focus on in November of 2014? It was really a circling back month for me. I noticed my fitness/nutrition slipping a little and Amy and I had not been spending as much time praying an connection so we made some changing. We returned to meeting on Sunday nights and praying together for about an hour. We share the Chanupa, make prayers for those in need, communicate clearly with what is on each of our minds and just really connect. Its such an awesome experience and I’m really glad we’re back into a good groove with things. I also had a really strong Ashtanga Yoga practice all through November. I got to so if you’re ever in the Great Barrington MA area be sure to stop in and check it out.

What was I reading/listening to in November of 2014 that I would actually recommend?
The Emyth by Michael Gerber. I reread this for like the 10th time. Such perfect timing to read it as this is my bible for business systemization and that is our main focus over the next few months.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Such an awesome book that I just read for the first time. Its about being a professional and acting like a professional specifically in the field of writing. Steven is a professional fiction writer and put this one nonfiction book together.

Amy Porterfield Podcast

What was my overall take on the month? I was really excited for all the new energy brought into my life with the addition of Jodi and focusing in on really taking the business to the next level. I also felt good with the amount of life balance that I had connecting with my family and work and then personal time for myself.

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