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January Network Marketing $4,122.19
February Network Marketing $3,771.33
March Network Marketing $5,393.93
April Network Marketing $6,750.03
May Network Marketing $8,438.33
June Network Marketing $6,830.94
July Network Marketing $8,309.33
August Network Marketing $9,288.82
September Network Marketing $8,171.32
October Network Marketing $9,272.68
November Network Marketing $10,809.47
December Network Marketing $10,400.76

Total Yearly Income: $91,559

What I earned: In 2011, all our income was derived from Network Marketing. Our total profits from 2011 were $91,559.13. This was a 612% increase from 2010! I was VERY, VERY happy with our earnings this year since it was only our second year of earning passive income.

Number of Hours I worked/Activities: This was the year of hustle. This year was when I laid the foundation for my business. I worked on average 50-60 hours a week. My activities really centered around two things, sharing the Business Opportunity with others and then teaching my newly formed “team” what the business was about and how to grow their own businesses.

What I did different: I got a mentor. At the end of 2010, I knew this was something I needed to do and it was my main goal for 2011. I found an amazing man, sort of a father figure to me, who taught me (through a lot of speaking truth into my life) how to build this type of business and what it was really about. How I had to become a different person, etc. This really catapulted my business to the next level.

How I felt: I think this one experience I’m going to share with you will sum up how I felt at the end of 2011. I wrote a post to share on Facebook about the blessings that had come into our life. That we were now receiving over $2,000 a week in passive income, thanking God and sharing with others who were looking for an opportunity. As I wrote that, I just broke down crying. They were tears of joy, of relief, of excitement, still a little nervousness and most of all gratitude. Up until this point I had lived my entire life with my back up against the wall. It seemed like I was always “fighting” to stay afloat and now things had taken a drastic change for our family. It was such a transition year for us.

What I learned: So many things but I want to touch on the two biggest ones. FAITH… I learned so much about faith because I saw a lot of others who started at the same time as me with this business opportunity, fail at it. The number one reason they failed was because they lost faith. It would have been so easy for me to lose faith when in 2010 we didn’t make a ton of $$ but were working a ton of hours. The second thing I learned was to put others wants, needs, and desires first. Really focusing on helping others and forgetting about my personal agenda made a huge impact on my business.

What I planned on doing differently: I needed to start working less. One of the goals for 2012 was to work fewer hours. I’ve learned that in order to build a business, it takes a massive amount of energy in the beginning, but you get to a certain point that you don’t have to put in as many hours and expend as much energy. I knew that the foundation had been laid for my business and now it was time to start working smarter rather than harder. In the beginning, it was all hustle. Just go-go-go. Now it was time to start honing my craft and focusing on doing more of the important things, the things that get results.

What I planned to continue in 2012: Sticking to the basics. Helping others who are looking for my help and continuing to develop those on my team to build a larger business of their own. Also personal development. Through the different stages of building your own business you come up against different obstacles. Most of those obstacles are things that I had not yet dealt with in my life so I have to be continually learning new things as I go.

* Income disclaimer:  As in any independent business, the level of success or achievement is dependent upon the commitment, skill level, drive, and desire to succeed of the individual. Success results only from effective sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership.

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