Explaining the different levels of Beachbody Coaching is one of my favorite topics to cover. When someone asks, “What are the different levels of Beachbody Coaching?”, they are actually referring to what Beachbody calls “ranks”. Within the Beachbody organization, every person begins at the rank of Coach, and may progress all the way up to the rank of 15 Star Diamond Coach. However, your Beachbody Coach rank does not determine your level of income! Let me explain why.

What are the Different Levels of Beachbody Coaching?

What are the Different Levels of Beachbody Coaching?

The chart below illustrates Beachbody’s ranking system from Coach to Ten Star Diamond Coach, and includes the amount of potential earnings from the Team Cycle Bonus for each rank. The team cycle bonus is simply the amount of money you are paid from all of the sales which occur within your downline.

There are two important points to note in the chart below:

  1. For each rank, the potential weekly and potential annual Team Cycle Bonus is indicated. The majority of Coaches don’t make the maximum potential Team Cycle Bonus at each rank.
  2. The chart does not include ranks from 11 to 15 Star Diamond, which are available ranks to Beachbody Coaches. The reason for this is because you cannot earn any additional Team Cycle Bonus beyond 10 Star Diamond Coach.
Potential Weekly Earnings Team Cycle Bonus per Week
Beachbody Coach Rank Potential Weekly Team Cycle Bonus Per Business Center Potential Annual Team Cycle Bonus Per Business Center
Coach 0 0
Emerald $250 $13,000
Ruby $1,000 $52,000
Diamond $2,000 $104,000
1 Star Diamond $3,000 $156,000
2 Star Diamond $4,000 $208,000
3 Star Diamond $5,000 $260,000
4 Star Diamond $6,000 $312,000
5 Star Diamond $7,000 $364,000
6 Star Diamond $8,000 $416,000
7 Star Diamond $9,000 $468,000
8 Star Diamond $10,000 $520,000
9 Star Diamond $11,000 $572,000
10 Star Diamond $12,000 $624,000

How Beachbody Coach Rank Affects Earnings

Most people while researching Beachbody Coaching – and even many Beachbody Coaches themselves – often are under the misconception that as you advance in Coach rank, you get paid more money. Although you do need to continue to advance in Coach rank to maximize the compensation plan, your actual earnings are not directly reflected by your Coach rank. There are many Coaches who have lower ranks yet are compensated much more than Coaches who have higher ranks.

Your pay through the Team Cycle Bonus is based upon the following two variables:

  1. The amount of “volume” produced by the Coaches on your team
  2. Your current rank

If you look at the chart above, you will see that at the level of Emerald Coach, the maximum amount of money you can earn is $250 per week, Ruby is $1,000 per week, Diamond is $2,000 per week, and so on, through the Team Cycle Bonus. This is the total amount Beachbody allows you to make at each level, but it is not necessarily the total amount you will make.

To clarify, let’s dive in and take a look at two different Coach rank scenarios. In the first scenario, you advance in rank very quickly to the level of 5 Star Diamond Coach. In the second, you build a strong downline initially, then advance to the rank of 5 Star Diamond at a steady pace. Note: this is a very generic depiction of these two different scenarios and there are a lot of other factors that come into play. The point I want to emphasize is that building a business solely on increasing your Coach rank does not equate to building a strong team, and hence, a larger sustained paycheck.

Scenario 1: You reach the rank of 5 Star Diamond Coach quickly

First, you sign up to be a Beachbody Coach and you’re our future 5 Star Diamond (go you!). Next, you sign up a bunch of Coaches, and five of those Coaches want to work the business. These five Coaches will all become a Diamond Coach, making you a 5 Star Diamond. But the way each of these five Coaches become Diamond is by signing up a bunch of discount Coaches who will not work the business.

Having five Diamond Coaches makes you a 5 Star Diamond Coach. You’ll get the rank and the recognition of being a 5 Star Diamond Coach, but not the income that is available to a 5 Star Diamond Coach because your Diamond Coaches signed up people who are not interested in working the business.

In this scenario, you did the first level of business building correctly. That first level is bringing in other Coaches who also want to start working the business . The second level of business building is where the network marketing concept of “duplication” is not followed. In the second level, you focused on signing up “Discount Coaches” who are not interested in working the business, but are rather just focused on getting a discount on our products.


I know, this can be a little confusing, and what is a Discount Coach? Anyone can sign up as a Beachbody Coach and they do not have to have any intent on actually doing the business, BUT they do get a 25% discount on all our products.

In this scenario, you may only make $500 or less (just an estimate to prove a point) as a new 5 Star Diamond Coach through the Team Cycle Bonus offered by Beachbody.

Scenario 2: You build a strong team first and then get to 5 Star Diamond

This is the method I used to build my business over the first three years and the way I teach all my personally-sponsored Coaches to build. The number one aspect I focused on, and what you also want to focus on, is duplication. Duplication is achieved by teaching your coaches to sponsor other “working” Coaches and not just “discount” Coaches.

In this scenario, you sign up and focus on bringing in and training other Coaches. You start building your business the same way that the Coach in the previous example does, by bringing in a group of Coaches, five of whom are going to work the business. The next step is where the big difference is. With the new Coaches, your focus is on teaching them how to bring in other “working” Coaches rather than “discount” Coaches. That process is repeated, teaching the third level of Coaches to bring in working Coaches, etc.

The result from this difference in approach is building a team of Coaches who duplicate your actions under you. This leads to your growth at an exponential rate, maximizing the compensation plan. All you did differently is delay your gratification for rank and amass a team of duplicating Coaches under you.

To give you an example of this scenario using numbers, I’ll reference my own Beachbody business. After three years of developing my business this way, I had become a 5 Star Diamond Coach who was making the maximum $7,000 a week in Team Cycle Bonus with a team of over 8,000 coaches in my downline. I could have easily attained a higher rank and made less money, but why on earth would I do that?

Which route would you prefer? $500 or so a week with a weak team and instant recognition, or $7,000 a week with a team of 8,000 Coaches and a safe, secure, and sustainable income?

So why wouldn’t everyone follow the second plan when it clearly brings more income into your pocket, helps a lot more people indirectly, and gives you a well-built and sustainable business? The answer is simple: recognition. Most people chase a rank so they can become recognized within the Beachbody community. If you can delay your recognition and focus on building a solid team, you will realize and receive all the amazing benefits of what our network marketing model has to offer.

Focus on building a strong duplicatable team first and recognition second!



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