Have you been considering the Beachbody Coaching business opportunity, and find that questions like these are running through your head?

  • How do I make money as a Beachbody Coach?
  • How does Beachbody Coaching work?
  • What do I have to do as a Beachbody Coach?
  • Can you really make a living selling DVDs and Shakeology?
  • How can some people make all that money and others not so much?

These were all the questions that ran through my head when I first looked into the Beachbody Coaching opportunity. It really didn’t make much sense to me initially. All I knew was that I loved the Beachbody programs and products. And I mean I REALLY LOVED them. If I could become a “Beachbody Coach” – whatever that meant – and earn a living, wow, that would be freaking amazing!

To help explain how Beachbody Coaches earn income, I’m going to simplify things.

How Beachbody Coaches Earn Income

How Beachbody Coaches Earn Income

There are two core activities we do as Beachbody Coaches:

  1. We share the Beachbody programs and nutritionals with others, and then guide them through the programs via private groups on Facebook.
  2. We introduce others to Beachbody Coaching and teach them how to do numbers 1 and 2.

Next, I will focus exclusively on Beachbody Coaching as your income.

So, how do Beachbody Coaches earn income?

  1. We receive a commission on any products or programs that someone buys through our website, provided by Beachbody.
  2. We also receive a “Team Cycle Bonus” for the total production of the “team” that we build under us. Translation: We get paid when customers order through the Coaches we sign up, plus through the Coaches they sign up, and further and further down the line.

So now we know what we do as Coaches as well as how we get paid as Coaches. Next, I want to tie both of these together and discuss how to leverage Beachbody Coaching as your income. It can be approached from two very different angles.

View #1: Earn a Paycheck through Beachbody Commissions

The majority of people who sign as a Beachbody Coach really have no idea what they just signed up for or the potential of our business opportunity. They think, just as I did, that they can make a few extra dollars a week sharing products they already love and support. They’re already recommending them so why not get paid to send people over to Beachbody? The way this person approaches the business is by continuing to share our products and programs, and make some extra money each week. The more people that they share with, the bigger their paycheck. This is an awesome way to earn an income while doing something that you already know that you love.

View #2: You are now an Entrepreneur who owns a Business that can Produce Massive Amounts of Passive Income

As a Beachbody Coach, you have the ability to treat this like a hobby or the business that it is. And if you treat this like a business, it’s BIG BUSINESS! The person who approaches Beachbody Coaching this way is focused very heavily on bringing in others and teaching them how to drive the business as well. It’s a little different than the Coach in View #1 above who is really just looking for a paycheck. As a business owner/entrepreneur, you understand and are focused on building a business. When you’re doing that, you may have to sacrifice some income in the short term to receive large amounts of income over time.

Let me give you a real world example:

  • Coach A signs up and immediately focuses all her time sharing Beachbody products and programs, and getting others to purchase products from her. She makes a respectable 25-33% commission, and starts receiving some nice weekly paychecks.
  • Coach B signs up and right away focuses on finding others who might be interested in becoming a Beachbody Coach. Here is the downside: as Coach B signs up Coaches and teach them how to do the same, they earn less commission, only 4.5-6% from their “downline” team.

It’s a big difference when you look at the immediate commissions from Coach A to Coach B, right? However, here is the huge upside for Coach B. As she is bringing on other Coaches, she is making sales – albeit more gradually – BUT ALSO building a business. So she begins earning commissions – although less at first – from the products and programs her new team is selling. Over time this starts to compound and she has the ability to earn a large sum of passive income.

Important Note: The majority of Beachbody Coaches who come in and want to develop a large business focus BOTH on sharing the products and introducing others as Coaches. That’s the best approach to Coaching.

This PDF does an excellent job of describing the income difference between a Coach focused on just selling products and a Coach focused on building a team of Coaches.

Statement of Independent Coach Earnings

When you review it, take a look at the average earning at the Coach rank (retail sellers) vs. Star Diamond rank.

Huge difference, right? My recommendation is to focus on building a business through team building. It requires a bit more upfront work but the financial reward is exponentially larger!


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