For new Beachbody Coaches or those considering becoming a Beachbody Coach, the idea of signing others to become a Coach is enticing, but there is usually so much doubt and confusion around whether or not YOU can do it.  And deeper than that, HOW do you successfully share the Beachbody business opportunity?

Let me start by saying this: you can do it! Seriously, the only thing that stands in your way is the know how and the belief that you can do it. And that’s exactly what this post is all about. So let’s get right to it!

Following is my 9 step system for sharing the Beachbody Business Opportunity, as well as a Bonus Step detailing how to further grow your Beachbody team. At the end of this post there is also a video explaining in more detail how to work through each step. Know that you can do this; you just need to follow the system step-by-step and not change anything.

How to Successfully Share the Beachbody Business Opportunity

How to Successfully Share the Beachbody Business Opportunity

Step 1: Create your Master List

While building your Beachbody Business, you will always have two lists that you focus on and work off of. The first is your Master List and the second is your 10 in Play List. In step 1, we’re going to focus on creating your Master List. We’ll go into the 10 in Play List in step 6.

Your Master List is going to be a list of anyone and everyone you know, have known, or will come in contact with in the future. It’s really important to include everyone, not just those who are interested in fitness. Your Master List is going to be what you work off of to invite people to consider the Beachbody Business. Don’t worry if you are nervous or worried about building your list or putting certain people on there. We are not focusing on what we are going to say to them or how we are going to share YET. The most important part of this step is to brainstorm for every single person you know. Again make sure not to exclude anyone.

In order to first create your Master List, go through the Memory Jogger. I suggest setting at least an hour aside to do this initial list creation.

After you have created your Master List, make sure that it is handy as you’ll be referring to it daily to do your invites and you’ll also be adding people to it as you think about them or you meet new people.

Step 2: Break down your Master List

Now that you’ve created your Master List, we’re going to go through each of the names and assign a number from 1 to 3 next to each name.

1’s are people you would love to work with. These are the people on your list that are like you and you would love to have them on your team. You could see working well with them, you’re not intimidated by them, and you can see them both loving and doing well with this business.

2’s are people who you just can’t see really doing the Beachbody business. For one reason or another, Beachbody just doesn’t seem like the right fit for them.

3’s are people who you look up to. These are the people who you are most likely afraid to talk with about the business. You think that they are going to not take you seriously. It would be amazing to have them on your team but you under no circumstances do you ever see it happening.

Step 3: Make initial contact with those on your Master List

Before we get into “what to say” to invite those from your list, I want to touch upon the different ways you can reach out to people and the weight I give to each method.

1. Face-to-Face. By far this is the best method of communication, but also the one that people fear the most.

2. Phone. If you cannot meet face-to-face, then the phone is the next best thing.

3. Text. I personally use text or Facebook direct messaging to reconnect with people and then invite them to meet face-to-face or to jump on a quick call.

4. Facebook (or other social media) Direct Message. As I said above, I try to only use this for scheduling appointments or calls, but if I cannot set an appointment and it is appropriate, then I will message them about the opportunity via Facebook or Instagram, but only as a last resort.

5. Email. Under no circumstances would I ever send a mass email inviting people to talk to me or learn more about the business. Would you respond to something like that? What you can use email for is reaching out to people who you have not been in touch with in a long time and the only contact information you have is their email address. This is definitely a last resort, though.

Ok, here is the simple process for what to say and do when you reach out.

1. Reconnect. This is REALLY SIMPLE: Let them know that you have something you want to talk to them about, but first ask open-ended questions: What have you been up to? What have the kids been up to? What type of work are you doing? etc. Just talk to them on a human level and get reconnected. Don’t treat them like a PROSPECT or someone you are trying to sell to! You remember our Forming Document right? That’s what you’re doing in this step.

2. Invite. After you have reconnected, make the following simple statements to invite them (FYI, you can reword to fit how you talk):

For 1’s – “I’m sure you’re wondering what I wanted to talk to you about. I’m not sure if you know, but I just signed up to be a Beachbody Coach and am really excited about it. I’m really new to this whole thing and just getting my feet wet and was wondering if you would be willing to help me out. Would you be willing to checkout _____________ about what I’m doing? You don’t need to sign up or anything, but I’d love to get your feedback and opinion on it. Who knows, it might be something you’re interested in, too.”

To sum it up in one phrase, what we’re really asking is, “maybe this is for you?”

For 2’s – “I’m sure you’re wondering what I wanted to talk to you about. I’m not sure if you know, but I just signed up to be a Beachbody Coach and am really excited about it. I’m really new to this whole thing and just getting my feet wet and was wondering if you would be willing to help me out. Would you be willing to checkout__________..   I’m not looking to get you to sign up or anything, but I’d love to get your opinion on it and after listening, see if there is anyone you know who might be interested in what I’m doing.”

Basically what we’re really asking here is, “maybe you know someone who this might be for?”

For 3’s – “I’m sure you’re wondering what I wanted to talk to you about. I’m not sure if you know, but I just signed up to be a Beachbody Coach and am really excited about it. I’m really new to this whole thing and just getting my feet wet and was wondering if you would be willing to help me out. I really respect you as a person and your opinion, and in all honesty, want to see what you think about this. Would you be willing to take look at _____________ about what I’m doing? Again, I’d love to hear your feedback and also see if there is anyone you know who might be interested in what I’m doing.”

For this type of person what we’re really asking pure and simple is, “I know this isn’t for you but what do you think about it, and if you like it, do you know anyone who this might be for?”

Step 4: Send them your 3rd Party Tool

At this point, it’s time for you to get the 3rd Party Tool in their hands.  There are currently three third party tools I like to use.

  1. The Introducing Team Beachbody Video CLICK HERE TO GET.
  2. Your Teams Sneak Peek.
  3. The All About Beachbody Coaching Podcast is the other tool we use.

Here is the important part with the podcast: You ask them to listen to the audio while they are engaged in something else. Don’t ask them to set time aside to sit and listen to this. Find out when they can do it while they are in the car, on the train, working out, doing laundry, etc. This is extremely important because people are busy and you want to set it up so you are not taking extra time out of their day. If you are meeting people face-to-face, help them find it in their phone.

So, figure out a time when they can listen and then set a time to follow up with them to see what they thought. A big mistake people make is just sending the podcast to someone and asking them to follow up after they listen. NO, YOU FOLLOW UP WITH THEM. Got it? Good! 🙂

Step 5: Follow up

This step is very simple. Follow up during the time that you said you would and focus on finding out two things.

First: What did they like about what they listened to? Just focus on the parts they liked and not on anything they didn’t like. TAKE NOTES ON ALL THE ASPECTS THEY LIKED.

Second: After talking about what they liked ask: “If this was something YOU wanted to do, what type of reservations or questions would you have?” TAKE NOTES ON ALL THE QUESTIONS THEY HAVE. Remember, don’t try and answer all the questions right there, just take notes on them.

Third: After you have discovered what they like and what reservations and questions they have, simply thank them and ask if it would be ok for you to follow up with them.

Step 6: Fill in your Ten in Play list

Again, another really simple part. The people that go on your Ten in Play List are those who showed some interest in what you are doing. In the beginning you’re going to add anyone and everyone to your Ten in Play List until you get it filled up. But, once it is filled, you’re going to keep only the hottest prospects on there.

Step 7: Educate

So, how do we work with the people on our 10 in Play List? We begin by simply educating them. We refer back to the list of parts they liked about what they listened to, and their questions, and then we educate them.

We provide additional resources for the parts they liked. For example, if they liked the idea about passive income, we could share a video about the team cycle bonus.

We also take the time to answer any questions they have. Following is a list of the best resources for the answers to frequently asked questions and further information about the things they liked:

This is really important for two reasons. First, we’re educating people, not selling them on something. Nobody likes to be sold on anything, so we simply focus on educating them which leads to them respecting you and developing a relationship.  Second, during the education process, we are just going to continue to send them third party tools. This is another SUPER important piece because they see you as a person who educates by providing information, not the information itself. This helps to reinforce that they can do it. They can do what you’re doing.

Step 8: Sign people up!

You’ve done all the work. Now it’s time to sign people up! Here is how you do this part.

Make the following statement:

“You would be really good at this business <insert their qualities that would make them good>. Have you ever considered it?”

Step 9: Teach our new Coaches steps 1-8

Bonus: The magic is in the repetition

Here is the part that most people fail at: They start but don’t continue. The magic of this business – the part that is going to help you to build a six figure income (if that’s what you want) – is going to come down to 2 things:

1.  Teaching your new Coaches to follow this system.

2.  NEVER stop inviting 3-5 people a day from your list.  This is the part that most people stop at.  They sign up one or two people and then start working with those one or two people and stop inviting. Never stop inviting.

****FYI: The directions in Step 4 of the video have changed. I now use the ALL ABOUT BEACHBODY COACHING Podcast***








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