“Can I be a good Beachbody Coach if I’m not good at sales?” is something I hear quite a lot, which is kind of funny to me because Beachbody is not a sales business. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that most people with a sales background actually struggle with it. I will get into why later on. Over the years, I’ve found that successful Beachbody Coaches often have some sort of teaching background. First of all, you are sharing products that work, and secondly, we are in the business of duplication and teaching vs selling.

Can I Be a Good Beachbody Coach if I'm Not Good at Sales?

Can I Be a Good Beachbody Coach if I’m Not Good at Sales?

Let’s break the Beachbody Coaching business down into exactly what we do. First, you become a product of a product. If you are working out, drinking your Shakeology, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you are on your wellness journey and achieving your goals. You are a product of Beachbody.

That isn’t sales right?

Next, people are going to ask you, “Wow! You look great and you seem to be in a better place. How did you get there?” You are naturally going to tell them you are using Shakeology and/or working out with P90X or another one of our Beachbody fitness programs. I actually started Shakeology and P90X a year and a half before becoming a Beachbody Coach because our products work! I wanted to tell everyone about them even before I was a Coach! You are sharing products that work the same way you would even if you were not a Beachbody Coach!

Thirdly, we help people reach their goals. So many people mistakenly believe Beachbody Coaching is all about sales. That is not what we do. We help people reach their goals. Everyone has goals to become healthier, more fit, and in better shape. However, everyone is also busy and looking for a fast, effective way to do so. So as Beachbody Coaches, we find out what their goals are and offer a solution via any one of our products.

Why are sales people unsuccessful in the Beachbody business?

The reason why people with sales backgrounds often have a hard time in the Beachbody Coaching business is because they are trained to go out and sell a product or service, then walk away and find another person, then another person, and so on. As Beachbody Coaches, we are trained to help people achieve their goals. We are looking to improve people’s lives. These people go through our programs, have a positive experience, and eventually decide to become Coaches themselves because they want to share it!

Remember, Beachbody Coaching is about teaching and duplication.

This isn’t a business where you are going around and recruiting hundreds of people. You are helping a select few and teaching them to do the same. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.


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