I want to talk about what Beachbody means to me and why I’m so passionate about it. My family and I have been so blessed by this company and have been fortunate to see long-term sustainable success. I want you all to know that I’m not just some dude telling you about how successful I am. I want you to know that I’m a dude who’s gone through a lot of stuff to get to where I am today. This is my Beachbody Coaching story.

My Beachbody Coaching Story

My Beachbody Coaching Story

When I turned 30 (I’m 40 now), I had just called off a wedding engagement to my now wife, 3 weeks before we were going to get married. I had just gone through a bankruptcy of my business and foreclosed on my house in Charlotte, NC, and had to sell my truck. At 30 years old, it’s safe to say that I had hit rock bottom. I remember feeling crushed and defeated.

Shortly after hitting rock bottom, I found P90X. It was around January of 2007, and myself and two other friends decided to do P90X. I didn’t really know what it was, but I was in and ready to commit to the program 100%. I did the workouts and the nutrition program all 90 days, and I experienced a much-needed sense of healing through the program. In complete honesty, every single day of the yoga, I would end up crying. All the pain of what I was going through was just being released through this program.

I got to the end of P90X and the physical transformation was amazing.

But there was a deeper thing that happened to me.

I felt empowered.

The 90 days of P90X didn’t change my circumstances, but it allowed me to tap into my power. For the first time in a long time, I believed in myself again. I had been anxious, depressed, scared and hopeless, and that all changed.

When I Chose the Beachbody Business

In my belief system, we do this ceremony that is basically a vision quest. We go to a holy sacred place for 1-4 days and make a prayer for our life. I had 2 prayers that I went out there with. The first prayer was about being a brand new father. The second prayer was about this business I had that was failing and what I needed to do with that. Ultimately, I wanted to know where I should go with my life. During this prayer time, the answer for being a new dad came and it was clear as day: show up and do your best, and when you can’t do anymore, surrender the rest to God. When I got the answer to my second prayer, it scared the crap out of me. The answer was: shut down your business and become a full-time Beachbody Coach.

I was really scared, but I trusted that vision.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an easy decision. I was a new dad and husband, and I wanted to provide for my family. The thought of walking away from my business and starting something brand new really frightened me. Ultimately, I had to decide if I was going to nurture my own healing. I thought about the amazing impact this company had already had on my life and I knew that I wanted to be a part of that for the rest of my life.

How many of you felt amazing when you were doing this program 100%? How many of you were excited about the company and the Beachbody business, and you were all in? You know that feeling that I’m talking about! I didn’t want to lose that feeling; I wanted to live in that place forever.

The truth is that in the last few years, I was successful and I got comfortable. I got away from the pieces of this company that changed my life. I got the nicer car, the nicer house, and I always appreciated those things, but the heart-centered, faith-centered place that I built this business from was not as alive as it was in the beginning. I’m in Week 2 Day 2 of P90X right now, trying to get that energy back.

What do you need to do to get your energy back?

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