If you’ve been a Beachbody Coach for a while and you’re finding yourself struggling to succeed, this is for you. Or if you’re considering Beachbody coaching and you’re just not sure if it’s the right fit for you, listen up! As Beachbody Coaches, we sometimes find ourselves looking at other Coaches who are successful and we feel overwhelmed. Maybe another Coach is amazing on social media and they have a ton of success or another Coach has these amazing challenge groups they run and you just can’t seem to figure out how to get that same moment. Well I’m here to tell you today, that none of that really matters!

One of the most important Beachbody Coach Success Secrets is in how to use Shakeology to grow your Beachbody business.

How to Use Shakeology to Grow your Beachbody Business

How to Use Shakeology to Grow your Beachbody Business

What being a successful Beachbody Coach really comes down to is Shakeology. There’s a super simple process that I used to build the foundation of my business, and I’ve coached a lot of others on this process who’ve also had great success. I can tell you right now that it comes down to simple math. Signing someone up for a year of Shakeology is worth 30 times more than someone who signs up for Beachbody On Demand. Not to mention that Shakeology is really the “gateway drug” for our continuity products. Meaning, it is easier to take a Shakeology customer and introduce them to our fitness programs than the other way around.

So here is the step-by-step process.

Step 1: Buy a Box of Shakeology Samples

Every month, buy a box of samples with the goal of sending out 6 samples per week to a prospective client. Your secondary goal will be to sign-up 1 of those 6 people each week.

Step 2: Post on Sunday or Monday Night

At the end of the weekend, most people have over-indulged in food and drinks and they are feeling not so great about themselves; this is the best time to post. Come up with an original message and image, and let people know you have 6 samples of Shakeology to share, and have them either comment or direct message you.

Step 3: Educate

The mistake most people make is they simply respond to the individual’s direct message by asking for the person’s address so they can send the sample. DON’T DO THAT. This is your opportunity to start a conversation and educate them on the benefits of Shakeology. Come up with a message explaining what Shakeology is and send them your favorite video explaining the benefits of Shakeology.

Step 4: Follow-Up

After you’ve given them some time to read your message and watch the video, follow-up and ask them for their contact information and ask them what their reason is for wanting to try Shakeology. By doing this you are getting 2 things from them:

  1. You’re getting them to tell you their WHY
  2. You’re weeding out the people who just want a free sample.

Step 5: Send It Out

Make sure to send the sample out and include a handwritten note to make it personal, so they relate Shakeology to your name. Then send them a quick message and touch on their “why”. Include either a personal story or a story from your team that relates to why they want to try Shakeology (energy, nutrition, weight loss, etc.). At this point, let them know if they decide to order, they will want to contact you to receive 25% off. You don’t want them to just go to Beachbody.com and order from there.

Step 6: Follow-Up Part 2

A few days after you’ve sent the sample out, follow-up and ask them open-ended questions. For instance, what they like best about Shakeology, how they prepared the shake, etc., and when they think they’d use the shake (i.e. morning, night). Any questions that get the conversation going and allow you windows of opportunities to give them more information about what they liked or any hesitations they have. Let them know if they ever want to consider ordering, you’re here.

That’s it. The Shakeology System is not hard but it is foolproof. When you sign-up 1 person every week using this process, you’ve not just covered your cost of the samples but you’ve created profit for yourself. Shakeology is the core of our business; make sure you are working it!


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