I can clearly remember the first Beachbody Summit I attended. In fact, I can remember exactly the moment I realized how I was going to build my business. At the Summit, they were doing a lot of recognition awards and acknowledgements of the top Coaches in the Millionaire Club (Coaches who had a cumulative earning of over a million dollars that year). The Coaches receiving that recognition were all great Coaches in 1 of 3 areas.

  • They were great a recruiting a ton of people every month,
  • They were highly skilled in team building, OR
  • They could recruit a ton of coaches AND were able to build leaders

As impressive as those coaches are, I knew that I wanted to instead focus on 2 things:

  • Develop Leaders
  • Develop Relationships

It was important to me not just to build a successful business and earn a lot of money, but I wanted to build a long-term sustainable business, and for me, that meant building up leaders who could in turn build up other leaders.

How I Built a Successful Beachbody Team

How I Built a Successful Beachbody Team

I focused on bringing in 3-4 people each month and made sure I was available to them and spent time coaching and encouraging them. Most of the time, one of those Coaches would then bring in 3-4 people, and so on and so forth. As time went on, I saw other leaders on my team emerge and made a point to spend time developing them and building that relationship.

Eventually, my business became too large to manage that way but that is how I started.

You don’t have to be a massive recruiter to see success as a Beachbody Coach. Focus on little wins and steps, and go with the momentum. My success came from building a deep, nurturing relationship with my Coaches so that I could leverage their talents. Beachbody Coaching is a relationship management business, after all! If you spend time speaking life into someone and encouraging them and being there for them, that’s when they are going to work hard. If I can develop a leader, I can impact a ton more people indirectly who will go out and do the same.

I’m now at a place where I can step away from my business and take time off knowing that there are other leaders in place who can run the ship. I can take a vacation without worrying about my income and that is a pretty amazing feeling!

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