Are you interested in the Beachbody business opportunity but are worried it’s too late to become a Beachbody Coach? You might hear some people even insist it is only the founding Coaches who make all the money in Beachbody. When I hear people say that, it really confuses me and leads me to believe they really do not have an understanding of how this business works. What I think when I hear these concerns is that it all goes back to the pyramid scheme myth, which some people believe Beachbody to be. This is a misconception of how a network marketing business actually works. In this business, everyone begins at the same spot and has the same potential!

Is it too late to become a Beachbody Coach

Is it too late to become a Beachbody Coach?

What is the spot where all Beachbody Coaches start? Everyone starts with zero people in their downline and zero customers. And do you know what? When I first heard that, I was excited! I said to myself, “So, everyone starts at same spot? That means I have the ability to build a business as big or as small as I want!”

You know what else? I wanted that to be my responsibility! I knew I had the ability to do that! And this is just one example of why it’s not too late to become a Beachbody Coach.

Another misconception about Coaching is people think, “If I sign up with a Beachbody Coach, I am just going to make them money?” Absolutely not! It doesn’t work that way at all. You actually work together with the Beachbody Coach who sponsors you. Again, that is why it is so important that you chose the right sponsor because you work together as a team.

The final point is that you are responsible for your own success with Beachbody. Really, it doesn’t matter when you started, where you started, or even if you didn’t start out with a great Coach… ultimately your success with the Beachbody Coaching business is going to come down to what you do with the opportunity and how many people that you help. That is it!

What Determines your Beachbody Coaching Success

What you do with the Beachbody business opportunity and how many people you help along the way are the keys to success…and anyone can achieve that with this business. It’s important to understand that this is not: go and find one or two people, and they take off with their businesses, and you make a bunch of money. This is a business, and a business that determines your success in direct proportion to the number of people that you help.

Lastly, I want to share a story about a mentor of mine when he first got started with Beachbody Coaching. He started his team about 35-40 years ago. One day, he sat in a football stadium filled with people. They were having their annual event to recognize top leaders, and the stadium was so full, he had to sit way up in the bleachers. That moment, he made a decision that, this time next year, he was going to be down on that stage in that football stadium, being recognized as a top leader.

He worked so hard in this business that – you know what? – next year he was sitting down on stage being recognized as one of the top people in this company. He went on to have an amazing career with the company, worked with them for 30 years, and retired a successful businessman. He made that choice! And his incredible success proves that it doesn’t matter when you join in the Beachbody business opportunity.

My Viewpoint on the Matter

The way that I look at things is this: Every Beachbody Coach has two dates in this business – their sign up date and the date that they actually start working the business.

I remember when I first got started in this business, and I won’t name names, but this Coach was a lot higher up than I was. I remember looking at them and they had been Coaching for four or five years, they were moving their family across the country, they had beautiful cars, they were a full-time Beachbody Coach, and by all appearances, they were living the life! I said to myself, “Man, what would it be like if I could live that kind of life?” Three and a half years later, not only were we able to achieve that, but we have been able to surpass where they are in the business. So, what this all boils down to is that it really is up to you and what you personally create that will determine your level of success within this business. It is never too late!

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