This is a concern I hear frequently when people are looking to sign up as a Beachbody coach. It usually goes one of two ways: you are worried about what your friends and family are going to think about you or, you have a Beachbody coach or know someone who is, and all they seem to do is spam your news feed. Let me get straight to the point, there are ways to share Beachbody without coming across like that! When you sign up as a coach on my team for example, I help you establish a Facebook plan that is uniquely your own. First of all, when you post on Facebook, you have to be the genuine you. You are not suddenly Sally or Bob the Beachbody coach, you are going to be you, talk like you, and you are going to do so in a non-icky manner. I am going to teach you how to do that

When you sign up as a Beachbody coach, you are not trying to convince everyone to become a customer. You are searching for people who want to get involved with Beachbody. You are seeking people who would like to become healthier, more fit and earn some extra income. Think about each one of these points separately. Do you know anyone looking for each of these? We are going to construct a plan to attract those people in a non-icky manner while still being yourself.

What exactly will your posts on Facebook look like? You are going to post three times a day. Only one post, at the very most will be about anything health and fitness or business related, and it doesn’t have to be about Beachbody. You could share a healthy recipe, what you did for a workout today, or even post a picture of you smiling after your work out. But, you are only going to do so one out of three posts. Also, you will post at optimal times when most people are on Facebook, 9 in the morning, noon and around 8 at night. Eventually, your friends will notice you are posting positive, engaging, useful information and they will message you. While we go much deeper in our training, this is the basic principle.

If you are still feeling a little uneasy, that is ok. However, ask yourself this:are you willing to get a little uncomfortable to help people? We have products that are saving people’s lives. We have products that help people earn an extra $100, $200 or $300 per week. We are talking about the opportunity for you to make six figures while working at home, within the comfort of your family. Are you willing to share Beachbody with the people you love and care about?

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