There are 4 levels of belief that you must ascend beyond if you want to see true success as a Beachbody Coach. A lot of times Coaches are doing everything right and working their business everyday, but still feel as though they are not seeing the success they want. You might be lacking in one of the fundamental beliefs you must hold in order to achieve the success you want.

4 Levels of Belief as a Beachbody Coach

4 Levels of Belief as a Beachbody Coach

Belief in the Products. If you are a Beachbody Coach, you probably already believe in our products. Maybe you had an experience with our fitness programs or Shakeology, and chances are it worked for you and you saw results and now you believe in the product. For example, I know without a doubt that I can plug someone into one of our programs and if they follow the plan from start to finish that they will get results, hands down, without a doubt. People who say they didn’t get results, I’m sorry but I don’t believe you.

Belief in the Business Opportunity. A lot of us have this belief, too. We’ve seen other coaches who’ve had great success and we have seen first-hand that it works.

Belief and Trust in The Leaders. I’m talking about the trainers and corporate leaders of Beachbody. We need to have a certain level of trust in those who are running the ship, right? You also need to trust the leaders on your team and believe that they really know what they are talking about. I can tell you first-hand that the more you get involved, the more you believe. Most of you have this belief as well, but if you are struggling in this area, go to a Summit, join The National wake-up call or go to a Super Saturday, etc. I can’t explain what those opportunities offer as far as momentum, as you begin to see the whole picture you can’t help but believe.

Most of get to this point of having these 3 beliefs. But we still are not seeing success in our business. You’re doing all the trainings and going through all of the steps and left wondering what it is holding you back from success?

Belief in Yourself. You can have all the top 3 beliefs, and be out there doing the work, but if you have self-doubt, you aren’t going to succeed. The only way to get through that is by drawing a line in the sand and deciding you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Decide that you have what it takes and start living in that truth.

Start to exercise the muscle of believing in your own success and eventually that muscle will grow strong and stronger until you finally ascend all 4 levels of belief and reach ultimate success. There is a Beachbody training for every-single-thing you can think of but until you become a master of your own mind, none of those trainings matter.

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