This is actually the most important question you should ask before becoming a Beachbody Coach. Most people believe they should sign up with a friend or family member. However, you need to think about it from a different perspective. Will your friend or family member be asponsor and a mentor, or just sign you up? Will they take you under their wings, support you, and put you on the right path to success? Will this person put you in contact with the right people in this business to be successful? This is what I call a sponsor.

You also want a mentor, someone you look up to and who you aspire to be like in this business. This person will motivate you, guide you and share their passion of the business with you. That is, you want as a sponsor, the mentor type. You want your sponsor to be tied to your hip. No one in this business wants you to succeed as much as your sponsor does. A sponsor that can mentor you has the ability to take you where you are now to where you want to go!

How committed should your sponsor be?
You may know someone who is a newer coach and you plan to sign up with them. That is okay! They may be new to this and testing out the waters, or they may be committed to being successful no matter what. You want someone who five years down the road, will still be there for you! This is the type of coach you want to sign up with, not someone just checking it out.

Next, you want a coach with an on-boarding or training program. There are countless top ranking coaches who sign up tons of people who focus only on the recruiting aspect, but they only get a few people who become active. I treat the people who I sponsor at such a high level that it is almost like a marriage. We are going into this together at 100%. We are working closely with one another for the next 3-6 months until your Beachbody business is up and running 100%.

Here is an easy way to determine if you are talking to one of those coaches. Is your coach speaking to you on the phone one on one, or just communicating through email? If you can’t even get your coach on the phone and you are not even a coach yet, this is not the person who will sponsor and mentor you. You want someone who will have an on-boarding program for you. Even deeper than that, you want a person who will work one and one with you, teaching and guiding you.

Furthermore, you want your Beachbody coach to challenge you! If you only have 5 hours available to build your business each week, you want a coach who will put your calendar together with you, and help you find success within that 5 hours per week. Your coach should continually push you to the next level, similar to a personal fitness trainer.

Finally, ask yourself if you trust your sponsor. This is somewhat of a gut check but very important nonetheless. You need to trust your sponsor to be successful in this business! If you can answer yes to all of these questions, consider signing up with the person you are talking to!

Are you Ready to Become a Beachbody Coach?

Your #1 decision is WHO are you going to sign up with.