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3 of my friends have become successes in the paths they have chosen to follow in life. Today I talk about the commonalities of these three and the one key trait they and all those who I mentor who achieve success have in common.

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[0:00:13] KC: Hello and welcome to another episode of the Business of Life. This is Keith Callahan, your host and today we are talking about a Navy Seal, a Doctor, an Indian Chief. What the heck does he mean by that title?

So the way that I plan out these podcast is kind of an interesting way that I go about writing. On Monday mornings I usually record. It’s early Monday morning, it’s about 6:30 my time, 6:30 in the morning and I really go — I start and I ask myself this question. I say, “What are the 20 most valuable topics that I could talk about, that I could present on?” And that’s how I come up with my topics and I literally go through.

It gets my creativity flowing. It gets the ideas flowing, it gets everything moving in the right direction and I’ll write out those 20 things and one or two will pop up, maybe even more than that, it will pop up that it’s like, “Yeah, this is a topic. This is something that I want to talk about.” So just sharing that. That’s a little bit of a part of my creative process.

So within that process, you get the title, A Navy Seal, a Doctor, and an Indian Chief and really, what I want to talk about today is the commonalities between — these are three friends of mine. I have a friend who’s a Navy Seal, I have a friend who’s a doctor, I have a friend who is a Lakota Indian Chief, and the commonalities with all three of them.

I want to give you a quick little story with each of the three and then I want to tie it all in together because some of us, I was asked a question the other day and if you listen to the podcast maybe you’ll pick up on which episode it was on but I was interviewing a podcast guest and she put a question back to me.

So I asked her, “With all these people that you mentor and all these people that you’re working with, some of them actually follow through, some of them have the success, some of them are able to build the life of their dreams and some of them are not and what’s the commonality there and what’s the commonality between those who are successful and those who are not?”

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For me, I had the opportunity to mentor hundreds of people and just to be quite frank, some of them are successful, some of them are not, and there’s a commonality. So I want to share that and the reason I wrote or I’m referring to my friend who’s a Navy Seal, my friend who’s a doctor, my friend who’s an Indian Chief, like it’s all different things but the commonalities, there’s a common thread.

People are achieving their goals, people are achieving at the highest level. What is it that they’re doing? What is the commonality? And I’ll start by saying this, my friend who is a Navy Seal, last I saw of him — so I knew him and the times that I had known him, he had been literally left for dead and picked up for dead by the emergency rescue squads in his hometown for overdosing on heroine, twice.

So that’s what I knew about him. That was like my remembrance of who he was and he was a tough kid and he always talked about wanting to join the Navy Seals and stuff like that but the reality was is that he was addicted to heroin and pretty bad, you know pretty badly addicted to heroin but had a vision, he had a dream.

When we were growing up, he would always talk about how he wanted to go in the military and then at some point, that switched into wanting to go into the Navy Seals. That’s all he wanted to do. That was his vision, that was his dream, that was what he talked about, that’s what he thought about, that’s what he shared with other people. And I’ll be honest, we all hear people talk a big game like that, and the Navy Seals is not, it’s no no joke right?

The Navy Seals isn’t something that you can just easily say, “Oh yeah, I’m going to be a Navy Seal,” and you go out and do it. It’s the elite of the elite, the best of the best, right? And you have someone that’s strung out on heroin that goes out and goes to the Navy for boot camp and then eventually, next thing I know, I heard that he became a Navy Seal.

And I thought back to those times that he would talk to me about it and he would share his vision and he would share his dream and I didn’t know. There were parts of me that I would at and I’d be like, “Yeah, like I could see him doing this,” but at the same time, this is a kid who was having trouble with heroin, right?

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What did he do? Like how did he get that success? And the commonality — like you can’t prepare for hell week, you can’t prepare for those things. Here’s the one thing that got him to where he was. He was committed to that vision and that dream and he was not going to let go of that. It didn’t matter what happened in his life. It didn’t matter what got in the way.

He was committed to doing it. He was committed to doing it and had a burning desire to do it. So in your life, what is that big, beautiful dream that you’re looking to go after? I really want you to think about that, like what is it? What is that big, beautiful thing that I think scares the crap out of you because I’m sure that going in and becoming a Navy Seal, he was probably excited about it.

But it was also something that — like how do you comprehend that what you’re going to do in that situation when you’re in Hell Week or whatever and your days into this gruelling training with no sleep and can you prepare for that? No. The only thing you can do is lean on a commitment, lean on a vision, lean on a dream.

So we all have these visions, these dreams and we all have these things that we want to do in our life. We want to be this success. We want to live this certain life and the commonality between the people who have achieved this success, the commonality between the people who are living that big, beautiful, bold dream that they’ve set out to live that’s in their heart versus the ones who keep trying and failing, trying and failing, trying and failing, trying and failing, stopping and starting, is commitment.

You use that commitment. You plant that commitment in your mind and in your heart and then you have blind faith that you’re going to get there. I have another friend who is a doctor. An anthroposophic doctor, Google it. A friend of mine, a new friend of mine and he’s building this different type of practice. When he was growing up and when he was a kid, he literally had this dream and he saw himself like in a small little town with his little doctor briefcase, going and visiting patients at their homes.

And now he works as a doctor in a small little town. He doesn’t go and visits the patients at their homes but he’s working on creating a deeper practice. He’s forging the way in the medical field

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where he is a specialist in preventative maintenance or preventative medicine. He’s a specialist in treating patients with their whole entire body — mind, body, spirit and when you think about it and if you’re not that familiar with medical training, that’s not how you’re trained.

You’re trained to fix a problem not go to the root of it to fix the bleeding, to fix the wound. Not to figure out why the wound has come but that’s what he’s doing and that’s what he’s creating and he’s in this big transition right now where he’s creating this whole group of medical support system that’s supporting this vision and dream.

He always had this vision and dream in his heart. Even when he was a young boy, like creating this type of medicine, serving in this type of way but how do you get there, right? Like eyou can’t comprehend when you’re growing up, when you’re going through medical school, even medical school like you can’t comprehend how you’re going to react when you’re doing these crazy long days, crazy long nights, you’re working on sleep for three, four, five years at a time.

Like you can’t comprehend it. You can’t plan on how to get through that. What pulls you through is that vision that dream, that commitment to it and that faith. Friends it does. Do you want to know the secret sauce, the secret sauce to achieving everything in your life, to achieving all the dreams, all the beauty, all the things you could ever imagine?

First of all, once you’ve identified that dream, I don’t care if it scares the heck out of you, the more it scares you, here’s the deal with this dreams. If they don’t scare you, if they’re kind of just wishy-washy, if they’re like a little bit of a stretch, we usually don’t achieve them because it doesn’t have the energy behind it.

It doesn’t have that excitement behind it, it doesn’t have that nervousness behind it. That excited nervous energy is what drives it forward, what brings it forward, what propels us forward. You have it inside of you. You have that big, beautiful, bold dream. Once we lock onto that and we commit to it, it actually becomes easier.

Because my friend who’s the Navy Seal, my friend who’s the doctor, and I’m going to share with you my friend who’s the Lakota Indian Chief, if they waffled on their vision and on their dream, it does not come to reality. It does not come to fruition. And so many of us, we set out with this

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big, beautiful dreams. We set out with these things that we’re going to do. We set out with this things that we’re going to accomplish but we’re not committed.

Your level of commitment determines your level of success in any area of your life. Committed as a partner, committed as a husband, as a wife, as a mother, as a father as a business person, as a spiritual teacher, whatever it is. Whatever your roles in life are, your success is going to be determined by your level of commitment.

By commitment, I don’t necessarily mean putting in all these long hours. Can somebody depend on you? Can you depend on you? Levels of commitment. Another friend who’s a Lakota Indian Chief, 30 years, 30 plus years ever since he was a young boy, a teenager. Didn’t grow up in that path. He didn’t grow up doing that, but he had a vision, he had a dream. And then each year, going back, praying harder, going from Massachusetts to South Dakota every single year on a commitment, on a vision, on a dream.

So just sharing those quick little three stories and really from my heart to yours, the difference between the people who achieve their dreams it’s not their background. None of these guys that I just mentioned came from this specific type of background. None of them should be in the positions that they’re in right now if you were to predict the future, like it’s not in the cards for them.

Everybody that I’d seen that’s had success, it really wasn’t in the cards for them. The people that grow up in these successful families and they have businesses handed down to them, it’s usually the opposite for them. They usually lose it. So for all these different endeavors in life for you, for whatever endeavor you’re looking to go with in life, whichever direction you’re looking to go, the secret sauce is committing.

Everybody wants to know the how, everybody wants to know the path, everybody wants to know like, “What’s that person doing?” It’s commitment. It’s looking at the end result, it’s looking at where you want to go knowing that you have no idea how to do it. You have no idea how to get there, but if you make the commitment, if you’re like, “I’m going to do it. I don’t care what it takes, I don’t care what I have to go through, I don’t care how long it takes.”

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That’s what everybody wants to know, right? Like, “How long is it going to take? If I want to do this, how long will it take? What do I have to put into it?” Everything, that’s the deal. You want to heal your life? Everything. You want to find that long lasting loving relationship? It’s all in, all cards on the table. You want to build a certain type of business? It’s everything, it’s all in.

You want to be a certain type of mother or father or brother or sister or husband or wife? You want to live this big beautiful bold dream life? All those mentors you look up to, all those people you look up to and you say to yourself and I know you do it because we all do it, I do it, anybody does it. You look at them and you think that you can’t do what they do. I’m here to tell you, you can.

If you make the commitment and you stick with it overtime day in and day out, working that commitment, nurturing that commitment, visualizing that commitment, connecting with your heart to that commitment, being and willing to be humble, letting go of your ego, letting go of all the worries, all the cares of what all the other people think about you. You hone in on that commitment, you focus in on that commitment, nothing else matters to you.

Because my friend who became the Navy Seal, my friend who became the doctor and my friend who became the Lakota Chief, that was the most important thing in their life. That was the anchor, that was the thing they were going for and that was the thing each one of them were committed to and here’s what happens with the commitment.

You first commit to it and you have faith. You have some belief and you have some faith but you’re committed and then you start to go into it. You start to move and your faith deepens, your belief deepens and these guys work back and forth. Faith is blind. Faith is, “Somehow, someway, I’m going to become a Navy Seal. Somehow, someway I’m going to become a doctor, somehow, someway, I’m going to be a Lakota Chief.”

And you have this faith, you have this vision but parts of you don’t believe it. And then you keep going, you keep doing the work. You’re following this commitment, you’re following this vision on blind faith and then it starts to build a little bit. Your belief starts to build a little bit and as your belief starts to build, your faith starts to deepen and as your faith starts to deepen, your belief

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starts to build. And then it gets to that point that that piece takes over but it all starts with a commitment.

So whatever change you’re looking to make in your life, if you really want the success, you have to commit to the outcome and then work that. All right guys, I hope that made sense. I hope that it helps. Out of everything, if I could make any prayer for you and for your life, it’s that these things that are taught, these aren’t wishy-washy things. This is universal law, this is how it works. Call this the law of commitment. Put that into your brain, let it sink in to your subconscious.

Because yeah maybe you grew up and maybe it’s not in the cards for your big beautiful bold dream but somehow, someway, that got planted into your mind and it got planted there for a good reason and all the stuff that happened in your childhood, all the things that are telling you can’t, telling you you’re not enough, telling you, “Yeah but what about this? But what about that? It’s going to be this way. It’s going to be that way.” All those things can become background noise once you get fully committed.

All right, have a beautiful, beautiful day. See you guys on the next episode. Peace. [FINAL MESSAGE]

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