EP98 How to Let Go of Emotional Suffering through Acceptance

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In this episode, I share 2 stories of how people’s emotional turmoil due to their circumstances changed dramatically as they accepted their situation: “Whatever I get is what I need”.


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BOL 98


Episode 98



KC: Welcome to The Business of Life Podcast! My name is Keith Callahan, your host, and today I want to talk to you about accepting your situation. So most people don’t understand and don’t realize that the suffering that we have in our lives can actually be reduced or eliminated.

We reduce or eliminate our own personal suffering simply by accepting our situation. It’s really that simple. So it’s not the situation that causes the suffering. It’s the acceptance of the situation or the lack of acceptance of the situation that actually causes the suffering.

So let me give you two really quick examples. I have a friend who recently found out that he is going to – or he did lose his license for a month. So he lost his license for a month and he lives in Massachusetts, and in Massachusetts we have this law that if you get three speeding tickets within a year, it’s an automatic loss of license for a month.

Now he has got his own business and he also works part-time at another place and then he has got his life, right? So losing your license for a month can kind of be a big deal and it was. It was a big deal. It was shocking. He didn’t know he was going to lose it until literally like three or four days before he did and as you can imagine, like you don’t know you’re going to lose your license. You have your whole life going on and then bam! You get this letter from the Registry of Motor Vehicles saying that, “Oh by the way, on Monday, your license is going to be suspended for a month,” and caused a ton of panic, a ton of frustration, a ton of anxieties and all that goes along with it.

Then it all changed. It all simply changed by one decision and the decision was that OK, like this happened. This is happening. There’s no changing this. I fully accept it. Now, what do I need to do?

And then the “What do I need to do?” turned into well, I guess that everything that I need to do or most of the stuff that I need to do is within riding distance. So I’m going to use a bicycle and there was literally – like that was the only decision and then there were a couple of long distance stuff that he needed to find a ride to. But that was very limited. But the day to day life was like, oh wow, so all I need to do is ride a bike.

It turned into a beautiful thing, getting out there and actually bicycle commuting, being in nature and what not. But yeah, that situation could have been this big, long, drawn-out thing where every single day, it was like suffering and every single day, it was resentment and every single day, it was anger that he had lost his license for a month or he could let go of the resistance, let go of the resistance and fully accept the situation and then find a solution and in that solution, all this beauty came in.

Like think about riding a bike to and from your – the things you have to do and we live in an area that it’s never more than three, four, five miles at the very most riding a bike. So it turned into a beautiful, pleasant experience. Lost a few pounds, you know, and there’s also the – like just being out there in nature. So once he accepted the situation, all of the suffering ended and the second story – this was like 10 years ago. This was a situation that I was in and I used to – so I follow a Native American spiritual path and a lot of the ceremonies we go to will be three, four, five days a week, two weeks even sometimes and whenever I would go to these ceremonies, I would never sleep well.

I was always – I would get there and I would be – we would do the first day and then I would get in bed and I would start counting the hours down. Like, have you ever done that? I hope you haven’t because it’s like one of the worst things ever where you’re like, “Oh my gosh. Now there are only three hours of sleep. Now there’s only 2.5 hours of sleep and if I don’t –”

And like that’s how I would do it. So one time at the ceremony, I literally was like, “You know what? Whatever I get is what I need and I’m not going to die. I’m not going to –”

Like whatever it is, I will fall asleep when I fall asleep and I will get as much sleep as I need and I surrendered control. I accepted that however much sleep I was going to get was what I needed and I surrendered the control for that sleep and it has never been an issue anymore. I always fall asleep.

When I fall asleep, some nights it’s less hours than others. But I personally believe that holding on to, “I didn’t get enough sleep. It wasn’t enough sleep. I’m going to be tired the next day. I’m not going to have the energy,” et cetera, et cetera. Like, we have all these things that run through our mind. Just simply accepting for me, I’m going to get as much sleep as I need. I’m going to be able to function, it totally changed everything. Even if I still got the same amount of sleep, it was still the acceptance of it.

Something I actually dealt with this morning. I woke up. One of our – so our smallest baby Addie is in the bed with us still and she was up all night last night and I was only in bed for 6.5 hours to start with because I had late calls last night and then I get up at 5:00 in the morning to record these podcasts for you. So I was up late last night and up early this morning. But then she was also up and when I first got up, my thoughts were, “I didn’t get enough sleep. I’m going to be tired,” and I started going through the day and then I just switched it. I was like, “You know what? I had the right amount of sleep that I need and I’m going to be able to function,” and it really shifted my entire mindset with it.

So thinking about my friend’s story with the bike, thinking about sleep, acceptance, letting go of the resistance. What things in your life can you let go of the resistance to when surrendered to the situation? And let it be and accept it.

All right. I will catch you on the next episode. Peace!


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