EP57 EP 57 Part II – Chief Bob Lucido – Spirituality/Prayer as a Way of Life

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Part II – Interview with Chief Bob Lucido who is a Mentor, Teacher, Business Partner and one of my closest friends.

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[0:00:13.1] KC: Welcome to the business of life podcast. My name is Keith Callahan, your host and today we are continuing our conversations with Chief Bob Lucido. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the first episode, it’s a couple of episodes back, go ahead, listen to part one, get yourself caught up and then jump back over here. For those of you who have already listened to part one, let’s continue on.


[0:00:40.1] KC: The belief in faith piece, if somebody is listening and I want to preface this by saying we could go to the root with Beachbody with this or the group with a spiritual path but I believe that you and I worked real close together with Beachbody when we first started and we’ve continued to work close together with spiritual path with you being a mentor for me.

With Beachbody, I believe that the belief in faith piece had a real big factor with the success that we achieved. But I think a few other things really have a big factor. As you were talking, I was thinking about somebody that they just, they kind of lost hope, right? They don’t know where to go, they don’t know which direction to go.

I was wondering if you could expand on a sort of a two part question and you can go any direction you want with it to really get the point across. Two pieces, finding a correct mentor with anything you’re doing whichever way you want to go with that. And also the importance of community and yeah, anyway, I know you’ll be able to answer both of those.

[0:01:55.1] BL: Yeah, I mean those are two huge things and I’ll take the community piece first. I think that getting connected in community with likeminded individuals seeking the same kind of growth that you’re seeking is crucial to propelling you towards that growth. We feed off of each other as human beings.

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As human beings I believe we’re communal creatures, we’re meant to be in community, we’re meant to be in groups, we’re meant to stand shoulder to shoulder, partner up and help one another become the best expression of ourselves that we can be. And so obviously that’s going to reflect back to anyone who is either beginning or part way down or most of the way down any spiritual path is really connecting with and leveraging the strength of community.

I think that’s important at any level but I think primarily you’re sort of focusing on someone who is trying to sort of open the doors to that, or bring that into their lives and finding community of people who are in the practice is a huge boost to being able to help do that. Then, what was the first part?

[0:03:22.6] KC: I want to just take community one step deeper because I feel like one of the gifts that Beachbody’s had, and I’ve seen it happen with so many people, is it’s actually been a doorway for a spiritual community, it’s been a doorway for seeing and understanding that life can be lived a different way, right?

Because when you get in to network marketing, it’s such a — we’re talking about all these spiritual things and they have really good connotations to them, right? But then you hear network marketing, it doesn’t add…

[0:03:57.4] BL: How does that fit?

[0:03:58.9] KC: Yeah. It’s not the same connotation. But at the core, what you started doing was mentoring people not on necessarily how to build a business, not on how to get into the best shape of their lives because in all honestly, Beachbody had that all setup right? They have like, “Here’s a — just follow the program. You don’t have to do anything else. Just follow the business plan, you don’t have to do anything else.”

But the piece that you do have to do and that I think was the community piece is when someone feels loved, when someone feels supported. When someone feels — they feel that they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Like getting involved in that. So I don’t even know if that’s a question or just me rambling.

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[0:04:47.7] BL: Well, I think — let me just respond to what was coming into me as you’re talking to me. I think that the key component of any spiritual path and I think really, essence of being human is experiencing love and connection. I think that those things are at the center of any spiritual way of life and just as humans.

The power of love and connection both giving, receiving, being in that is what uplifts, it’s what opens up all the doors, it’s what allows us to blossom as human beings and how do you bring that into the Beachbody experience? That’s really the thing we offer. Its’ funny, it’s one of my shared mentor of ours in learning how to grow the Beachbody business.

One of the things that he always used to ask is, “Well, what is it that you share as a coach?” I can always remember going through the fitness programs and the nutritional’s and you shaking and he said, “No. What you share as beach body coaches is the opportunity for positive life change. That means something different to everybody but it means an opportunity to be part of a group. Where everyone is focused on creating positive life change for themselves, for each other and anyone who wants to be part of that circle.

That’s just a really powerful thing to be part of. I know that that’s part of what has made Beachbody such a powerful experience for people either as customers or as coaches. Of really feeling that connection, really feeling supported, maybe for the first time ever in their lives. Really feeling that there’s somebody there who has got your back, who is looking out for you, who believes in you. Maybe sometimes more than you believe in yourself in the beginning right?

That’s what we create as Beachbody coaches and that’s what sort of follow your train of thought whereas, “Well where is this network marketing thing fit in to all of this thing?” Well, that’s just a word that describes in my sense, community building. It just happens to be part of what we do in our profession is building community. If you just take that out and just say, “Well, let’s not put it in a profession or job or whatever connotation but just put it in, what do you do as human beings in life and what do we yearn for the most?

We yearn for connection. Families, you build families right? You get married, you have kids or your join community or you connect with others. If you were to ask somebody on their death

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bed, “What are the most important things in life?” It’s going to be family, friends, how much did I love, how much did I share. Those are the things that drive us as human beings.

As Beachbody coaches, those are all the things we get to drive because when you learn how to do this at the highest level, it’s not about the products anymore, it’s not even about sales anymore, it’s about creating circles of people, communities of people who are all getting together to do the same thing. Or a set of similar things.

Some of us are trying to get healthier, some of us are trying to get fitter, some of us are trying to create wealth. Some of us are trying to do all those things together but the most important thing is, is that we’re all trying to do it together. One of the things that network marketing does drive, that no other business setup drives is success of the whole to drive success of the individual. If you think about in every other setup, it runs counter to what I believe or were meant to do here as human beings because it’s all about the individual.

Succeed as an individual, fight the world as an individual. Fight the world as an individual, “The only way I can make it to the top is if I defeat everybody else as an individual.” But in our scenario, it’s the exact opposite, you can’t succeed as an individual, you only succeed when you get beyond the ego, when you get beyond the individual and you start building for the whole. That’s when the real magic of this thing happens.

[0:09:25.5] KC: That’s the hardest part of the whole business. [0:09:26.3] BL: It really is.

[0:09:27.9] KC: Really understanding that it’s not about you, it’s about how many people you’re bringing up with you.

[0:09:33.5] BL: Not only the hardest part but the most powerful part because the people who have made it to the highest success are the people who had that switch of consciousness, that switch of understanding.

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[0:09:46.0] KC: So the other part of the question was the mentor piece. So we talked a little about community in as you were talking, one thing that popped in and for me with Beachbody, my initial motivation was through two things, you mentioned the mutual mentor, both worked with Craig Holiday and so with Craig to me and then you to me and then with the spiritual piece, it was really — I started out working with you and as cliché as it sounds, it was simple as somebody believing in you. Right? It wasn’t anything — nothing…

[0:10:29.0] BL: Think that’s where it starts. That mentor relationship is important because it’s also a step of what I was just talking about getting out of yourself, getting out of your ego. You have to surrender to the fact that it’s not all about you, you don’t know everything and that only through that surrender do you really have growth.

Another big part of my life besides the spiritual side of my connection with the Sundance way of life has also been long term, almost my entire life connection with traditional martial arts and a lot of the teachings are similar and this teacher/student relationship in the martial arts is of crucial importance because it’s always bringing you back to the student mind.

No matter how far along you go up the curve, you always have to drop the ego, be student mind in order to keep going. It’s that glass full or glass half empty, if you’re full, then you can’t grow anymore, and you can’t expand anymore, and you can’t even experience anymore.

But if you can keep emptying, give that away, then come back for more, give that away, come back for more and that’s just sort of mentor to the community and you being the bridge kind of mentality. It’s crucial in this business but it’s also crucial in, I believe, in the growth of life and certainly the sort of main thing we’re talking about here is the spiritual centred life and how that kind of fits into this whole puzzle.

This seeking out, finding, connecting with a mentor, mentors, there’s going to be many in your life, is crucial. And in terms of giving any advice about how to connect with someone in that sense. I think you want to be open and at the same time you want to be very real and honest with yourself. Who are you right now, where are you trying to get to, who is where you’re trying to get to? And finally, I think this is crucial, who is where you’re trying to get to, who you can relate to, who you respect, who you honor, who you trust? Those are all sort of great descriptive

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qualities of potential mentor for you. Got to have all those things, you got to be able to connect person to person. You got to be able to trust, you got believe, you got to have all those things.

It’s not enough to say, I always love this when people say, “What’s the best personal growth book to read?” Or, “Who should I go do a personal growth training with or who is the best mentor?” All of those things have the same answer. It depends on you.

The first question is a sort of personal evaluation of where you’re at, very real with yourself, where do you want to be and then find it, someone or some people or a group of people or whatever it is, who are either there or along their way there, who you resonate with, who you feel safe with, who you trust, have all of that ability so that you can actually foster relationship.

‘Cause that’s where it’s all about, it’s about relationship. If you’re going to work with a mentor, if you’re going to work with a community, if you’re going to really embrace those concepts we’re talking about then you’re going to get into relationship building and that’s a two way street. Make sense?

[0:14:09.9] KC: Yeah, I could go down that. We only have so much time, we could be here until tomorrow. All right, I’m going to give you the emotional question. I’m going to put you on the spot a little bit.

[0:14:19.5] BL: All right.

[0:14:22.5] KC: Because I don’t know how much this has ever been voiced. So a big part of you and your spiritual path was always your son Brandon and I was wondering if you could share what it’s meant to you having him by your side through that?

[0:14:41.7] BL: Great question. Obviously, if what I said before is true and that I that as human beings, we’re not here to be individuals, if community and connection and love and all of that is so important then obviously it’s going to start with family right?

For me, being able to not only receive all the blessings of what all of this that we’ve talked about has meant to me, to be able to share with my own children, with my own family. Such an

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enormously huge part and Brandon who is here with us has been as you said, by my side in participating in ceremonies since he could sit up straight.

[0:15:31.2] KC: Right, crawling.

[0:15:33.5] BL: It’s such an amazing thing when you can share that with your children and watch it go from day one and through an entire lifetime, it’s just amazing. If you can’t share it with your own family and your own children, then who can you share it with? Yeah, obviously a big and important piece, yeah.

[0:15:58.9] KC: One final question and then I want to just fire like a couple of quick reference type things out there. If I’m listening and I’m inspired to make a change in my life, like I’m inspired into action, I don’t know what to do next. What would you recommend?

[0:16:19.4] BL: Great question. I think first of all, if you were listening in on this and, like you said, you don’t know where to go and you want to make a start. Obviously everybody’s welcomed to touch base with either one of us as a beginning but also, you really got to know that in every community, no matter where you are, there’s something going on that’s spiritual focus, that you can resonate with.

I think that it starts with just opening the door yourself, to being open to… [0:16:49.4] KC: Opening like the, not the physical door but the…

[0:16:52.6] BL: Yeah, the doorway in yourself, to be open, to actually go — because a lot of us can sit and listen to this stuff and say, “Yes, I want that,” but it’s very different to actually be open to it coming into your life. It may sound silly for some people but I would suggest that the very first thing that you do is sit down and make a prayer about it.

What does that mean? We can talk days and days about what that means but quite simply, it simply means voicing your intent out to the universe. Can be something as simple as saying, “I’m ready to open a spiritual path in my life, help me find a beginning.”

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BOL 57 Transcript [0:17:31.9] KC: You got to be ready.

[0:17:32.9] BL: You got to be ready. Exactly. But that’s it, because you’re talking to your own higher self when you do that, you’re talking to the divine, you’re talking to the universal, you’re talking to all of that all at once. And like you said, it is about setting intent, voicing intent and then being ready, willing and able to take the action, to follow up. That’s it.

[0:17:58.9] KC: That’s another thing I was going to really go into it but I just want to bring it up real quick with the mentor piece, there’s a lot of people that seek out and find mentors but they’re not ready, willing and able to be teachable and ready to follow along.

[0:18:13.4] BL: Teachable, great word. And not to go off, but there’s a reason why in Beachbody we call it Team Beachbody and being a team player is a huge component and it fits right into this spiritual growth that we’re talking about as well. You got to be teachable and you have to be willing to be a team player. If you’re going to hire a coach, you got to be coachable. Right?

If you want to join a team, then you need to be a team player, you need to be a participant, you need to be coachable, malleable so that you can fit into the team game plan and be willing to run with it. I mean I think that happens in our business and then it also happens in spiritual growth as well. It’s kind of what we’re talking about before. You got to knock the ego out of the way and kind of really get down to the nitty gritty and be ready, willing, and able.

[0:19:12.1] KC: Alright. So a couple of rapid fire pieces. Spiritual books, anything pop into mind that you’d recommend? While you’re thinking, one of the ones that you first recommended to me that I love, that I always go back to is Key in Daily Life.

[0:19:27.1] BL: Yeah, that’s a great one.
[0:19:28.2] KC: That’s an awesome book. I actually still have — well, I don’t know, I guess I

have to mention it now. It’s in my bathroom. It’s my bathroom book.

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[0:19:37.1] BL: There you go. That is a great one and it’s kind of funny because we started talking about the Sundance way of life and what that is for me is sort of my core of my spiritual belief and spiritual path but as I mentioned also, martial arts has been a huge part of my life as well and the book that you referenced Key in Daily life, fantastic sort of beginning book for people to start to get an idea and the concept of this sort of universal energy, this divine energy. This something beyond ourselves. Something beyond our own ego and connecting with that because it’s a very practical…

[0:20:16.3] KC: And you don’t need to have a martial arts background.

[0:20:18.8] BL: Right, you don’t have to have a martial arts background or understand Japanese cosmology or any of that. It’s just a great sort of starter on the concept of what we’re talking about. And then in terms of I kind of, you know, I kind of hesitate a little bit because number one, I’m a huge book reader, I love books and I love personal growth and personal development. When it comes to ceremony and spiritual growth, not so much.

It’s because it’s an experiential thing and it’s something you got to get out and do whether you’re going to be learning about this Sundance way of life that I’m talking a little bit about or learning Yoga or learning a meditation, I can learn that from a book, right? There may be some books that can kind of turn you on to it but you got to get out there and do it. For anybody who wants to learn a little bit more about some of this stuff that I was talking about in the beginning, any of the Richard Erdo stuff is great.

[0:21:15.4] KC: Richard Erdo’s the author?

[0:21:16.2] BL: Yeah, he’s an author who had an opportunity to spend some time with some of the great Lakota leaders who had connection to precolonial time. The most purist and authentic connection to the reality and genuine way of life, dating back to as I said, precolonial. He’s got a whole line of some really great stuff that if you wanted to start learning a little bit about any of that then I’d recommend pretty much any of his stuff.

[0:21:52.1] KC: As you were talking about that and the one piece you made — I think really the “bring everything home” is one of the buzz words out there is personal development, right?

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People think that, “If I read 50 books on all these topics, I’m going to be that much better an if I fix this or I fix that,” and really what you’re talking about is starting with a hole.

Becoming something else versus plugging little holes. You’re leading a spiritual life, you’re becoming a spiritual warrior, your personal development is on sort of the chiseling away at the highest, holiest self that you can be versus thinking that you’re going to get it from sitting down and reading a book. Again, not that books are wrong, and you said you read ton of them but books can inspire ideas and it’s taking that idea and making it part of you.

[0:22:56.1] BL: Right, you got to put it in to action and personal development is development. You and I have talked about this before and I think great question and kind of great way to kind of bring things to a nice focused point at the end, it’s not enough to read the books and that’s why I like to tell people, if anybody asks me ever about any of my own spiritual beliefs or what I follow as a spiritual person, I steer away from books because again, it’s experiential.

You got to do it and the same thing, with any level of personal development or personal growth, you said this the other day actually when you were a guest in our YouTube channel, “It’s not enough to read the book, you got to become the book.” I’m stealing that quote from you because it’s such a powerful way to explain it. I do, I talk to people because it’s something we talk about in our industry because if you’re going to be building relationships, if you’re going to be building communities, if you’re going to be building this big, huge team.

You got to be committed to personal growth, you got to be committed to improving communication skills and relationship building skills and all of those things. And so we hear that a lot and what I hear people — I always love to, when I hear the person who says, “I read 400 books last year. Well, okay. You probably got zero because you can’t just — it’s not read it as fast as I can and put it down and read the next one as fast as I can and put it down.

[0:24:21.4] KC: Just taking in information.

[0:24:22.8] BL: Right. One of the things that I like to share with people when I talk about personal growth is approach it like a text book. Remember when you were in school and you got a text book, you didn’t read that thing in the first week and then put it down, you spent the whole

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year with that book. I’m not saying that every single book you read and every single book you work with, you’re going to spend a whole year with.

But if you can approach it with that mindset. Stop after each chapter, really contemplate, “What was just shared with me? What are the inspirations that I took out of that chapter?” And then ask yourself, where is some actions that I can put into play in my life to actually ground this into something so that I get some growth?

If it’s personal growth, a personal development, we want to make sure that we’re developing, we’re growing, we’re not just taking it all in. Because that’s the danger, you can just take in a whole lot information, take in a lot of data, especially with books on tape now and the ability to just have this nonstop media coming into you, the question you have to ask yourself is how much are you really getting out of it?

[0:25:30.6] KC: How much is it actually making things worse rather than better right? There can be too much information.

[0:25:37.3] BL: There can be too much information and it can actually stall you. People listening may be saying, “What do they mean it could be too much? How can it ever be too much?” Well, it could stop you in your tracks because you’re stuck in the read a book a week kind of thing or whatever it is that you might get caught up into but are you ever putting any of that stuff into action?

Is any of that actually ending up manifesting itself in your life as positive change? That’s where you got to be careful with. That’s why I love — you mentioned the Key of Daily Life. The reason why it’s one of my favorite books is that it is an action oriented book. Another one of the ones that I love for personal development is Brian Tracy’s maximum achievement. It’s one of my favorite books to work with and when I have new coaches that come in to my team, it’s one of the first things that I hand off to people.

Because, it’s a text book, it’s filled with activities, it’s filled with homework, it’s filled with all the stuff that people don’t want to do but it’s the stuff that drives personal development.

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[0:26:43.4] KC: And the quote that you used, you didn’t say, “it’s one of my favorite books to read, you said it’s one of my favorite books to work with.”

[0:26:48.5] BL: Yeah.
[0:26:49.1] KC: That’s a subconscious thing right? You’re not even choosing that word because

that’s how you approach the book.

[0:26:56.1] BL: Exactly.

[0:26:58.3] KC: Well for everybody listening, for people that are interested in following you, interested in connecting with you, maybe interested in learning more about Beachbody, how could people get in touch and reach out?

[0:27:12.1] BL: Yeah, fantastic. I’m sure in the description second we’ll have all this stuff so people can get to it but I’m on Facebook, Facebook.com/lucidofitness. We’ve got a brand new YouTube channel going where we’re offering training for existing coaches and then also sharing the many opportunities opened by Beachbody and by our team and that’s over YouTube/ lucidofitnessinc. Other than that, you can always email straight to me, it’s just my name. RobertLucido@mac.com. Love to hear from anybody interested in any of this stuff anytime.

[0:27:53.0] KC: All right man. Well I knew this was going to be a good one, I was excited about it and just want to end it by saying that I love you, grateful for all that you’ve done for my life and all the help on so man different realms and I’ll put it out there because I think it’s an important piece when especially for people listening. I didn’t know I was going to say all this but hell, let’s go with it.

I remember when we first starting working together, there was one point we were in your living room upstairs and I don’t remember exactly what the words were but it was like man, I got a lot going on in my life right now and you sort of laughed at me at one point. You were like, “You got a lot more going on in your life,” there was a lot of stuff that I had to work on, a lot of stuff that — right after Amy and I had broken up and man. But yeah, I appreciate all the work, I know I’ve said that to you before but just want to say it again.

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[0:28:56.0] BL: All right, well thank you and this has been great, thanks for taking a moment to sit down and talk, I love you too brother and proud of everything that you’re doing and happy to count you as one of the folks in this likeminded community that we’re all moving forward with. Thank you brother.

[0:29:12.3] KC: All right.

[0:29:13.3] KC: Alright so I really, really enjoyed doing this episode, obviously I started off and sharing about the relationship that Bob and I had and sharing about all that he has taught me, all that I have learned from him and yeah just really grateful for him for taking the time out to share with you and as you’re going through this and as you’re listening. From my heart to yours, I want you to really hear that the life that Bob talks about, the happiness, the joy, the connection with the divinity.

It’s all possible, one of the quotes that I love is, “You can live the life that I live if you do the things that I do.” Thinking about that and thinking about all the things that Bob has shared. I think it’s very true and for each one of us, that may look a little bit different, you can live the life I live if you do the things I do within your community.

What is available within your community? What type of spirituality or spiritual based practice or religion, organized religion, whatever it is, what type of thing can you tap into to bring that into your life? And remember that quote that, “You can live the life that I live if you do the things that I do.

All right guys, have a beautiful, beautiful rest of the day.


[0:30:40.3] KC: Hey, Keith here, and today I have a free gift for you. Listen this free gift is a list of the 12 most influential books that I’ve ever read. These are the books that have helped me to create the mindset, learn the philosophies, learn the skills to really create this big, beautiful, life that we’re living now.

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I read a crazy amount of books, I really do. I’ve probably read thousands of books and these are the top 12 books that – they’re the ones that I go to, they’re the ones that I work with over, and over, and over again. They are highlighted, outlined, dog-eared. And I put this list together for you because I want it to be a shortcut.

I don’t want you to have to – you don’t have to go out and read the thousands and thousands of books. These are the 12 that I highly recommend. I have a detailed review for each book, explaining why I recommend them, why I like them, when I worked with them in my life, what part of my life they helped me to improve.

So I put this together for you, and made it super each for you to get this list. All you have to do is send a text to the number 33444 and then in the body of that text, type in “12books” with no space. So that’s the number “12books”. Again, send the text message to the number, address it to 33444 and then type in “12books” as the message and just send that. And that’ll get you setup to receive those top 12 most influential books that have had the biggest impact on my life.


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