How to Create Your Best Life with Taylor Wells

EP03 How to Create Your Best Life with Taylor Wells

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When I think about creating the life you love to live the first person that comes to mind is my good friend Taylor Wells. Taylor is a best-selling author, founder of Prana Power Yoga, mom, blogger, psychologist and so much more. I met Taylor ten years ago at one of the lowest points in my life, and it is because of her guidance that I am living this beautiful and fulfilling life.


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When I think about creating the life you love to live the first person that comes to mind is my good friend Taylor Wells. Taylor is a best-selling author, founder of Prana Power Yoga, mom, blogger, psychologist and so much more. I met Taylor ten years ago at one of the lowest points in my life, and it is because of her guidance that I am living this beautiful and fulfilling life.

“A really important part of living your best life ever is to really be present in each moment and not just check things off the list. What happens in our lives in this present moment when everything is moving so quickly is that people are losing the ability to really take stuff in. If you are really able to take things in, life is amazingly beautiful and powerful.”

“A really important part of walking our spiritual paths and being on this planet is to take a moment and tell people how they have impacted your life.”

What amazing stuff from Taylor!

Be your Authentic Self!

Taylor is committed to teaching people to be their authentic selves through her yoga, card decks and best-selling books, and she has truly been a model for me in living your truth and living from a place of authenticity. When you are living from a place of authenticity you can avoid negativity and competition.

“Yoga” is for Everyone!

Yoga has been one of Taylor’s primary ways of helping people to live their best lives, and she truly believes that Yoga in some form is truly for everyone. She believes that everyone has a type of “Yoga”, and that it does not have to be poses on a mat. It can be anything that makes your feel grounded, calm, clear, connected and at peace. “Yoga” is whatever makes you feel good, and everyone had five minutes a day to do this. If you take the five minutes a day it starts as a pebble in a pond is an intention, and it grows your connection to yourself so that you can identify what you want from life.

How to Start!

Thinking about creating your best life ever can feel overwhelming, and it can be easy to believe that living your best life is not a possibility for you. The truth is that this can happen for you even if you don’t believe it can. It begins by shifting the mindset, and Taylor is living proof that anyone can do this. When Taylor was in college at Brown her parents were literally homeless, so she does not come from a “silver spoon” background.  If you don’t believe you can then you need to start immersing yourself in different energy until you believe that you can, and once you believe that you can then the universe conspires to make it happen.

Finding Your Dharma (Path)!

When you are on your dharma or path it is easy. This does not mean that there are not bumps along the way, but it is not a constant struggle and you are working from a place of INSPIRATION rather than MOTIVATION. Being inspired means that wild horses could not keep you from getting the job done. For Taylor teaching 25 Yoga classes a week is easy and restorative because she is truly working from a place of inspiration. If you are sitting in a life, job, or relationship that feels like a constant struggle and is draining you rather than restoring you, then it is not your dharma and there is more to life.

“When you LOVE something it is not work.”

Being Happy Now!

An important part of creating your best life is being happy where you are right now. So many of us think ‘I’ll be happy when…we lose the weight, we find a partner, we get a promotion, we get a big house’ and on and on! Happiness is what leads to your best life, not the other way around. You have to feel happy first or all of those other things will not come into your life. It is also important to FEEL the essence of what you are working towards.  If you can’t feel it right away that’s okay, start with the words and then you can move towards the feeling.

An example of this is when Taylor left her first marriage, which from the outside appeared to be “perfect”. She had a husband, child, money…basically a fairy tale life, but she had no joy and was not happy. Once she made the choice to leave and was on her own her life looked like a struggle from the outside; she was a newly divorced single mom with no family and limited financial resources, but she was happy because she was free to build her own life. Taylor was not waiting until she found another partner to be happy; she was not waiting for money or anything else.

Book and Inspiration Card Deck!

Taylor’s inspirational card deck is a 52-card deck with quotes on both sides of the cards that are intended to make you feel better and to inspire you every day. The cards are truly for everyone.  They contain things that we all need to hear when we feel anxious, depressed or just need a little pick-me-up! All of us need to reprogram our brains, and the card deck is the first step of this process. Taylor puts her cards on her kid’s cereal bowls in the morning to start their days.

Prana Power Yoga!

After meeting in a ‘dreamy’ Yoga class Taylor and her husband Philippe both left their jobs to open Prana Power Yoga. Taylor was working in Academia and Philippe had a big corporate position when they decided to become entrepreneurs.  Now Prana Power Yoga has 5 studios in Newton, Cambridge and Winchester, Massachusetts and Union Square and Brooklyn, New York City. The focus and intention is to make Yoga accessible to everyone. Prana Power Yoga also runs teacher trainings in their studios where they teach people how to go out and spread the light of Yoga.

“All day long I have fun finding a better way.”

One Recommendation to Get Started!

Start with the book ‘Creating Your Best Life’ and see what resonates with you. Go with what feels right and easy. Taylor wrote my book and card decks just for this purpose, and they really work! Just start RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!


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Taylor’s Bio!

Taylor Wells, M.A., M.Ed., RYT
Founder of Prana Power Yoga™, Author & Entrepreneur

Taylor speaks, teaches, and inspires at conferences all over the world, including The Nantucket Yoga Festival, The Young Presidents’ Organization, Prana Fest, Women’s Wellness, Longevity Now, The Yoga Chant Fest, and Yoga for Peace.  She is an author, entrepreneur, founder and owner-with her husband-of Prana Power Yoga™ (5 studios in Massachusetts and New York), United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador, Boston Herald Columnist, Clinical Psychologist, Boston Herald Blogger, Master Yoga & Spiritual Teacher, Creator and sole writer of, and Healthy Lifestyle Activist.  A graduate of Brown University (A.B.) and Columbia University (M.A., M.Ed.), Taylor trains over 100 yoga teachers a year in her renowned Prana Power Yoga™ Teacher Training Program in both Massachusetts and New York and teaches 25 times a week at all of her PPY locations.  She is a happy Super-mom of five, including twin four-year-old boys, and resides outside of Boston. Taylor’s best-selling book—Create The Best Life Ever:  Real Life Stories to Get Inspired, Inspiration Card Deck, and DVDs are available at,, and selected stores.

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