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Over the last few weeks I’ve made some huge decisions in my life and during these decisions I’ve had to lean on a lot of the skills that I’ve learned over the last 15 years.  Today I talk about the decisions, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), making transitions gentle and growing up in my life!

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[0:00:13] KC: Welcome to the Business of Life Podcast. My name is Keith Callahan, your host and good, good stuff on the way today. Massive transition going on in my life right now and it’s really what I’m going to get into today and some of the lessons that I am learning from that and yeah, I know there’s a lot of people out there who are most likely going to be able to benefit from this a little bit.


But today I want to talk about FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, gentle transitions and growing up. And usually, when I’m going through and I’m presenting a podcast, I do it very professionally and I do it in a manner where I know exactly what I’m going to talk about. I know the flow of the show and where I’m going to go with it but today is a little bit different.


Today I really just have — I want to share some of the internal experiences, some of the internal dialogues, some of the things that are going on in my life, all good stuff but transitional stuff right now and some of the things that are going through. And yeah, I think that there’s a lot of people that maybe going through similar stuff and I think that this will be able to help in some way and yeah, my heart goes out to everybody who is in transition and who is in a place of faith moving through things.


I guess that’s where I’ll start. So lots of transition going on in my life and I’m going to dive into that a little bit but one of things that I’m grateful for that I really want to share is I’m in a place of faith. I know where I’m going and what I’m doing is the right direction. It’s exactly where I should be going right now.


Let me just share a little bit about the decisions that are going on in my life right now. So many of you know that I have been really full time with Beachbody for the last six years and it’s been a full time focus and over the last year, I got this podcast up and running and really have been enjoying this and enjoying all the different parts of it and I’ve been using the podcast for multiple reasons.


The first is I absolutely love it. I love doing this, I love teaching. It’s almost like parts of it are like an oral diary to the world for me. An oral journal to the world for me and it helps to me clarify things that I’m working on in my life. It helps me to become a better person. It connects me with so many amazing people.


So that’s one of the reasons that I’m doing the podcast. A professional reason that I’m doing it is I’m ready to start moving into something else. One of the things that I have a deep, deep passion for, a deep, deep desire is I just love anything and everything spiritual. I love anything and everything like I love connecting with high level spiritual people.


I love learning, I love my meditation practice now. I love the disciplines of personal development and one of the commitments that I have to myself in this lifetime is to, really to evolve into the highest level of Keith Callahan, the highest level of what I can be, the highest expression with all of my God given talents and the different things that I have that are innate that are just to me, just like you have those.


We all have these individual things that are innate. There’s only one of us. We’re very unique, we’re very individual and the podcast for me, it’s kind of been connecting me into that. I’m able to talk about, share about and present all types of things in creating. I’m on this journey of creating my big, beautiful, bold dream and as I’m doing it, I’m able to share with you the things that I’m doing, the changes that I’m making, the things that are working for me, the things that are not working for me.


So back to the Beachbody piece, I’ve known for about a year that I don’t only want to do Beachbody and for me, this business totally change my life. It’s totally changed the lives of so many people that I’ve worked with, so many people that I mentor and it holds a spot so big in my heart because it’s the foundation to how I was able to create the life that we live now.


It really was. I won’t just say that haphazardly that Beachbody and the Lakota spiritual path and the therapy work that I did, it was a laying of the foundation to what my life is today and my heart has been wanting to do other things. Wanting to do other things in addition to just doing Beachbody and I’ll be honest with you, it’s crazy for us not to continue this for so many levels from what it’s done for us.


But it’s also, I love helping people start their business with Beachbody. I love having people come to me and say, “Keith, I want to become a Beachbody coach,” and I get to train them and teach them and work with them because what it really is, it’s somebody coming to me and then what we do is we work on them becoming their biggest, brightest, shiniest self and as we evolve as people, there’s a direct correlation with Beachbody income.


So anyways, sort of getting off on a tangent there but I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I love the creation, I love the building. So in addition to where I want to go with life right now with my professional career, I love being involved in the spiritual things. The mystical things, the yoga community, the meditation community, I just love all of it and I love, in addition to that piece, I love building businesses, I really do.


I love building something up and then once I built it, I get a little bit bored. So that’s what’s going on with the whole Beachbody thing but one of the big decisions that I just made, so we have this Men’s Leadership event with Beachbody and it’s been put together by a few other Beachbody coaches and there’s some big name men speaking at this this year.


So for those of you who are in the social media world, Gary Vaynerchuck is speaking at it, Bo Eason is speaking at it, another guy I think his name is Doug Mann, an ex-Green Beret, I don’t know if you can ex but he’s not active duty with the Green Berets but he used to be in the Green Berets and I had the opportunity to share the stage with them.


So I was going to be a one of the presenters at this event down in Dallas, Texas in May and I was a presenter at it last year and it was weird, I initially agreed to it and the more and more I thought about it, I didn’t want to do it and that’s crazy because it’s the opportunity to share a stage with someone with Gary Vaynerchuck. Or the opportunity to share the stage with Bo Eason, they’re good resume things, right?


There are things that in our analytical minds, we think that we’re supposed to do but in my heart and I didn’t understand it at first and it was confusing, I didn’t want to do it and the real reason, to be honest, is because I want to create some space right now to continue to go down this avenue with the podcast and continue to develop content for this.


To continue to bring in new people like I still do want to do work with Beachbody, but I want to do it — like I’ve done all the training, I’ve done all the speaking and I was just looking for a few people to work one on one with. So anyways, I don’t want to go into the heavy details of why I made the decision not to do it but a big part of making that decision was the FOMO, fear of missing out and I think this is the piece that I think a lot of us struggle with.


I just wanted to share my experience with that and where I came to the final decision and how I came to it and how I moved through that fear of missing out and the biggest piece is having — it’s funny, I was looking at this person speaking, that person speaking, “They’re all doing it, I should be doing it, why am I feeling the way I am? What’s going on in my life? Do I have the time?”


And there’s all kinds of other things going on, there’s all kinds of reasons but a few pieces that I want to put out that aid the decision easy and clear and that will relieve that fear of missing out and the first thing is having some type of spiritual connection. So whether you call it God or Buddha or intuition or universal energy or your super conscious mind or whatever, people have all different words for this, the muse.


So there’s all different words for this connection with the divine. This communication with something that is deeper and more true than your intellectual mind and we’ve all had this. We’ve all had this moments in our lives when we’ve been able to connect with that and the piece that I really want to share is having the ability to connect with that on demand and what I mean by that is it’s not like a shot in the dark, you all of a sudden connected with it.


You’ve been working that spiritual muscle. You’ve been working your connection with whatever your — I personally believe that whether we call it God or Allah or Buddha in the spiritual path that we follow, it’s Wakan Tanka or Tunkashila, whatever we’re calling it, we’re coming at it from different angles but it’s all these universal intelligence, this universal communication. This communication that’s bigger than us. And when we have that connection, we have clarity.


So I really wanted to share that because a lot of people will look at, “Well, why go to church? Why follow a spiritual path? Why do meditation?” Whatever forms have come to you, it’s the culmination of doing it over and over again that you establish faith. That you establish belief and I really, really know deep in my heart that the reason I’m able to come to a decision like this is I’m able to get clarity on what it is that’s important to me, that’s important to my wife, that’s important to our family right now. Does that makes sense?


So in your life, making sure that — for me it’s an interesting evolution right now. This spiritual component of life is getting the most weight, more weight than any other part of my life. For the first 15 years, 20 years of my professional life, it was money. It was earning an income, establishing a business, all of that to be able to have the freedom to not have to worry about that, to not have think of that.


There was so much growth and so much building and so much creation through all of that and I achieved that. I achieved that financial freedom and what that did is it allowed me now like where I am right now, my energy and my focus is deepening our spiritual path and spending time with my wife. We’ve got four kids under six years old so now it’s getting deeper into that but I’ve allowed myself that space.


And what that space has allowed is it’s allowed my wife and I to really focus on what’s important to us right now and what’s really important to us is, we’re in this phase of stabilizing and simplifying. Stabilizing and simplifying in life with everything that we’re doing stabilize and simplify, stabilize and simplify. So we’ve got this clear communication, we’re able to see what’s the biggest, most important things in our lives? And that’s it right now, stabilizing and simplifying.


When this decision to be a speaker at the Beachbody men’s event in Dallas came up and I was having this internal dialogue, Amy and I were really able to look at “does it go along with moving the spiritual component of your life forward and does it go along with stabilizing and simplifying?” And the answer was, “No. It didn’t.”


But my mental mind was like, “But I want to be there with all these other guys. I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to speak with Gary Vaynerchuck to get to work with him. I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to speak with Bo Eason and spend time with him.” And all my other guy friends at Beachbody. I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be able to collaborate with all of them.


But in our society, in our world, we are in an information overload, we’re in an opportunity overload. There’s too many opportunities, there’s too much information, there’s too many things that get thrown at us and if we’re not careful, if we don’t have a clear vision on what our most important objectives are in life right now, it can be very overwhelming, very confusing and we can really suffer from that fear of missing out and that fear of missing out can drive us to make more and more decisions. We put more and more in our plate, we get overwhelmed with all of these things, right?


So I really wanted to share that with you guys because I believe the fear of missing out is very real and I believe the way to keep it in check is those two simple things. It’s having that communication with the divine to be able to give you the clarity of what’s most important in your life right now and then once you know what’s most important, you have the discipline to stay on course with that.


That’s really one of the things that is a big thing that I’m going through right now and another big thing is in my life, I’ve always been an all or nothing type person and it served me well. I had built a bunch of businesses, some of them failed, some of them were successful for the 15 years prior to getting involved with Beachbody.


But what also happened at that time was I got married and I started a family and now, four kids later and a big mortgage later and every — three or four kids that are going to be in private school. So along with coming into Beachbody, there was also a coming into a marriage, coming into a family and coming into the responsibilities that come along with a family.


And I’m at a point in my life that I’m taking a leap of faith and I am following my heart because there is a fear piece. The fear of missing out, there’s also a fear of, I’ll be honest with you, the money, the income that we have from Beachbody that we’ve created, it’s crazy money. It’s a lot of the income and the fear is that it doesn’t make sense to start working on something else.


It only makes sense to just work on Beachbody from a strictly financial standpoint, right? But my heart wants to add a little bit more and my heart wants to do some other stuff. I know who I am as a human being and I love the creation process, I love the building process and that’s already done with Beachbody. Like I have done it. I’ve created it, I’ve built it.


Again, not that I want to walk away from it so I’m in this maturity thing where before, it would be like, “All right I’m bored with that. I’m going to dump that and move onto the next thing,” but it’s a growing up. It’s a coming of age for me as a man to say, “Okay, I don’t have to do this all or nothing. I can set it up so we work Beachbody 10 hours a week and we’re going to maintain or grow where we’re at for the next 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years,” right.


So yeah, just lots of stuff going on and I think the message there is that I’m learning and to be honest, I learned this a lot later than most people. It’s really that message of having patience. That message of having a gentle transition into something else. So yeah, that’s the piece that I called “Growing Up”.


So many beautiful things that are going on and I think that culminate or ending this podcast, ending the message, ending everything that I wanted to share with you, that intuition that is speaking to you, when you follow that it overcomes most of your problems, if you follow it fully with faith.


There’s a lot of people and a lot of studies that like say somebody has terminal cancer or something like that and I’m probably going to botch this but I can get the correct message to you. Say somebody has terminal cancer and they only have a certain amount of time to live and then they’re asked, “What do you? You have six months to live, what do you want to do with the rest of your time? You only have six months left in your life.”


I want you really hear this final piece, when you ask that question, if you ask it yourself, “If you only have six months to live what would you want to do with your time?” And the people that follow that, say that, “I’ve always wanted to sing and I never was able to sing. I got pregnant at an early age and I became a mother and all these things happen but I always had this dream to sing.”


There’s a direct correlation between the people that actually follow that and then their illness going away because each one of us is brought into this world, each one of us has the music inside of us. Each one has this big beautiful song, this big beautiful thing that we’re supposed to be doing this place. This perfect place, this perfect spot, this perfect thing that we’re the only ones.


We’re the ones that’s what we’re supposed to be doing. Each and every one of us has this. This is the genius. Everybody has this genius inside of them and when you follow that, depressions, fears, anxieties, angers, resentments, all that can fall away because often times, a lot of that is manifestations that you’re not where your heart wants to be.


So I wanted to share all of that with you today and whatever you’re doing out there, wherever you’re going, whatever your path is, just make sure that you’re in tuned and you’re following your heart. Ponder that question, “If I had six months to live what will I want to be doing with my time?”


All right guys, have a beautiful, beautiful day. So much love for you and just grateful, grateful to be able to share, grateful to be able to be bringing this podcast to you every single week, excited and just pumped about what’s coming. Big stuff coming down the line with this. I don’t really know what’s coming but I know that I’m making space to be able to bring you more and more. All right much love, peace.




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