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In today’s episode I pull back the curtain and share how Amy and I are earning $15,000 per week as Beachbody Coaches.


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Episode 83

[0:00:12.9] KC: Welcome to the Business of Life Podcast. My name is Keith Callahan, your host and today we’re doing, this is a special episode. This is an episode that I was kind of nervous to put together, really nervous to put together but we have someone, Liz Jostes, who helps us with our social media.

She’s from Eli Rose so you can look them up online but she helps us with our social media and she asked me if I’d be willing to put together a podcast episode for the Business of Life talking about Beachbody, talking about how we earn our income, talking about how it’s really changed our lives. So here we are and going to jump right into that story.

So it really starts about nine years ago. Nine years ago, I was at a really low point in my life and literary I was 30 years old. I had just been separated from my fiancé, who’s now my wife, a whole other story in that I was living at home at my parents’ house and we had just moved back from Charlotte, North Carolina. Just sold my truck, just sold my house that I had down there and life didn’t go the way that it was supposed to go and the way that I had it planned in my mind.

We all have these plans on the way that we think life should be, where we’re supposed to be at certain times and I was 30 years old and things weren’t looking good. Financially I was a mess, emotionally I was a mess, physically I was a mess and I was living at my parent’s house, not cool right? It was at that time that I first started P90X and it was me and two other friends, Bob Lucido and Kai Rose and I remember my first experience with Beachbody, I was judgmental about P90X.

I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to get a good workout with a home workout, right? That I wasn’t going to be able to get what I wanted to get because it was a home workout. So anyways, I gave it a shot and it kind of rocked my world. It was an amazing program, it was a program that I gave it 100% because I needed something in my life at that time. I needed something to latch onto. It was a tough time in my life. I was going through a really tough time and I just wanted something.

So yeah, I started that program. I did it 100%. I followed the diet plan, I followed the nutrition guide, I followed the workouts 100% and we held each other accountable. So we had this private little, back then it was just a text string. So after we finished our workouts each morning, we were all doing it at our own house and we had this little text string where we would just hold each other accountable to making sure that we completed the workout.

So that was how I really got started with Beachbody. Then even before I signed up as a coach, I was telling all my family members and all my friends about two things about P90X and about Shakeology and I then had a group of friends, we were working out together in the gym doing P90X, it was just something. I was so passionate about it because it brought me through a tough time in my life and the physical results were great.

But what I really loved and what really made a difference to me was I was happier. I was happier, I was healthier, I was more vibrant, I was bright and shiny and I hadn’t felt that way in a while. I couldn’t help sharing with people and I couldn’t help sharing that enthusiasm with people because it had made such an impact on my life.

So fast forward, I was telling everybody about it. I got a bunch of people doing the workouts, drinking Shakeology and everybody is feeling good and then somebody approached me and they asked me, “Do you want to take a look at this business opportunity? Did you know that you can get paid for what you’re doing?”

I had a few initial reactions to that. My first reaction was I had a really bad taste in my mouth for network marketing, I had prior to that somebody tricked me. I responded to an ad in the newspaper for a sports nutrition job. I don’t remember exactly what it was. But anyways, I thought I was going to an interview. This was almost 20 years ago, I thought I was going into an interview. The next thing you know, I’m corralled into this room with 20 other people and were pitched on this business opportunity for network marketing company and I didn’t like that.

I didn’t like it at all, I didn’t like the way that it made me feel and I didn’t like being tricked. Nobody likes being tricked, right? So yeah I had a real bad taste in my mouth about network marketing from that but also my aunt and uncle lived next door to us when we grew up. My mother’s sister, they lived next door and she was with this company called Home Interiors and Gifts. Home Interiors and Gifts was a network marketing company.

It was home décor like pitchers and vases and stuff like that and the business model was like Pampered Chef or like the knife company. So you would have a party at your house and it was mostly women. You would invite some girlfriends over and they would buy stuff and then you’d book another party and that type of thing.

So yeah, I grew up with that. My mother did that, she just did the parties so I grew up seeing my mom do that but my aunt had been real successful and she built a really big business and she had other distributors underneath her. So two contradicting opinions about what network marketing is and so my friend kept trying to talk to me.  He kept trying to get me to sign up and here’s the other thing that I thought. My second thought with it is, “How many DVD’s and shakes do you have to sell to make an income?”

Because there’s a reality. I learned that you make a $30 commission off of anybody that buys something, anybody that signs up but I was like, “Man that’s a lot of work!” That’s a lot of work for me. I was the head of a household, I was a new father at the time, I had just recently got married so yeah, I left that part out. Fast forward, Amy and I worked everything out, a beautiful marriage now, four kids later. It was something that I had a huge passion for but I wasn’t ready to commit to it for two reasons.

I thought I was too good for network marketing. I looked down on it. I didn’t have the best opinion about it and then also, I didn’t understand how you really make an income with it. So at that time, I was really heavy into following a Native American spiritual path. It totally changed my life and one of the things on our path was called Humblacha.

Humblacha also translated, it means vision quest and you go out and you pray in the woods for four days and four nights, no food, no water and really, it’s a communication. It’s a connection with God and I was a new father at this time. So I went into that with two prayers and my first prayer was, I’m a brand new father, brand new husband, I have no idea how to do this. I have no idea how to be a father.

So it was that like, “Just give me guidance on that,” and the second thing, I was a new father and I was a new husband and I was doing okay financially but I would get home from work, I would leave for work at 6 o’clock in the morning and I would get home at seven or eight at night.

I remember sitting on the couch one night and I started crying and the reason for that, the reason that I was crying was because the most important thing to me in life, the thing that I wanted more than anything else in life was to be a good husband and to be a good father and I was coming home from work at the end of a long day and I didn’t have the energy left for my family.

So that was my situation at the time so the first prayer was being a good dad, how do I do that and the second prayer was I need to figure this out. I need to figure out my work situation because the company that I have right now even though it’s taking care of us financially, it’s killing me and it’s killing my dream and it’s killing what I want my life to look like.

So I went into that vision quest and on day two, I got the answer to the first prayer and it was to, like how to be the best father. It was to, “Do your best, just go into it and just do your best and then when you get to the point where it’s not working and you can’t do it, just surrender the rest to God,” and I got that and I was like, “Okay, cool. I can do this. I can do it.”

It was simple, it was easy, it was a clear message but then the piece with my business came up and with the business, it scared the heck out of me because I was trying to figure out a way to make my business work. Like adjustments, maybe I could bring in a manager that could alleviate the amount of hours that I’m putting in like that type of thing.

So anyways, on the fourth day it came in to shut down the financial consulting company. That’s the company that I had and become a full time Beachbody coach and that scared me. That really scared me. This wasn’t a business that was failing, this was a business that was doing good and I really hadn’t put that much thought or that much — I didn’t entertain becoming a Beachbody coach prior to that.

So I sat with that and came down, talked with my wife about it and within two months, I was working as a full time Beachbody coach and we had shut down that financial consulting company and that was a big decision. We had 20 employees there and that was 20 lives. That was 20 people whose livelihood depended on this and I had a lot of guilt around that and luckily, I was able to work through that.

I had a lot of just like, “Wow,” because I knew that shutting down that company, there was 20 people who were going to lose their jobs but I also knew that I had faith that what we were going to do with Beachbody was going to help so many more people, and we followed that. We followed that vision, we followed that dream and there’s a lot of people that signed up as coaches with Beachbody and they don’t have nearly the success as what we had.

And I was looking at that and one of the reasons that I believe we had so much success, right from the beginning it was a faith piece. I got signed up in this business, I got signed up as a Beachbody coach through a prayer. It came to me through prayer. It came to me through a vision and I didn’t doubt it for a second, and what happened with that was people saw where I was going. They saw my passion about this, they saw my belief with this business opportunity.

They wanted to go somewhere, they wanted to do it with me and some of my closest friends, some of my closest family members were six years later now as Beachbody coaches and they’re all seeing amazing success with this business opportunity. They were the ones that got involved in the beginning with me and we’ve been doing it arm and arm partnering together for these six years.

So yeah, that was the story about how I got started and the faith piece and then as far as how we built this business and how it looked on a day to day basis, it was super simple. So first of all, I feel that there’s levels of belief that people go through. So if you are considering becoming a Beachbody coach or maybe you are a Beachbody coach already.

Or maybe you are just curious about how did someone go from making no money to making $15,000 to $18,000 per week? That’s crazy money. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that we would be earning that type of money but really, it was a combination of a few different things. It was a combination of I was so inspired to do this but it was also so desperate to do it.

When you have that combination, I feel that we only make real change in our life when we have two different things. If we’re either super inspired or we’re super desperate, that’s when we make changes in our lives, right? Because that gives us the energy to push through all the setbacks, all the hurdles, all the things that are going to come our way when we’re inspired or when we’re desperate. We are able to plow through those things and I was both.

I was totally in love with Beachbody. I was totally in love with the products, totally in love with the company, totally in love with what it had done for my life and the people that I had referred over to Beachbody and I was also desperate. I was super, super, super desperate. I needed to make something happen for my family. I wanted to be a husband and a father that was there for his kids. I did not want to be just the person who provided an income and that was one of the first things I learned about Beachbody.

I learned that the money is great, the income is great, the piece that you get as a reward when you build this business right is freedom of time. That’s our number one commodity in life, time because we’re all so busy. We’ve all got so much going on. It’s not money, it’s time and what I learned about this business and what I learned from the beginning is that if you build it right, then it’s going to give you time back. I have the ability now to do what I want, when I want, with who I want.

Hundreds of people who I have mentored now are able to do whatever it is they want in life because they don’t have two things: They don’t have the pressure of needing to make a weekly paycheck to pay their bills and they have their time back. So when I first got started with Beachbody and I have to give credit, I hired a mentor right away. When I got started with this business, I hired a mentor because I was serious about it.

I saw an opportunity, a once in a life time opportunity and if you’re here listening, the reason that I’m sharing this episode today, the reason that I’m sharing this information is because if what you’re doing with your life isn’t working right now, this opportunity, this opportunity with Beachbody, there’s nothing else out there like it. Is it perfect? No. But does it blow everything else away that I’ve seen? Yes.

So when I got started I saw that. I saw the opportunity. I wanted to really learn how this business works so I hired a mentor and here’s what I learned: I learned that this wasn’t a business about selling shakes. It wasn’t a business about our products, people were already in love with our products. People were already in love with our workout programs. They can go to Amazon. They can go to Beachbody.com, they can buy it off in infomercials, they can buy it off QBC.

What this business is about is helping people who are really looking for a change in their lives. It wasn’t about signing up and selling a bunch of stuff because that’s what I thought. I came from a sales background and I thought, “I’m going to be good with this. I know how to do sales,” and I couldn’t have been any more wrong because none of it is about sales. It’s about helping people that are looking for us.

It’s about helping people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s about helping people with their health and fitness goals. It’s about helping people with their financial goals. It’s about helping people to achieve their goals and once I learned that and I learned that this is an opportunity where you bet on yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting today, if you started six years ago, if you’re starting six years from now. Everybody starts at the exact same spot. They start with zero customers and zero coaches and that’s where we started but we started with a big dream with a big vision and right from the start, I wanted to build a big business.

I’m talking about a lot of things that I don’t really talk about on this podcast or on my channel. I wanted to earn a million dollars. That was the goal that I set for myself from day one. That’s what I wanted to do with this business and here’s the key: If you’re with some other network marketing or you’re with Beachbody, really hear this. Or you’re running your own business or you’re looking to start your own business or whatever it is, you have to start. You have to really reverse engineer.

The only reason that we hit the goals that we hit is because we set them right from the start. That’s what I wanted to do in this business and if other people had done it, if other people had already that type of success, I wanted to know what they did to have that type of success, so that’s why I hired a mentor. When I first got started, my coach was just starting as well and if there’s anything that I bring to the table now with this business, I’m not the best at the health and fitness, I’m not a fitness model, I’m not a fitness guru.

But I am the best at helping other people to see that there’s another way at life. To see that if what you’re doing isn’t working, if we come together, if we partner up, I’m going to work with you. I’m going to hold your hand. We’re going to do this one step at a time, step by step by step by step, it’s going to take some time. It’s going to be a lot of blood and sweat and tears and it’s not going to be pretty all the time.

But we’re going to literally, we’re going to have a business partnership. We’re going to have a marriage. I’m going to be there for you until the end and that’s what I learned. It is about sponsoring, mentoring and coaching people not about signing people up. We have over 30,000 coaches on our team now and I’ve personally have over the last six plus years only brought in maybe a 100 people.

But what I did is that I brought those people on and I sponsored them, I mentored them, I taught them. I helped them to shift the way that they look at the world. I helped them to shift the way that they look at what’s going on and I helped them to understand that they can do it. My focus was always on becoming a leader first and then becoming a leader of leaders. I think that that was one of the best things you can do in life.

See a leader has a bunch of people that follows them. A leader of leaders creates duplication and you touch so many more people and that’s how we built our business. It wasn’t on signing up a bunch of people to become Beachbody coaches. My wife and I right from the very beginning, when we got people signed up, we worked with them, we dedicated time, we spent a lot of time with them and here’s the reality, I kind of break it down into three categories of the people that signed up.

Some of them are still with us today as discount coaches but they’ve never really done anything with the business. Some of them came in and they were going to do this and that and they were going to help all these people and they were going to do all this stuff and all these talking and they never did anything, and then some of them came in and they got it. They got that this wasn’t a business about signing people up and learning how to present the business opportunity and learning how to do that.

It was about becoming the type of person that people want to follow. I call it sexy but sexy internally. It was about becoming this big, beautiful, bright, shiny light in the lives of other people. That’s what this opportunity is about and we got that. We got that right from the start and we got breathing life into other people’s visions into their dreams into what they want to do and that’s where the success came with this business.

At first, we learned how to get a customer because that’s everything. There’s two things that every single Beachbody coach struggles with. Here’s the two things: The first thing is maybe you’ve been watching it and you want to know, “Can I do this?” Because maybe you have been watching other people and they don’t do it right and they do it icky and they’re posting up on their Facebook newsfeed or their Instagram or Pinterest, “This is one sale, that’s on sale.”

Nobody wants to see that. So when people are considering becoming a coach, I know there’s two things that they’re thinking about. First of all they’re thinking can they do this and I’m here to tell you that if you are considering this type of opportunity or you’re considering making a big change in your life. Whatever it maybe, yeah you can do it.

You absolutely can do it because there’s other people that have had the exact same situation that you’re in whether your situation is that you’re self-conscious, that you have low self-esteem that you feel that you have depression or you feel that you have anxiety or you feel you’re not good at public speaking or you’ve got four kids and you don’t have time.

Whatever, or you’re sick or you just lost your husband or your wife. Like  whatever it is somebody else has already succeeded with the same situation that you have. So one of the most important things that I always do whenever I’m working with somebody in this business is help them to understand, “Yeah, you can do this.”

Here’s the second question that people always have in the back of their mind, “Does this person have the ability to mentor me to achieve my goals?” That’s the two questions because anybody that I’m working with, if they knew that they could do this and they knew they’re going to be a huge success with this business, they wouldn’t hesitate to sign up. They wouldn’t hesitate to build a big business but those are the two big questions that always come up over and over and over again.

When we got started as Beachbody coaches, when we got started in this business, we first learned how to get a customer and anybody could do that and it wasn’t about going and asking people. It was about learning how to do the right thing so that people are coming to you and asking you and then we learned how to get a coach and then we learned how to teach those coaches how to get a customer and then we learned how to teach those coaches how to get a coach.

Here’s the secret to this business, here’s the magic piece. If you’re a network marketing, get this piece. So we learned how to get a coach, we learned how to teach them how to get a coach and then we learned how to teach their coaches how to teach their coaches and that’s where duplication happens. That’s why we have sponsored say 100 or so coaches. Only 30 of them have ever done anything with the business and we now have over 30,000 coaches.

Because it was a process of teaching, a process of loving, a process of breathing life, a process of forming a relationship, having trust, sponsoring, mentoring, teaching, duplication and that’s really where all the success that we’ve had in this industry has come from. Amazing, amazing industry. Amazing, amazing company Beachbody is. I have a sister podcast, it’s called All about Beachbody Coaching.

So go ahead, check out that podcast if you’re a podcast listener. If you’re looking more information on this, it’s a short podcast. Its 11 short episodes and we’ve added in a few FAQ’s to it but you can check out that podcast. It has a ton of information in there, talking more about this business opportunity and going into a lot more detail. If you’re not a podcast person, you can jump on Keithcallahan.com.

Two things here, if you scroll over podcast, you’ll see one called All about Beachbody Coaching and the second thing is there’s also a partner tab there. If you have been thinking about this type of opportunity and you want to learn more information and you just want to talk to me about it, go ahead click on that partner tab, fill out the application there. It’s not even really an application, yeah, I think that’s what I call it. But anyways, go ahead. Fill that out, I’d love to talk with you more about this.

So this has been fun. We’re live streaming on Facebook as well as recording a podcast episode here and I guess I’ll finish with one last thing. There is a legal disclaimer that Beachbody wants us to talk about. So we don’t guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody coach opportunity. Each coach’s income depends upon his or her efforts, diligence and skill.

So there you go, it’s not a get rich quick scheme and all the legal guys are happy. Cool, so I am going to sign off from podcasting, sign off from Facebook live and yeah, if you’re looking for an opportunity.


[00:27:54.7] KC: Hey, Keith here, and today I have a free gift for you. Listen this free gift is a list of the 12 most influential books that I’ve ever read. These are the books that have helped me to create the mindset, learn the philosophies, learn the skills to really create this big, beautiful, life that we’re living now.

I read a crazy amount of books, I really do. I’ve probably read thousands of books and these are the top 12 books that – they’re the ones that I go to, they’re the ones that I work with over, and over, and over again. They are highlighted, outlined, dog-eared. And I put this list together for you because I want it to be a shortcut.

I don’t want you to have to – you don’t have to go out and read the thousands and thousands of books. These are the 12 that I highly recommend. I have a detailed review for each book, explaining why I recommend them, why I like them, when I worked with them in my life, what part of my life they helped me to improve.

So I put this together for you, and made it super each for you to get this list. All you have to do is send a text to the number 33444 and then in the body of that text, type in “12books” with no space. So that’s the number “12books”. Again, send the text message to the number, address it to 33444 and then type in “12books” as the message and just send that. And that’ll get you setup to receive those top 12 most influential books that have had the biggest impact on my life.


[00:29:58.1] KC: Today’s episode is brought to you by our sister podcast, All About Beachbody Coaching. So All About Beachbody Coaching really allows us to do this podcast without having all those annoying commercials in the beginning for you. So All About Beachbody Coaching, the Beachbody business that Amy and I run, actually funds this podcast.

So yes, it does cost money to run this podcast, we do not charge you anything, we don’t throw in commercials or anything like that, it really is, it’s funded by our business and by our other podcast, All About Beachbody Coaching. And for me, I’m just eternally grateful for this opportunity because it’s allowed me to really create the life that I love to live.

It’s given me the opportunity to do what I want, when I want, with who I want, and even deeper than that, it’s allowed me to help others to create the same for themselves. It’s allowed me to help hundreds of other people become part time or full time Beachbody coaches, to leave that corporate 9 to 5 job and create passive income in their lives.

And really there’s nothing like that. It’s cool when you have success, it’s so much more rewarding when you help others. So I mention this or a few reasons, the first reason is, that’s actually the way that I work with people and mentor people. I don’t do anything outside of Beachbody coaching because I know that it’s such a powerful life changing tool.

So if you’re curious about working with me, interested in working one-on-one, interested in creating the type of life that you wanna live, I suggest swinging over there. The other reason is, even if somebody’s just curious, like you’ve heard about Beachbody, you know there’s a lot of Beachbody coaches out there. Maybe some of them you get a little annoyed with.

It really dives into what this business is really about, which is life transformation. So if you’re just curious, swing over there. And then the other piece is, if you’re really considering becoming a Beachbody coach, I highly, highly recommend you listen to that first.

Alright, much love guys. Again, that is the All About Beachbody Coaching Podcast, our sister podcast.

[00:32:24.9] ANNOUNCER: Thank you for listening to the Business of Life Podcast. Apply what you learn today and you’ll be one step closer to creating the life you love to live.



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