EP89 Keith opens up about his current Raw Emotional state

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In today’s episode I open up about my current raw emotional state and the things I’m working through in my life right now.


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BOL 89


Episode 89


[0:00:13.5] KC: Welcome to the Business of Life podcast. Keith here and going to get raw and real in this episode and really going to dive into my current emotional state, what’s been going on with my life and what’s been going on with some things that I have been working through.

I’m going to be honest with you, it’s sort of a difficult episode for me to record. I’ve always been open about my past and always been open and sharing openly about my path and the things that I’ve worked through, the downs that I’ve been in, stuff like that. We have peaks and valleys in our life right? Some of those valleys were really low and not so happy and kind of dark places in my life and then really high peaks that were euphoric.

Anyways, I’ve always shared and always shared openly the different peaks and valleys that I’ve had in my life but I’ve shared it in a past tense and I’ve never been raw and real about what is going on right now when it comes to any type of valley. I don’t really think it’s negative or anything like that but it’s something that like a valley, it’s a time in our life when we’re going through, we’re struggling through something right?

That’s sort of where I am right now with what I’m going to share with you about what’s going on in my personal life. Really I have to go back and go through a few different things to get to where I’m at right now but when I was younger and when I was growing up, I knew that I always wanted to own my own business, I knew that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and live that entrepreneurial life. I wanted money, I wanted success, I wanted the nice house, the nice car, the fancy things.

I didn’t really have a clear understanding of how I was going to get them or even if I was going to have that success, I just had this burning desire for it and that’s really where the success came from because whatever we focus on in life is what appears in our life. I had this burning desire to be my own boss and I had many — along the way, I got into business for myself right out of college and along the way, I’ve had many successful businesses and many unsuccessful businesses.

All right I just had to pause the recording there for a second because I’m recording early in the morning here and clearing my throat and what not. We should be good here now. Let’s see how this goes. Some of the times I like to wake up early in the morning and do my recording and I just recorded a Mindset Monday before this episode and I went right through that and and it was really quick.

But I don’t know, I guess taking a little bit more time with this one. My vocals weren’t fully ready. I just took a sip of water and we’re going to get back into it but — so the whole business and getting involved in business and running my own business and being an entrepreneur, what I really equated with that was happiness.

Now that I’m older, now that I have achieved that and I’ve gone through the different peaks and valleys with business, I’ve gotten to a point that I still have a huge passion for it but I realized it’s not going to make me happy. With money and finances and business, there is enjoyment that can come from it but I used to have — I still have that enjoyment with it, here is what I don’t have any more though. I used to think when I make X amount of money, then it’s going to make me happy when I make X amount of money, then life is going to be good.

When I have this type of business setup, oh that’s going to be awesome, when I have this type of freedom, that’s when life’s really going to be good. So I had that around financial success and it wasn’t a — I guess it was, maybe it was tied a little bit to image as well, but I had those thoughts. I had those thoughts that when I become successful then life is going to be different and deeper than that, my sense of self-worth, my sense of self-esteem, my sense of belonging, my sense of happiness was going to be different. There were times when it was but it was fleeting.

Now when I look at my career, I look at my business, my professional career, I love doing it. I love building businesses, I love the rush of it but I also know that my happiness doesn’t come from that. Then there is a very long period of time that I thought my happiness would come from my spiritual path and in particular, from reaching certain levels on my spiritual path and between my spiritual path and doing therapy, I really am a student of life, I guess if you look at this podcast episode, it’s sort of the depiction of being a student of life and really a student of creating the happiest, most fulfilling life for myself.

But I thought that there were certain things in certain times and certain — if I was around certain people and if I followed this certain path and I did this certain things and the more I did, the better it would be and then I came to realize that it was the same thing as business that there were euphoric times on the spiritual path, there was so much healing on the spiritual path that I’m on but just that alone, just doing the activities didn’t bring lasting happiness.

It’s almost like with business and with work, we could hit a big goal, right? We get this euphoric part about it and it feels great but then after that’s over, the work, we go back to doing the work and my spiritual path was always like that for me. It was not the spiritual path itself, it was my view and my walk of it. It was, “Okay, what’s the next thing? What’s the next thing? Once I get to this next, then it’s going to be so and so, then it’s the next thing is what I need to do.”

Same thing with the spiritual path with work, wants that — I always wanted it like I always wanted that spiritual path and it wasn’t even like I was this spiritual seeker. It was my life wasn’t working prior to that and I needed it to work. It did, it really, it fixed things and helped me to be stable and helped me to be humble and helped me to have fortitude, it helped me to have clarity, it helped me to be happy. It wasn’t through getting to the next level and I’m going to share in the end of this episode what it was through.

So anyways, there was work, there was the spiritual path, then there was also being a husband and being a father. That was something that I really, really wanted in life. It was and I guess I was going to say, it was and still is the most important thing to me but it’s actually not. It’s right there with my business and it’s right there with my spiritual path and it’s right there as part of my happiness, part of my life, part of what I want to do.

My family and being a husband, but it was always like, that was my goal in life at one point. I had the spiritual path down, I had the business down and I was doing it all because I wanted to be a good husband and a good father and that was going to make me happy and it didn’t. When I say it didn’t, it didn’t bring that deep seeded piece that I’ve always been seeking. That deep seeded piece, that deep seeded part of life that is most important.

For me, I’m around a lot of successful people and I’ve had the opportunity to study a ton of successful people. What I’ve come to realize is — and let me define success. Success to me is that they’re achieving their goals, whatever it may be. A lot of times we define success based on someone’s financial success especially in our western world, right? Been around a lot of these people and they’ve all been successful and then I’ve seen happy successful people and successful people that are not as happy. I came to realize that there were really three traits of happy, successful people and there were pieces that I hadn’t worked on as much as I am now.

So anyways, I want to recap all that, bring us to where we are right now and then share those three traits because it’s something that I’m working on. So again I thought that once — I took care of the financial part, the business owner part, the entrepreneur part, I took care of the spiritual part and then really took care of, I’m a father with four kids now, took care of all this and I have this big, beautiful life and I sat back and I’m sort of looking at it and I realized that it was a seeking, it was going on to the next thing and that’s still how I’m going to live my life.

I’m going to live my life, going onto the next and moving to the next thing and just continually growing and expanding but I’ve realized that happiness doesn’t come from that. What I’ve realized for me at least and for many others who have walked before me and from all the people that I’ve gotten to study, I identified three things and the first was, being content with where you are right now. That’s a big one because I know that 99.9% of the people out there, 99.9% of us are, we’re looking and we’re striving for more. When this happens, when that happens, when the next thing happens, that’s when we’re going to be happy, right?

So being content with what things are right now. Maybe you need to lose 20 pounds or 30 pounds or whatever. Maybe you’re looking for love in your life, maybe you’re looking for a new job. So all of that. But once that happens, there’s just going to be the next thing and the next thing. Being content doesn’t mean — and being happy doesn’t mean that you don’t feel fear, anxiety or anger or resentment or need or want or desire, you may still have those but just knowing that those are always going to be there. That’s part of human life and once we get to the point that we know those are always going to be there, we can start being happy in the present moment.

Another piece for me, so that was the first thing, second thing was I studied a lot of people who were successful but very successful in our western society, right? Very few of them were happy. The ones that were really, really happy had community. They had community, a community of likeminded people that are there to support them, that are there to love them, that are there to guide them. When I talk about community, I talk about it in a — really in sense of it’s a group of people who are interested in living the same type of life that you’re interested in living and you’re an active member in that community and you guys have each other’s back.

Sort of like extended family, and family may be that community. So yeah, being in the present moment, community and then deeper within that community, friendships. One on one friendships. That’s really like that’s where I’m at in my life right now, this is what I’m working on right now. It’s being 100% present, being 100% in acceptance, in loving compassion for where I am right now in my life. Sure, there’s the dreams and the goals and the things I want to do, that’s not going to go away. Then just really being deeper involved in the different communities that I’m in.

For me, friendships, I have tons of people who I am friends with but I think the biggest piece that I’m working on in my life right now is cultivating deeper friendships. Being more present with my friends, being a friend. So yeah, those are the pieces that I’m working on right now and I kind of did this podcast a little bit different than I’ve done other ones. I really wanted to express from my heart these pieces that I’m working through and these pieces that I feel for me and I wanted to share it because I feel for others that they are important pieces to know.

So if you’re chasing any of these things, if you’re chasing your financial success, if you’re chasing your spiritual path or whatever it may be, religion or something like that or building a family. Whatever it is, the important overarching message here is in order to be truly happy, you have to accept everything as it is now. You have to be in the present moment, you have to accept your emotions, you have to accept your thoughts, you have to accept your fears, you have to accept your desires. All that stuff and not wanting anything to change, not needing anything to be different, not thinking that life is going to be better when ___.

All right, yeah, that’s where I’m at right now, it’s been awesome actually. I just recorded an episode earlier before this one, it was the Mindset Monday episode that you might have already listened to, called The Power of Indecision and like the negative forces of indecision but yeah, it was really — it was sort of one of the indecision pieces for me, getting to this point of really, my life’s work now is really focused on being 100% in the present moment, 100% in the here and now. Not having these desires for what’s next? What’s next? What’s next? Still working that into my life but in a present moment, being present while I’m doing all that, not off in fantasy land about when it’s going to be different.

So yeah, it’s really a liberating — because once that decision was made to start living life like this, this is what I can focus on now. Yeah, just taking the name of this podcast, the Business of Life and it’s really something that I am personally committed to, it’s the common theme, the common thread throughout this podcast and yeah, just wanted to share a little bit of higher level stuff that I am focusing on and working on in creating my best life.

Have a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day and we’ll see you on the next episode. Peace.


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