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In this episode, we look at the very real, lifelong effects of one single act of kindness.


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BOL 101


Episode 101


KC:  Welcome to The Business of Life Podcast. My name is Keith Callahan and today, we’re talking about the power of kindness and the power that one just simple act of kindness that you do, the effect that it can have on somebody else.

Whether it’s you doing the act of kindness or somebody else doing the act of kindness to you or you witnessing an act of kindness, the power of an act of kindness and what it can do. I’m going to tell this – I’m going to share what I want to share today in story format and I’m also going to tell it from the first person standpoint of a boy in the story.

So story starts like this. So it was the end of a school day and I was a freshman in high school and we were a couple of weeks in. We were at our lockers and you picture like the hallway with all the lockers in it and a lot of ruckus going on with high school students.

I was like closing my locker and I saw this new guy, new boy that I had never seen before at his locker and he was just real – just disheveled. Like, his hair was a mess. His clothes were a mess and not like dirty or anything like that. You could tell. He had a hard day and he was like pulling his books. He was pulling all of his books out of his locker and he’s pulling all those books out of his locker and he like was dropping them and everything.

So anyways, I noticed it and I don’t know why. I usually don’t do something like this. But I went over to him and I bent down and I picked one of the books up and handed it to him.

Now when I did that, so I was kind of bent down and I was holding the book up. He was looking down at me and I had never seen anybody look at me this way. He just – he looked at me in a way that his heart spoke to my heart and he said, “Thank you.” Without words, he just said, “Thank you.”

I will never forget the way that he looked at me. So, anyways, we became really good friends after that and turns out his name was Steve and that day, we wound up walking home together and we started chit chatting and like I said, he was kind of a goofy guy. He wasn’t really – he was just – he was nervous and scared. He was new to the area. He had just left another school because things didn’t go well in that school. Now he was at this school.

So, yeah, our friendship kind of started and it started by that walk home together and turned out we only lived a few blocks from each other. We walked home together and started doing that, walking to school in the morning together and walking home together.

As the years went on through high school, I started to get some jealousy towards Steve. He came into his own. He got physically fit and he was always the center of attention with women and he did really well in school. He played football. We played football together and he became – by the senior year, he became the captain of our football team and he was just this type of guy that everybody loved. It wasn’t like an ego thing. He was just this type of guy that everybody loved.

So fast forward now to our senior year and Steve is graduating as our class valedictorian. He’s going to give his valedictorian speech and we’re about to – so now we’re at the ceremony, the graduation ceremony and they’re going through their things and it’s almost time for Steve to get announced and I can see that he’s getting really nervous and I was actually sitting one row behind him. I put my hand on his shoulder and I was like, “You’re going to do awesome.” You know, just a friendly gesture to a friend. I put my hand on his shoulder, told him he was going to do great, and he turned around. He had that same look in his eye, that same look when I picked up his books at freshman year. He said, “Thanks. I know.”

They called his name up. He went up to the stage and got to the microphone and started talking in the microphone and started talking about how this time of year in somebody’s life, this time of somebody’s life when they’re graduating and they’re getting to the point of moving on, one of the things that he learned and was told to him is to just give gratitude for the people who helped him get here and he was thinking about his family. Then he was thinking about his teachers. He said beautiful things about his family and his teachers and he said, “But the most important thing, the most important thing which shapes our lives, which shapes our time in high school and which is going to shape the rest of our lives is the friends we have and the kindness that people show us.”

He said, “I stand here before you and I want to share a story. Four years ago, I had just moved to this school and I was scared. I was lonely. It didn’t work out in the previous school and I had a really hard day. I came into this school. A couple of weeks into the school. My first day, it was just – a couple of kids were poking fun at me and at the end of the day, I decided that I was going to clear all of my books out of my locker and I was just so disheveled and so scared. I was going to clear all my books out of my locker.

The reason I wanted to clear all my books out of my locker was because that day, I was going to go home and I was going to commit suicide and I didn’t want my parents to have to deal with another thing. So I figured if I cleaned out my locker, then I wouldn’t have to – my parents wouldn’t have to deal with that because they’re going to have to deal with enough.

As I was cleaning out my locker, a friend came over. He wasn’t even a friend yet. This stranger came over and just helped me. Picked up a book, handed it to me, and it was a single act of kindness. It was a single act that showed that somebody cared. So now I stand before you four years later and I want you to know that as you go out into the world and we start to become the adults that we want to become, the most important thing that we can do is we can help others. We can act with kindness from our heart because you never know whose life you’re going to change with one simple act of kindness.”

I heard that. I remember – so this is Keith talking now. I’m out of the first person of that story and I remember I was driving in my car and I heard that story and I just started bawling, crying because it just touched my heart so deeply and I wanted to share it with you this morning because that’s what life is all about. It’s all about the kindness, the love, the compassion that we have for ourselves and that we have for each other.

So today, in your journeys, as you’re going about your day, just one simple act of kindness. It doesn’t – you don’t have to have this huge monumental thing. A simple act of kindness of somebody dropping something, you picking it up and handing it to them and expecting nothing in return.

I love you guys. Grateful for you. Have a beautiful, beautiful day.


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