EP41 Mindset Monday – Awakening your Big Beautiful Bold Dream

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My message to you today is about the big, beautiful, bold dream that’s inside of you and is not going away.

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[00:00:13] KC: Welcome to today’s episode of Mindset Monday. Keith here, and glad to be back. Was gone for a week because we just had our fourth baby. Adeline Mary Callahan born into this world on her sister Daphne’s birthday. So it’s just been an amazing experience this last week, I just took off and spent time loving my wife, loving our kids, just really grounding in the energy at home and that’s what I wanna talk to you about today.


I wanna talk to you about your big, bold, beautiful dream. For me it was I wanted to have a wife, I like literally, I wanted a wife that wanted to raise a family and I wanted a home, like a family home. I didn’t want any of the flash or anything like that. I wanted the people that come in and our friends and our family to feel the love in our home. And I wanted to have that connection between my wife, and I wanted our family to be first.


Like I wanted to put our own personal wants, desires, and needs to the side, not – to the side’s probably not the right word but one wrung below the wants, needs, and desires of the family. Like to create this family unit, this way of being, this way of living where our children are just gonna be so proud and inspired and loved and comforted and just everything by their parents.


So it’s all been about family, and we’re living that. Im living that big, beautiful, bold dream. Really totally different than the way that I grew up, but you know we moved to a much different town, we’ve adopted a different philosophy with schooling, just everything, it’s different. But it was the dream, it was somewhere deep inside of me.


And my message to you today is that big, beautiful, bold dream that’s inside of you is not going away. You may be able to suppress it, some people suppress it with alcohol, some people suppress it with drugs, some people suppress it with sex or with food. A lot of people think anxiety and fears and depression and all that stuff are natural in our society, and it’s not.


The reason all that stuff comes up, and this is what I believe deep down inside, it’s because we all have this life that we’re supposed to be living, and if we don’t align ourselves with it, it’s scary right? It’s scary to jump in and it’s scary to align ourselves with this big, beautiful, bold life. That life that you know that is somewhere deep down inside, but it scares you and you don’t think you can do it, thats where freedom lies.


And I’m here to tell you that’s the life that I’m living right now, I am living my own big, beautiful, bold dream and my prayer for you is to engage with that, not to be afraid of it. Start to explore it, start to take a look at it, and really uncover that big, beautiful, bold dream if you’re not living it yet. It’s there for you, it doesn’t matter what your past is, it doesn’t matter what your history is, it doesn’t matter what people are gonna say about you, whatever it is you want to do, you have one life to live on this planet, live it fully. Go after that big, beautiful, bold dream of yours.


Love you guys so much. Thanks for tuning in. Grateful to be back here, and tune in this Wednesday, we have Dr. Todd Miller and the Miller Method. Super pumped to bring that episode to you guys.


Alright, have a beautiful week!


[00:03:59] ANNOUNCER: Thank you for listening to the Business of Life Podcast. Apply what you learn today and you’ll be one step closer to creating the life you love to live.



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