EP27 Mindset Monday – Meditation for the Non Meditators

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Welcome to today’s episode of Mindset Money. Keith here, and today we’re talking about meditation for the non meditators. So if you’re like me, meditation did not work at first. I got really uncomfortable, I got anxious, I did not like to sit still and it was because I really didn’t understand how to do it. And I wanna break it down for you and keep it super simple so you understand and you can actually start today, meditating.

First thing is meditation can be broken down in two parts. The first part is focusing, and the second part is observing. So for focusing, you can do anything that allows you to really focus in. Maybe it’s writing, maybe it’s colouring, singing, maybe it’s a traditional meditation technique like focusing on your breath or looking at a candle, or focusing on something outside.

But the most important thing here is you’re doing just one thing. And the purpose of the focus part is it allows the chatter to slow down. During this focus part your mind is going to wander, it is going to go all over the place, and your job is just to gently bring it back without judging yourself to that thing you’re focusing on. Meditation is not about stopping your mind, stopping your thoughts. It’s about returning to a single focus, and that’s what we’re training our mind to do. We’re training our mind to focus on one thing.

The second part is observing, so once your mind slows down a little bit, and you may not get to this for six months. You may spend the first six months meditating, just focusing. But once you get to the point that your mind starts to slow down, then you allow your focus to broaden a little bit. So we’re not tunnel vision now, now we start to broaden a little bit and we start to feel our feelings, we start to feel our body, we start to see the different thoughts that are coming up.

And eventually your mind will start racing again and then you bring it back to focus. So again, we’re talking about two things; we’re talking about starting with focus on one single thing. Once your mind slows a little bit, you expand into observing all around you, then it’ll start racing, start going crazy, you bring it back to that single focus. One other thing that I just wanted to state with this is start with like three minutes. Commit to three minutes a day for a week or two, and watch how much your life starts to improve, and then move up from there. Move up slowly from there.

But the number one thing is the consistency over time, and then you’re gonna start to receive all those benefits that you hear about through meditation.

Have a beautiful day.


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