EP76 Mindset Monday – The SECRET to dealing with FEAR

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In today’s episode of mindset Monday I talk about how to quickly and permanently deal with FEAR.







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[00:00:12] KC: Welcome to today’s episode of Mindset Monday. My name is Keith Callahan, your host and today we’re talking about the secret to dealing with fear. I like coming up with these topics because if I really told you what we were gonna talk about you probably wouldn’t click on the episodes. We have these juicy titles. Today’s secret to dealing with fear is humility. Let me explain that a little bit more.

So as we grow up and we go through our lives and what happens is people usually start to create this identity that they are something, that they’re something separate from the world, that they’re something separate from, I’m gonna use the word “God”. You’re sitting right now on this massive planet that weighs god knows how many pounds, that’s floating out there in space. Something came together and created you and now you’re on this massive planet that’s floating out in space.

And somehow, some way we want to distance ourself from that. We want to be in control of our lives, and when we’re not in control of our lives, fear pops up, right? All that we need to do is remind ourselves that we are completely out of control, that we are humble human beings, living this human existence. But we didn’t create ourselves, we didn’t create this life. Like we’re literally along for this ride. And for me, you can transcend any of the fears you have, any of the pathological thinking, any of the negative thoughts, any of that stuff.

We have the ability to transcend it, and it’s by being humble, dropping to our hands and knees and saying – whether you call it the universe, whether you call it universal energy, whether you call it God, Buddha, Allah, Jesus – whatever your word is, whatever your phrase is, whatever your connection is, there’s a connection that goes like this, “Please help me. Please help me to stay close to you in my thoughts. Please help me to stay close to you in my heart. Please help me to be in full surrender. Please help me to release the grasping onto this illusion that I have all this control over my life.”

Because the control that we have friends, is that full surrender. That full surrender, that full connection, that full staying close. Just like a baby stays close to it’s mother, that’s how we wanna stay to our source. And when we humble ourselves in that way, when we stay that close to our source in all our interactions, in all that we do, that’s how we transcend fear. There’s all these other philosophies and systems and this and that, but that’s really what it boils down to. Trusting in that energy that created you, right?

That created the planets, that created the trees, that created the stars, the sun, the moon, the sky, the clouds. That same force created you, and when we stop trying to think that we’re smarter and more intelligent than that force and we surrender to it, we become at peace in our lives.

All right, have a beautiful, beautiful week. Thank you so much for tuning in as always, and we’ll see you next time.


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