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In today’s episode on Mindset Monday I’m sharing about the space that each of us wants to live our moments, days, years and life in.


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BOL 94


Episode 94


[00:00:12] KC: Welcome to today’s episode of Mindset Monday. Keith Callahan here, your host and today we’re talking about the word “the source”, and what do I mean by that? So if you look at all the great people in history, right? All the greats. When you look at them they have one common denominator and it’s that they were able to tap into this certain energy. So the great artists, the great musicians, the great sculptors, the great leaders, the great politicians, just the list goes on and on and on. All the greats were able to tap into the word or the source.

Whether, if you look at it, some of them looked at it from a spiritual sense. They looked at it as spirit or source or God or Buddha or Allah. And some of them looked at it from really a creative source and maybe they called it the muse or they called it creative energy, or intuition, or inspiration. So there’s all different words for it, but each one of us have been in that space where it’s really, it’s something deeper than mind, right? It’s something deeper than your analytical mind. Like there’s something – there’s just something that takes over.

The protection of a mother, the love of a mother, the protection of a father. Like it’s this deep, deep innate peace. That’s where you want to live all the moments of all the days of all the years of your life. That’s what we want to strive for. We want to be in that space, in that spirit, in that source. Really it’s that pure love, that pure light, that pure potential that you’re acting out what you’re supposed to be here doing on this Earth.

So little woo-woo today with this episode, but think about that. And one piece that I want to leave you with, with that, is it’s just like a muscle. So getting into that space, living from that space, acting from that space is a practice. It’s a practice that you have to go through, it’s a piece that you have to nurture, it’s a piece that you have to exercise and continue to get in there. Whether it’s writing, or meditation, or sculpting, or painting, or mountain biking, or creating music, or praying.

Whatever it is that gets you into that space, it’s a practice that the more we do it, the more we’re in that space. The more we’re in that space, the happier we are. The happier we are, the more we’re in that space, the more we’re creating the work that we were put on this planet to do. The word “the source”, that’s what we’re calling it today. So hope that makes sense to you hope you are ready for a beautiful, beautiful week. Grateful that you’re tuning in and we’ll see you on the next episode.



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