EP47 Mindset Monday – Winning the Every Day Fork in the Road

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When we hear about the Fork In The Road metaphor, we usually think about some BIG choice that we are going to be faced with.  Do we chose this road or that road and the resulting outcome that will effect the rest of our lives..

Todays episode is about the small, seemingly insignificant forks in the road we come to throughout our days and the importance of choosing the right fork!

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[00:00:13] KC: Alright, welcome to today’s episode of Mindset Monday. Welcome to a new week. My name is Keith Callahan, your house of The Business of Life Podcast. Fired up for this week, fired up for you to get a jump ahead and to have an awesome, amazing week. Today we’re talking about when we come to a fork in a road, and most people think about — they think about a fork in a road of like this big decision point in their life. And I want you to know that the fork in the road is something that happens to you every single day and it’s the tiny little decisions that we make during the day that affect our days, that affect our week, that affect our life.

So, you wake up in the morning, you have the decision: do you work out or do you not work out? You have the decision: do you eat this food or do you eat that food? Those tiny little decisions add up over time, but here’s the one I really wanna dive into. You have the decision to entertain the negative thoughts that are coming into your mind. The thoughts that say, “You’re not good enough,” the thoughts that say, “You can’t,” the thought that says that, “Who are you?” The thoughts that say, “It’s always been this way, it’s always gonna be, you’re always gonna fail. You can’t get to where you want to go, you can’t overcome these fears.”

And the fork in the road is, do you entertain those thoughts? Or do you constantly flip the switch? You’re flipping the switch into the positive, flipping the switch into focusing on where it is that you want to go in your life. That’s the fork in the road that we need to focus on throughout the day friends. So that’s what makes the difference in life. So many of us think that it’s because of our education, it’s because of the people that we surround ourselves with, it’s because of our upbringing.

You know what? That gives you a baseline, that gives you a foundation to build upon, but some of us don’t come from the best background. Some of us don’t come from this specific way of thinking or having love, or having support whatever it may be. And we have to pave our own way, and in order to pave that way every single day, hour upon hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, we have to consciously choose the thoughts and the words and

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BOL 47 Transcript

the energy that we’re putting out there into the world. But more importantly, that is happening with inside of us.

So today’s message for Mindset Monday is you want to start practising, start learning, start becoming a master of the inner game of the thoughts that you’re entertaining. Like those negative thoughts, that negative fork in the road, it’s alright that those come, but do you choose to follow that fork, or do you say, “Nope, I see what you are, I see where that’s going, I’m gonna choose this.” And then you get to the, you know, a little bit later you get to the next fork, are you going to go down and are you going to entertain those negative thoughts?

“No, I’m not gonna go down that road, I choose a different path. I can, I will, I am.” That’s one of the best mantras that I’ve ever used in my life, “I can, I will, I am.” Listen, you’re gonna talk to yourself all day long, you might as well make it positive, right? You have the ability to create this big, beautiful, bold dream of yours every tie you get to one of those forks, get better and better at noticing when you might slip down that negative and redirect yourself.

Just like a train track, right? Trains going down the tracks and they have that little thing that can switch them onto a different track. Especially when they get into the stations like how it moves the trains around, your thoughts are gonna flow, it’s flowing, it’s going down a stream. And if you let it go down that negative stream it becomes harder, and harder, and harder to flip it back. But it doesn’t matter where you are in your life, it doesn’t matter what point you’re at, it doesn’t matter how bad those negative thoughts may be compounding, flip that switch.

Put that track on the road to positive thoughts. They’re going to compound over time. The more you do, the more faith you get, the more it gets rooted and concreted into your body, into your mind, into your subconscious and it becomes easier and easier. So flip that switch to the positive always. Alright guys, have a beautiful, beautiful week. Remember, all throughout this week when you get to that fork in the road, day by day, minute by minute, hour by hour, we’re switching over. We’re switching over; positive, positive, focusing on what we want, honing in on what we want. Spiritual warriors, honing in our spirit, aligning it to what we want in our life.

Alright, have a beautiful week. Peace!

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BOL 47 Transcript

[00:05:31] ANNOUNCER: Thank you for listening to the Business of Life Podcast. Apply what you learn today and you’ll be one step closer to creating the life you love to live.


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